Where are the gates?

Once you pop...

The line was huge. 


   I stretched on to my toes to get a better look ahead of me. I could make out where the line was heading; I could see, and hear a pair of automatic doors. 


   One at a time, every so often, we moved. A person would walk forward, towards the white sliding doors, and then disappear inside. 


   All around us was a white glare. There were no trees, no roads and no cars. Just a blinding, endless whiteness. Rather dull really. 


   I pulled out my phone from my great pocket. No reception. How typical. This was going to be a long day. 


   Forty two minutes, and three conversations about the weather later, I was three from the front. I was now a little nervous. My palms were sweaty and my throat was dry. 


   I fidgeted and scratched and picked at my fingers. This was it. 


   The doors slid open without a sound. All I could see was yet more infinite white. 


    Looked to the young man behind me. He nodded, so I stepped forward. 


   I entered the doors and the blinding light began to fade, like a thick fog. I could make out shapes now. The more I walked, the clearer it all became. 


   People were now in different queues behind pristine white desks. I had reached what I assumed was mine. 


   A pretty young woman with jet black hair, wearing a red suit smiled. 


   "Welcome," She said. "Your name  please."


   I smiled. "Wesley Norris."


   The lady held what appeared to be a tablet device. Her slender fingers brushed over the screen. Suddenly, she frowned. I'm not one for frowns, they indicate problems. 


   "Something wrong?" I asked. Trying to sound clam but surely failing. 


   The woman bit her lower lip and glanced at me. 


   "Um. It appears you're not dead Sir," She said softly. "You shouldn't be here Mr Norris."


   "What?" I spluttered. "Dead? Where on Earth am I?"

The woman smiled. She was really rather sweet about it. 

"This is heaven, and you're not dead" there was a pause. "Sorry."

I didn't know what to think. Not dead? Not on Earth? This wasn't good. 

I was going to be very British about this. 

"Oh, I see. Terribly sorry....thank you."

With that, I left. To get on with my life. 

The End

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