Search for someone to talk to...

I staggered around for a few minutes, trying to get my bearings. From my vantage point on this diseased hill, all I could see was more trash, more putresant filth spreading away as far as the eye could see. Trucks travelled back and forth, bringing in yet more rubbish from places unknown. I never seemed to see the same one twice, as soon as one disappeared behind a towering mound of waste it was gone forever it seemed.

The sky was a thick, grey miasma of billowing cloud. It began to rain and the drops fell thick and fat. The drops left dark, sooty marks wherever they fell as if the clouds were a gigantic sponge that had absorbed the filth of this place and were now being squeezed. I looked for someone, anyone to talk to, to explain what I was doing here, wherever here was, and how I could find my way home.

The rain came faster, plastering me with it's stinking black residue as I descended down the hill. As I made my way down, I slipped on something soft and wet and fell, tearing my arm on the rusted hinges of a discarded washing machine door before my fall was abruptly brought to a halt. Bloody and groaning from the pain, a clambered up to look at my saviour.

She couldn't have been older than 13. Wearing rags that barely covered her blossoming womanhood and with fiery, dark red hair she looked disturbingly apt. They was a sense about her, as if she belonged here, as much as any child could belong in a place like this.

"Thankyou." I spluttered, wincing as she pulled me up by my bleeding arm.

She looked at me then, stared into my eyes, her head cocked slightly like a curious bird and then she was gone, running away as fast as her bare feet would carry her.

"Wait! Who are you! Where am I? Please help!" I cried, but she didn't look back as she sped behind another mound of garbage and was gone.

Cradling my arm, I decided to follow her. Perhaps I would find her again or maybe she would at least lead me to somewhere I could get help. After all, she seemed to have survived here so far. I walked towards where I had seen her go - the rumbling of the approaching dumpster barely registered in my mind at all.

The End

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