I felt like writing something which is weird because I haven't written anything for a while ever since I found out about someone I thought I would be with.. Anyway, life goes on.. so heyy ho.. xx

He looked away after gazing at me and then asked the question "do I belong?" 

I looked up at him looking blank. I didn't know what to say to him. I mean I know what was right to say, but we tell each other everything truthfully. His arm was around me, holding me. I felt so safe and nothing could change that. I then kissed him gently. He smiled and understood what my answer was as always.

We're one of the couples who people know not much, if anything about. Together a lot, on the phone a lot, texting all day through and having to sneak all this past parents. 

He's my world, but I don't know whether I can say the same about him anymore. He went up to Scotland for a month and had got back a few days ago, and I feel as if there's something he's not telling me, something that could tear us apart. I hate feeling like this, thinking that he no longer loves me. I'm not sure anymore what to think which my family doesn't help.

My older brother Phil is an awesome guy, but a fail at being a brother. He never has been a family guy. He's always out with mates, his new girlfriend Sally and rehearsing and performing in his band "Fusion". I mean, it's not all bad, I can get free tickets and everything, so pretty popular with all my friends for that. Recently since he moved out, he hasn't been back since. The tension as he was packing to leave was horrible. He hasn't spoken to Mum and Dad since his Birthday last week, I don't blame him though after finding out they'd lied to him for all his 18 years of his life. 

I can't help feel that their hiding something from me too now. Wherever I look, wherever I turn there's doubt...

The End

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