"You seem familar. Do yo know me in any way?"

Priya laughed a little self-consciously and hid behind her hand in hopes the gentleman would not see her cheeks inflamed with embarrassment, "I suppose this sounds corny as hell, but might I ask you if we somehow know each other?"

The man's eyebrows raised just a little, an undercurrent of merriment twinkling in his features.  Was he amused by Priya's befuddlement?  His face was sober when he shook his head, however, "No ma'am.  I don't think we have ever met."

Priya pursed her lips in frustration and put her hands on her hips, "I am sorry, I don't mean to bother you."

"No problem at all, miss."

"It's just that when we caught each other's eye back there, even though it was only for half a second... I thought I got the sensation that we were connected somehow."

The older man chuckled, a soft shake of his shoulders which coincided with the flash of white, crooked teeth.  He shook his head and returned his gaze to Priya, still smiling, "I don't see how, miss.  As I have previously said, we have never met."

Priya cast a doubtful eye toward the man but said, "Of course, I understand.  It's just that it was such a powerful feeling I received, you know?"

"Like deja vu, perhaps?"

She nodded, "That has happened to me on occasion.  I couldn't tell if I was reliving a past memory or experiencing the situation in real-time."

The man's smile became quite suave, "I am absolutely positive we have never met, miss, because I would surely remember one so attractive as yourself."

Priya looked sheepishly to her polished black shoes and failed to control the rise of another hot blush to her cheeks as she fumbled with words of thanks.

The End

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