Spiritual Refrain


Here, there and everywhere around

I feel and hear His presence resound

Do I kneel in prayer and pretend to offer

Endless entreaties in mindless chatter?



Or do I rededicate my thoughts and deeds

To matters more meaningful and proceed

 To continue with chores as mundane

Or do I opt for some worthwhile change.



The past is no longer with me to amend and shift

The present, is truant, and seemingly adrift

Future is as mysteriously bleak and unknown

Rendering life’s pace torrid and out of control.



As life’s paths seem so awfully daunting

At each step, so uncertain and challenging,

Acts and deeds unthought-of, yet to transpire

Of spontaneous feelings and limitless desire.


So where, oh where I ought to remain

In past, the present or in future’s domain,

All are bleak enough for me to gauge

In terms real and, in reality disengage






The End

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