The Beginning

This is just a scene from a bigger story. Enjoy :)

The weak yellowing light bulbs flickered and hummed as they cast a dim glow over the once glorious room.  The girl pushed her dark sunglasses further up her nose and shoved the gun back into her bag.  A whisper caught a piece of her scraggly hair and chilled her bare shoulders. She glanced around the room and spotted the mirror shattered on the floor beneath where it used to hang. Calmly she smoothed her shirt and stepped towards the hall door.  She moved through the silent, dead house that had once been filled with swirling colors and hundreds of people.  The house, aside from the grand room, looked as though it was still in use.  Everything was just as the people had left it when they had fled.  She found her way to her mothers room and stepped inside.  The room was lavishly furnished but in the eerie lighting the air hung heavy and everything seemed dull and colorless.  She found her way to the dressing table and sat there fixing her hair as if nothing had changed.  She closed her eyes as she brushed her long, soft hair and pictured the sounds of the servants rushing in the hall. She could still here the whispers behind the closed doors, members of the council discussing revolt and war.  She could see her mother twirling about this room dressing for a party while her daughter sat on the bed watching her tie up her hair and dust her cheeks.  Now the girl sat alone brushing her hair with the golden comb that she was never allowed to touch.  She came out of the past and laid the comb on the table before looking into the mirror. She removed the sunglasses and locked eyes with herself, staring into her own soul.  Something shifted in the hall and heavy footsteps rang out.  The girl blinked and shoved the glasses back on. She sat still as a statue not even daring to breath.  With each step fear pulsed in her veins. But she stared straight ahead and blinked calmly. Who are you? She thought, as the footsteps stopped. The door behind her was shut but the girl felt eyes upon her.  She blinked one final time and when her eyes opened, a woman was standing at her shoulder.       

The End

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