Blue Eyes and DeceptionMature

Chapter Five: Carrie - Blue Eyes.

It was almost twelve o'clock when Carrie finally got through to the doctor. Dr. Hughes had been her family doctor since God knows when - he'd been the one who had told Carrie's mam that she was pregnant - and she trusted that he wouldn't say anything to her parents about Junior if she asked him not to. An hour, he'd said, and he'd be there to pick Junior up.

Junior had a bit more colour in his cheeks when she stuck her head around the door and asked if he'd like a cup of tea.

"Yeah, please. Can I give you a hand?"

"No, no, you're fine," Carrie spoke from the kitchen.

"I'm sort of visualising my mam's face," said Junior from the living room.

"Oh?" Carrie called out as she gathered mugs, teabags and sugar, and switched the kettle on.

"She has the brightest blue eyes you've ever seen."

Carrie gulped. "Oh?" she asked again.

"Yeah. It's like someone put a syringe in the sky and injected it into her eyes. Blue as anything, they are!"

Carrie wanted him to stop. She recalled her mam's voice, yelling obsenities.

"Eighteen years... Eighteen long fucking years, and you can't even tell me the colour of my fucking eyes?!" she'd shrieked.

"Don't be like that, sweetheart, you know I would never -" Carrie's dad had tried to smooth over his mistake.

"Blue! You said they were blue! Look at them! Do they look fucking blue to you?"

"Carrie?" came a voice from the present. Junior. "You need help?"

Carrie shook herself, spooning a teabag onto the sink. "No."

"Where's your bathroom?"

"Just walk out that door, and it's the second door on the left."

Turning towards the now empty living room, cups of tea in hand, Carrie's eyes fell upon the small navy backpack Junior had left next to the couch. His head was clearly more shaken up than she'd thought if he hadn't thought of looking in there for clues. Surely something in there would go towards explaining his presence on the street.

Unless... Unless he didn't want to be explained.

Eyes darting to make sure he had sealed himself to the bathroom, she laid the mugs down on the floor and reached for the backpack.

Time to find out what it was that her guest wasn't remembering.

The End

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