Where Do We Go From Here?

Join Daniels and Franky The Monkey Watch on a quest to go within time, in order to no longer be without it.

It was a long slide.

He had never been happier to be at a park in his life. The slide he went down felt like eternity...When it finally ended though, it felt like it had never begun.

"What is time?" he wondered to himself, sitting at the bottom of the slide.

This is when a very peculiar thing happened...His blue plastic watch with monkeys imprinted on it, spoke to him. "Time is me."

He talked to it like it was nothing out of the ordinary. "Who made you the time? Why wasn't I made as time?"

"Because you are within time." The watch replied, smiling with it's hands.

"But I feel as if I am not within anything...In fact, I feel quite without."

"That's a bloody shame, to be without."

"Yeah, it is, but that's life."

"No, it's definitely not life...You can't be without life while you're in it! We were talking about time. You can be without the time, but not without life. Do you understand?"

"Not really, Monkey Watch...I really am trying my hardest to understand, but I don't think my brain can comprehend what you're trying to teach me."

"It's not a matter of me trying to teach you anything, it's a matter of you trying to learn it!" Monkey Watch said sternly. "And please...call me Franky,"

"I'm very much willing to learn...but how can I learn without being taught, Franky?"

"You will be taught through the learning process, obviously."

"Please, don't call me Obviously, my name's Daniels," our main character stated.

"Oh, like Jack Daniels, I assume?" asked Franky, The Monkey Watch.

"Yes, my parents named me after the drink that they were drunk off of when my mom got pregnant." This statement by Daniels was followed by a quite awkward silence...In fact, it was more than "quite awkward" it was extremely awkward.

"Oh...well...this is awkward." Franky confirmed the awkwardness.

"You know what's even more awkward?" asked Daniels.


"The spelling of awkward...It's just much too awkward for me, I'd rather spell it akward."

"Indeed, there's much too many w's in the correct version." Franky sighed, "Do you happen to know the time, Daniels?"

Daniels examined Franky The Monkey Watch, "In fact, I do, it's 4:20."

"Thank you, it's rather embarassing asking others for time when I'm a watch, after all...But people never stop to think about how it's rather impossible for me to check myself for the time."

"Therefore, you are without time, aren't you Franky?"

"I guess so...And as you earlier stated, you are without time as well..."

"It's true..."

"Or is it? If it is, the only way for us to remove ourselves from without time, is to go within time...Hurry, jump inside of me, Daniels!"

"What?" our poor, confused, main character asked.

"Inside of me! Jump inside of me! We must go within time in order to be a part of it...or do you want to be without time forever???"

"No, I definitely do not!"

"Then, hurry! Inside of me, inside of me!"

And with that, Daniels jumped within Franky The Monkey Watch in order to start his quest to become within time. 


The End

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