Where do I start.....

So, this is death? Kind of disappointing if this is it really…I know I had always said I wasn’t religious, and didn’t believe in that kind of stuff, but what, no harps, or fluffy clouds? I thought that there should be a white light, or a feeling of love? Where are the relatives who are meant to help me along?…”welcome to death and the Great Beyond…take a seat, the orientation begins in a few minutes…”.

If I am dead, then should I still be feeling pain? And is this actually pain? Ive had headaches before, where it has hurt to move my eyes and sounds seem to want to tear my ears off, but this…this hurts to even think. And what the hell is that beeping noise? Its starting to become annoying now. Hadn’t noticed it before, but I think its getting louder. Wonder if that has something to do with this pain? If this really is death, then boy, have we been conned.

The End

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