When your heart takes you to an unimaginable journey...

I was in a rush to write a story on this website so i have so many mistakes. I will write the next chapter later....... thx.

As I made my way to work this morning, I felt that there was nothing more boring than life. I was tired of this life. Being alone, working in the same stupid bank and watching people struggle to make a living. I lived alone. Not that I couldn't find any boys, it was just I felt like it was waste of time. Relationships were boring to me.

I took another sip from my coffee and I remembered the time when I was a kid and my mom left me and my dad because of a man called Jason. A scary man who only appeared in my nightmares. I couldn't remember his face clearly but I was grateful for it because that was the kind of face you never want to remember. It made me believe in ghosts!

I shook away those thoughts. Why had I remembered that bitter memory now?

"Hello, Gabrielle" Jonathon said as he walked past me.

I replied to him politely and sat at my desk.


Those dots show that I spent all day sitting there, answering people and doing stuff with their money.

As I made my way home, I had this feeling that I couldn't go home. I felt sick of home. Home was always silent. It was only me, sitting, staring around the house, heating up food in the microwave, silence...

I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. And I went to the small alley behind a huge building. It was dark and wet. I didn't care. I just needed time to get myself together. I walked down the narrow alley and breathed deeply.

I started to regret the decision I made as soon as I walked in an old and vacant parking lot. As soon as I reached the parking lot I felt that there was someone there staring at me. I looked around but I couldn't find anyone. It was too dark to see. I knew that there was someone there. I started to get scared. I gasped for air. I decided to look around before I ran.

As I checked again to see if there was any danger in the parking lot, I saw a pair of eyes, staring at me from the dark. I couldn't see the face clearly. I just needed to see the eyes only for one second to realize that I was in danger. The only thing I remember is that I started running and I ran until I reached home! Yes, I was that scared. I was terrified.

Those eyes looked dangerously greedy. Terrifyingly familiar? The moment  I saw them I felt that they looked kind of the same as the guy who took my mom from me, Jason.

It couldn't be him. No way. I kept on shaking my head as I entered my apartment. Never take risks. I would take the bus like always, like a good girl. I almost snorted at the thought of being a good girl. I was too much of a good girl.

After dinner I watched TV for hours without paying any attention to people dancing on the screen. It was almost 9 o'clock. I decided to take a shower in order to forget what happened in the parking lot.

The thing I liked about my bathroom was its hugeness! It was all shiny and clean.

I was in shower for a long time so I decided that it was time to go to sleep. It was already late. I washed my hair one more time and that was when I realized that there was someone in the bathroom. I could feel someone's presence there and I could see the shadow. I turned around to look into the same horrifying eyes I saw this afternoon. The scarier thing was that it was not Jason. And the next thing I heard was an ear piercing shriek which unfortunately was mine!




The End

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