Where are we???

They swirled around in circles, Daniels with Franky, his Monkey Watch....The circles grew larger and larger, with bright colors flashing all around...

"This is quite an amazing trip, if I do say so myself...and I do," said Daniels.

"I wholeheartedly concur," mentioned Franky, who was morphing from the Monkey Watch, into an actual cartoonish-looking brown monkey with a blue tongue and spikey, messed up hair.

"Franky, you're real!"

"Of course I am, what did you expect? On our voyage to become within time, the only way for me to get around is on my own two feet, with the help of this tail for balance, of course. I can't rely on your wrist forever...it's quite weak anyway."

"Oh..." Daniels sighed, depressed.

All of this conversation and transformation had been taking place during the intense swirling of circles and the flashes of bright colors. "This is getting quite old..." Daniels complained.

"Well then, it's time for something new!" Franky, the Former Monkey Watch Which Is Now a Standing Monkey, snapped his fingers and something very strange happened. Something very strange indeed....

They both found themselves in the middle of a glorious green field full of frolicking ferrets.

"This is very strange indeed," Daniels concured with the author.

"Quite strange..." Franky nodded.

"Actually, this is rather not strange at all around these here parts..." a massive ferret stated. He was HUGE! His blue eyes and white fur gleamed in the beautiful sun. "Would you like to know what IS strange around here?"

"Yes, I very much would," said Daniels, quite curiously.

"YOU are quite strange. Please leave before I get a headache." The Massive Ferret said.

"But we have only just arrived!" Franky argued.

"My mom says I'm not strange, she says I'm just special!" was Daniels side of the argument.

"Well either way, we have a problem here...You see, I'm allergic to outsiders, and my head really can't handle such allergies during this time of the year...Frolicking Season....It's the best season there is, and you're rather ruining it for me."

This made Daniels quite upset...He never wanted to ruin anything for anybody! And The Massive Ferret didn't seem like that bad of a guy, he just wanted to not get sick! 

The End

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