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Like most people their age living in a developing colony, visiting local pubs after committee meetings was Melia’s new favorite pastime. She would oftentimes ask Shulk if he wanted to go. Shulk would get his normal wheat beer while she would get a high priced girly mixed drink – which was all she needed. Even with a royal upbringing Melia had succumbed to her Homs desires. Shulk thought about how times change. The last time him and Melia went to a committee meeting together they ended up at a local pub, which in turn ended with her intoxicated and crying in his arms about how she was never good enough for him. This was out of character for her. As a matter of fact even agreeing to get a drink at a local pub was far from her normal activities at the time. She would then compare herself to Fiora.  This was awkward. Before this incident he was not aware of how deeply she thought and felt about him. He had ideas before, but this left nothing to his imagination. It was almost too much information. He never knew how to handle these kinds of situations, or even what to say, and that wasn’t going to change any time soon – especially not with his current sleep problems.

What made it even more awkward was that she began talking about Dunban shortly after.  He had always had suspicions about the two, especially toward the end of their adventures. Luckily she never brought up that time at the pub, nor did she appear to remember. Shulk decided to never mention it. His mind couldn’t handle the thought of Melia and Dunban as an item right now. It was something even his most alert mind would have trouble comprehending.  Perhaps that was one of the reasons she became interested in going to local Pubs. Although, Little Nopom’s did not sound like a pub Dunban would go into, at least he didn’t think so.


“Thank you Melia, but I’m okay at this point. I just need to see Linada and try and get some adequate sleep.”

“Let me know if you need anything Shulk, I’ll always be here if you need me.” She put her hand over her chest. Shulk put his hand on her shoulder and she blushed.

“Thank you Melia, I will definitely let you know if I do.” He meant this.

Shulk made his way over to The Clinic and sighed in relief for making it on time, and not running into Fiora on the way. He didn’t want to accidentally snap on anyone who was providing him sympathy.  That would be wrong in so many ways.



“It sounds like some kind of PTSD, which happens when you put too much than you can handle on yourself after a traumatic situation, and when you do not address the emotional trauma.” Linada lowered Shulk’s chair to the point where it was perpendicular to the machine she was going to hook him up to.

The End

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