Where do I stand without youMature

This story is a love story torn to pieces and made into a tragedy by cruel fate

He stroked her hand, then elivated it to his lips. he paused then softy placed his lips agains her hand and kissed it. Her eyes fixated on his, still holding her hand he placed the other on her cheek ever so gently. Her eyes became filled with tears, she sobbed on his shoulder as he stroked her hair.

He wispered, "shush now my sweet, my arms will hold you and keep the sorrow away." Her tears subsided, as she lifted her head he placed his hand on her cheek once more. He lent towards her and joined his lips to hers, they began to kiss. The longer they kissed the more the passion grew, every second was more intence from the last. His hands ran up and down her back, he took hold of her waist and pulled her body closer to his.

There lips parted, she gazed up and there eyes met. He was overwhelmed by the stunning blue he saw before him, her eyes glistened under star light and captivated his soul. Her beauty was unmatchable, even when she blinked she resonated grase. Her hands where softer then a doves feathers, her hair was crimson flowing freely in the wind. Her name was as beautiful as her kind nature and appearence, her name was Harmony. Her nature was loving to all, and her heart was warm and pure.

As harmony held on to the man her heart was overcome by feelings of joy and delight. As the man moved his feet to hold her closer he tripped and they fell to the ground, as he fell he pushed her to one side. The man had landed on the floor as harmony let out a cry of pain as she saw her beloved. The man had landed on bed of thorns that had grown to the size of daggers, many had pierced his body. blood poored out of his wounds and trickled to the floor, harmony could only watch.

The End

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