No Running or Hiding

Issac, uncaring about how much noise he made, jumped down the small step into the kitchen and wrenched open the back door. He could see the dark suits of the men begining to move.

"Where to go, Where to go?" he thought to himself as he looked side to side.

Issac scrambled up the tall, withered oak that ran along his fenced in property. He heard voices echoing from the front of the home.

"...the last guy got killed when he failed his mission." One of the men in the pin stripe suits worried. Issac couldn't see which one.

"Then we don't "fail". We light the house on fire, then see if the little bugger comes out. If not, assume he died." The cold voice sent chills down Issac's spine.

"Boss said bring them back alive." Issac saw the man with blonde dreadlocks peer around the side of the house, it seemed like he knew where Issac was.

"Oh, don't you worry. I know this kid, he'll either run from the home, or he will come out from where ever he is." The blonde dreadlock man chucked and winked in Issacs direction.


The End

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