Shulk (Page 9)

Linada gave him a look of annoyance.

“Then I guess we won’t do any tests, and you can continue to have these sleeping problems.” Shulk’s mouth dropped as far as it could. She sighed trying not to laugh. “Fiora is going to be fine. She is actually doing extremely well.”

Shulk let out a heavy sigh.

“Why didn’t you just say that then?” Shulk grumbled.

Linada turned the machine on, still avoiding the answer to any of his questions.

“Let’s get these tests done, and then I can tell you what is wrong… hopefully,” She paused. “Don’t worry about Fiora right now, everything is fine with her.”

“Do you think this will tell you what is going on with me?”

Linada looked at him, "I’m going to need to take pictures of your brain while you are awake and asleep. Since this is about your quality of sleep I’m going to need you to try and fall asleep first to see what I can find. I will let you know what I find when I find it, it just may take some time.” She paused, “Do you need a sedative?” She handed him a mask.

Shulk had no problems falling asleep; it was that he never felt he was sleeping. He closed his eyes and let the machine do its work. Of course while he was first being read he didn’t have any thoughts about Zanza or Meyneth.  Maybe it was all about his stress level, and the panic he felt when he couldn’t diagnose himself with a problem. The feelings of helplessness did not help. All that mattered was he felt relaxed at this very moment, and with that he began to doze off.

The End

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