where i am is unknown, everytime.

Ella bellu an unfortunate girl seen as the victem, someone to pick on, when suddenly finding herself in a desert and then A jungle she then in the end realises shes found a pararel world of what her mind is like.

It all started four years ago to be presise, and if you want it really detialled, on a sunny spring morning in febuary. I had always been stuck, dont know where to turn, not knowing what to do with myself, my life was a boring mess, i didn't think i had any skills, infact i was very self-critical, i didn't have many friends as i always moved school, but bridgedale was the only school that i stayed longest in, infact though i had been there for a while, i still hasn't made any friends, it was like a repellent, a barrier, nobody talked to me, it was like i was invisible, and i dont even think i was visible to half the teachers.

The End

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