Where Am I?Mature

A young girl, by the name of Anthoria, wakes up in a room with leaky pipes, on old sick, an unusable toilet and a small window. She seems to be in a large building with many other rooms down a hallway with the same door. What will happen?

Slowly waking up and I have no clue where I am. I slowly sit up on the creaky old bed that I’m laying on and I see that I’m in a cold room, leaking pipes, a stingy old sink in the far right corner and a toilet that doesn’t look usable from my angle in front of me.  On the right was, below some pips is a small window, I might be able to fit through it if I had a boost.

The door to the left suddenly opens and a man walks in, “Get up you little bitch, time for you first meal.” He grabs my arm and shoves me out the door in front of him. I look to the left and I see another open door with a boy, a few years older than me by the looks of it, also being ordered out his door as well.

“This way.” This man orders me whilst pulling me down the hall to the right. There are a number of dull red doors in the hall way. Just like mine and just like the boy’s as well. This hall looks almost 50 meters long, and like all that’s here are red doors. Not much else, until we get a few doors down. Another hallway that I get ordered down.

At the end is a giant room filled with tables and chairs, like a high school cafeteria. Once again, few small windows go around the room with broken and leaking pipes, unsanitary for anyone eating in here. I get ordered, once again to go to the left, collect a tray, plate and utensils, then go and get food to eat from the nice ladies behind the counter. Talking about a high school cafeteria, these two ladies are wearing all white, light grey aprons and hair nets. This whole place is empty with no one in here apart from me, that guys pushing me around and the two ladies serving food. One even has a mole on her upper lip to the left, and a few hairs coming out of it by the look of it. It’s disgusting, like the food on display on the counter in front of me.

I put my tray and plate in front of the first woman on the left and look at her. She stairs back with a scowl, and slaps a large ladle full of what looks like gruel, onto my plate. I smile and slide it to the lady on the right, the one without the mole, and look up at her. Wishing to myself that she will give me something edible, I get a small carton of milk on the tray and another spoonful of gruel and what seems like peas, which are an awful grey green colour, like they’ve been in a can for 8 months bathing in their own gross, watery fluids. I smile again and thank them for my food, which seems highly uneatable, which I don’t say out loud. I pick up my tray, look around and look at the man that brought me here. He’s still standing there in the doorway, and nods towards the tables and chairs. I’m guessing he wants me to sit down and eat this. I don’t understand how I can eat this, but who knows what will happen if I don’t do what they say.

I walk over to a chair, sit down and start picking at my food. If it is food. I look up to look at my security guard again and I then notice the boy from the other room, come into the cafeteria. I wonder where he went; he wasn’t far behind us from what I remember. But it seems like he knows what he’s doing; he grabs a tray, plate and cutlery and heads over to the two ladies. They plonk down food onto his plate and give him a carton as well. He turns around, and looks right at me, then deciding to come right over to my table, comfortably seating 8 on a round table, and sit across from me, looking at me. Not saying a word. He smiles at me, looks down at his tray of food, opens the carton, sniffs it and pushes everything away from his body.

“So you’re not going to eat the food either?” I whisper whilst leaning forward to make sure he hears me. He shakes his head. No sound. No speech. Just a shake of the head. I don’t know what to say next, he isn’t speaking, and I don’t even know if he wants to talk to me. But he did site at my table. “My name is Anthoria, what’s yours?”

Nothing. He just shyly looks down at the table, then to his left. It’s like he wants to say something but he can’t.

“Cat got your tongue or something?” I ask with a smirk.

He nods. I return his nod with a weird, what in the world, kind of look. How can he have no tongue? Everyone has one.

“Hey. Come here.” My security guy yells. At least I think it is. Both of us look in their direction. “Yeah, you. The little bitch doing all the talking to the loud mouth! Come here. Now!”

“Bye.” I say to this guy opposite me. Loud Mouth. All he does, and can do, is wave goodbye.


After being shoved all the way back to my room from the cafeteria, I can only think about how that boy lost his tongue. I even forgot that I have no idea where I am, but looking around, it would be nice to know how in hell I got here. I walk over to my bed and make it. I don’t have anything to do in here, or anywhere to sit, so I sit on the end of my bed, looking around and thinking. Thinking about how that boy got here, how I got here. I wonder if there is anyone else here, apart from us two and our ‘security’. Why the hell I am here in the first place? I am no use to anyone, especially in this place, this room. I need to know why and where, and I guess how I’m here.

I walk over to the window and stand on my tippy toes, hanging on with the tips of my figures, trying to see out of the dusty, unused and dirty glass. All that is there seems to be dirt and a few weeds. It’s a basic, boring landscape that no one wants to be in. It look about evening but the sun, at least it looks like it’s going down.

Wait. What’s that? A train? I think I can hear a train, which means train tracks. If I can get out of here, I can follow the train tracks out of here. It has to be going somewhere, and it has to have come from somewhere as well, I don’t care where the tracks lead. I know I’m getting out and away from this place. Now I just need to think of a way out. Soon. But I guess I could sleep on it. But there isn’t much to think about, how to get out is all. But I know I need help and all I know is that boy Loud Mouth, the boy without a tongue, and who knows if I’m going to see him again. Who cares, I can think about this later tonight, whilst I’m sleeping.


I finally decide to lie in bed and try to sleep for the morning but all I’m doing is tossing and turning in this old thing with sheets. It makes so much noise that when I toss and turn, I get yelled at for making too much noise, or it could be a coincident at the time, for a lot of people were yelling at the same time wanting food, sunlight, fresh air and the time outside, even though it was getting dark, or they just wanted out of their ceil. It’s nice to know that I’m not along in here, in this building.

I lie there for a few hours; finally slipping away from all the noise and cracking, and I fall asleep. Finally.

The End

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