Headaches, Friends, And Foes

The first thing he was aware of was that he had a pounding headache. The next thing was that he was wet. He didn't dare open his eyes for fear that his head would split in two, so he felt around. Or, he tried to.

His hand was tied securely to whatever he was laying on. He tried to inch his eyes open, but was greeted by the searing pain he had anticipated.

With a grunt he tried to free his hand again, but with his consciousness bleeding back into his mind, he realized it was a steel band. He tried his other arm as well, but they were both held down just as tightly. He opened his eyes and bit his tongue which seemed to help slightly. He looked to be sitting inside a perfectly white room.

Looking down, he saw what looked like fire extinguisher foam had been sprayed all over him. That explained why he was cold and drenched, but where was he? How had he gotten here?

"Hey, you're finally coming around!" a bubbly voice called, but through Isaac's ears it was loud enough to cause the earth to shatter. "You've been out for days, I thought you'd slipped into a comma or something!"

Isaac tilted his head, the pain slowly dulling, and looked toward the other side of the room. There was a very cheerful looking girl with short, light golden hair, the tips dyed a bright hot pink. The deep wrinkles in her shirt told him she had probably been wearing the same clothes for quite some time.

But the last thing he noticed was most important to him. She was standing, unrestrained, while he had the metal restraints tight around his wrists. He frowned slightly, but even this didn't seem to be able to fully drown the happiness the girl exuded.

"So, where am I?" he asked.

"Just a holding chamber, " she said brightly. He was fairly certain no one had ever said those words in such a light tone. "We stay here for a few days, then we go away."

"Where?" Isaac asked. He felt the panic coiling up inside his chest, but somehow managed to avoid shaking his words or making himself stutter.

"Not a clue, as you can see, I'm still here."

He sighed. He'd been expecting as much, but he figured it was still worth a shot.  An uncomfortable silence went on for a moment before he decided to speak. "Well, I'm Isaac. Who are you?"

"Nyla. Elem- "

At that moment a door swung open, a door that was the same color as the wall and had been shut completely flush making it all but invisible. A tall, bulky man walked through in a navy blue pen striped suit.

He gave Isaac a toothy grin. A grin that was terrifying. The grin of a wolf or shark before it devoured its prey. He turned to Nyla, and even he seemed to be effected by her. The grin softened, became more genuine. But an instant later the mans gaze was back on Isaac. "I see you're awake." he said, a tinge of what sounded like curiousity coloring his voice.

"Yep!" Nyla exclaimed. "He just woke up too! You have great timing!" she went on.

"Oh really." he grinned. His eyes went up, looking past the top of Isaac's head, then came right back down to give him a cold stare in the eye.

Something must be back there Isaac knew.

"Ah, someone wants to talk to you." the man said, his voice conveying many horrible posibilities as to what 'talk' could mean to someone like him.

"Oh, I'm sure you must want out of those cuffs, don't you Isaac?" the man said tauntingly. "You and me both know you could just melt your way out of them. Why don't you give it a try?"

Rather than responding, Isaac focused his energy on finding the heat, pulling it to the surface, making it bend to his will. But his mind just wasn't strong enough to hold back that kind of force at the moment. Then with horrifying clarity, he remembered. The tranquilizer! What kind of power canceling drug did they inject me with!?

The End

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