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“I just wanted to let you know not to take what the officials said to you too harshly. The presentations Vanea and I gave were hard acts to follow.” Melia giggled a bit. “But in all honesty Shulk, I thought what you presented was wonderful, and it used all of the available technology perfectly! I wanted to tell you that back there, but you left so quickly.”

She was right, he did leave abruptly, but he had good reason for it. Getting to the Clinic had been the only thing on his mind during the meeting, which thinking back at it could have affected the tone of his presentation.  

“Thank you Melia, I will keep that in mind… I still do need to come up with some fresh ideas though.” Shulk started to yawn.

“Oh Shulk, you look like you have been working so hard lately. Why not take a day off for some rest? The next meeting is not for another month.”

“You shouldn’t work yourself so hard. If you deprive yourself of sleep, there’s no telling where your mind will go…”

Shulk scratched his head hoping the daydream wouldn’t continue. Sometimes it was so hard to differentiate whether or not Meyneth was actually there talking to him, or if he was just day dreaming. Why were these thoughts flashing in and out of his conscious mind lately?

Shulk looked straight past Melia. If only she knew what sleeping meant for him. He held back a smart remark about his current sleeping patterns by biting his tongue. Annoyance was becoming a common feeling for him. He knew Melia and Fiora meant well, but his lack of alertness was weighing on him. He was also well aware Melia had feelings for him, and he did not want to risk delving into that again. At least not right now.

“Yeah Melia, I should be able to sleep better now that this meeting is finally over.”

“You have been having trouble sleeping?” She put her hand on her cheek.

Shulk bit his tongue and did everything he could not to moan and let his head slide back in annoyance. It was his own fault for not watching what he was saying. Even if he had time to talk about it, he didn’t want to. He always thought of Melia as a strong woman, but her emotions and heart tended to be fragile. He didn’t want Melia to start worrying about him. He had little idea to how she was handling the aftermath of their adventures, and not to mention the news that him and Fiora were official now. He didn’t want her to think about him more than she had to, not with how she felt about him. He could only imagine her emotional discomfort. He sighed and swallowed his pride.  

“I’m actually going to see Linada to talk to her about any ideas for relaxation techniques… or if there is anything she could give me for it.” Shulk admitted. Sometimes it was best to be as truthful as possible with Melia.

“Oh Shulk, is there anything I can do to help? Do you need to talk about anything?” She paused, “Vanea and I are going to Little Nopom’s – they just opened up last week. I want to try it. Would you like to join us?”  

The End

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