A Change of Heart

12th July 2010

I love Rupert, he's one of the best brothers anyone could ever have, but when he thinks he's right he is unbearably stubborn.  He wouldn't speak to me for weeks after Dad told him about Isabelle.  He came downstairs when I was having breakfast, put some cereal in a bowl and take it upstairs to his room, all without saying a word.

I tried to talk to him to start with, smiling when he came down the stairs, saying good morning and trying to make small talk.  But after the first few days I'd given up.

I'd had no idea anyone could keep up that cold wall for so long, blocking everyone out.  But somehow Rupert managed it.

I knew he was making preparations to see Isabelle.  Only an idiot would be oblivious to what he was planning.  Looking back I can see that I worried too much.  Admittedly I was partly justified in my worrying, but I should have been more open to start with.  It would have saved me weeks of silence and tension.

19th August 2009

'Can I come in Rupert?'  I asked, knocking on his bedroom door.  When there was no reply I decided to open the door and walk in anyway.  His room was cluttered with clothes strewn on the bed and over the chair in the corner of the room.  A suitcase was lying open on the floor.  'I need to talk to you.'

Rupert didn't even look up from his packing to acknowledge I was in the room.

'Rupert, can you stop being do stubborn for five minutes and listen to what I have to say?'

'I'm not interested in what you have to say,' Rupert grunted, not looking up to meet my eye.  'You made it pretty clear how you felt about me going to see my mother when I found out about her.'

'She's my mother too,' I protested.

'You're not acting like she is,' Rupert argued.  'Turning your back on her and taking Dad's side.'

'I'm not taking sides,' I said, 'I'm just trying to see both sides of the story.'  This received a snort of disgust from my brother.  'But I've changed my mind about Isabelle.  I want to see her.'

Now I had Rupert's attention.  His eyes became locked onto my face and he stood staring at me, not sure whether to trust what I was saying.

'Why the change of heart?'

'Because I've realised that I have nothing to lose by meeting her and I should speak to her before passing a judgement.'

'I'm so glad to hear you say that,' Rupert said, a smile breaking out onto his face for the first time in weeks as he moves forwards to hug me.  'So you see that what Dad did was wrong?'

'I can see why he did what he did and I can understand it.  But in the end it was the wrong choice.'

'Then why aren't you angry?'  Rupert asked, his voice becoming harsh again.  'He's cheated us out of years with our mother and you can just stand there and talk about it in this calm manner.'

'There's no point in getting angry.  It won't make what he did less wrong or bring back any of the time we lost.  All we can do now is move forward.'

'Well I'm just glad you've seen sense,' Rupert said cheerfully.  'I'm assuming you'll want to come with me to see Mother.'

'Of course.  When are you leaving?'

'I'm going to London tomorrow and staying in a hotel Lewis has organised for me.  I'll call him to let him know you've changed your mind.'

'Lewis has organised everything?'

'Yes.  He's been very good actually.  He seems like a good guy and has been very understanding of the situation.'

'I'm sure.  He's like that.'

'So I'll let him know you're coming and to sort out a room for you.'  Rupert looked like a child on Christmas Eve.  A huge grin covered his face and he practically bounced across the room to his phone.

'Well I'll start packing while you make that call,' I said, backing away from my brother.


The End

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