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“That’s what I originally thought too, but this has been going on even before I was assigned as a committee leader.” Shulk sighed, “I’m sleeping, but it’s as if I’m constantly awake. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Linada stopped the chair and flashed a light in his eyes. He blinked several times. He waited patiently for her to respond. She closed her eyes and put the light away.

“What have you tried as far as relaxation techniques?” Linada taped the light against her cheek.

“I’ve tried everything.” He paused, she was waiting for specifics. “Sitting near the dock, fishing, changing my sleep patterns, working in my lab, taking walks.”

“And what happened with each of those?”

“Well, they didn’t work.” He sighed, “And when I tried to change my sleep pattern the dreams stared happening during the day.” He wished she would get on with the tests. He already thought of all this when he was in his lab. She finally hooked Shulk up to the machine.

“It’s so odd.” Linada finally said after what felt like hours.

“What's odd?” Shulk looked back and forth at the machine near the chair and Linada. “You didn’t even do the tests yet….”

“No, that’s not what I’m talking about.” She began preparing the machine to do some scans. She rolled her chair over to Shulk.

“What did you mean then?”

“It’s just…” Linada looked at the furthest wall from them. “Have you talked with Fiora about any of this?”

“No way! She does not need any more stress than what she is going through right now.” Shulk snapped, and then calmly paused, “Why?”

She sighed and looked straight into his eyes, but she wasn’t looking at him. She was deep in thought.

“I can’t say what is going on with Fiora.” She started flipping some switches on the machine. Shulk’s eyes widened. He felt the feeling of helplessness consuming him all over again.

“Tell me, what’s going on with Fiora!” Shulk sat up, now more concerned about what she was going through than his own health. He couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to her again. “Is she alright?” There was a silence. “At least tell me if she is going to be alright or not!”

“Lay back down, if you move around too much the scan won’t come out right.” Linada responded.

“I’m not lying back down until you answer me.”

The End

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