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“Thank you Shulk. I’m so lucky to have you in my life, and that I get another chance with this life… with us together.”

She kissed him on the cheek and let go of his hand slowly as she left the house. Shulk watched her leave and put his hand on his face. As the door closed he looked at his reflection in the door. He was flushed and he felt hot against his hand.

Shulk and Fiora had been deemed a couple by everyone in the Colony. That was kind of a given, and it just felt right. That being said, it bothered Shulk that they still had yet to make any advances in their relationship. It was something they were both shy about, and he didn’t want to hinder Fiora’s recovery in any way. That didn’t mean he didn’t want to touch her though. Sure, they did live together, but they both slept in different rooms. They still had yet to take it to the next level, and actually enjoy the touch of one another. They had experimented before everything happened, and shared several moments back when they were adventuring, but there had been little to nothing since.  He shook his head and looked at the clock, 7:20am – he needed to hurry and get to that meeting. 


Shulk let out a long tired sigh. The meeting took longer than he wanted it to. The committee presented several ideas for expansion, housing, and forming more stable ideas for transport. Shulk’s blueprints went well with the representatives at the meeting, but it appeared they wanted more than what was there. Shulk found this frustrating since so much work had been put into it already. The Colony officials gave him the go on starting the plans for building what was on the blueprints, but they wanted to see more ideas at the next meeting. He began to play with the idea of bringing Fiora to the next meeting so she could present on nutrition, and the success of the Flamii house for fresh eggs.  

Shulk let out what could be described as a yawn and a sigh at the same time while leaving the meeting. He needed to get to Linada’s. He hoped he wasn’t putting too much confidence in her ability to come up with a solution. At this point he would take anything he could get to feel refreshed from sleeping. He didn’t know how much more he could handle with feeling like he was awake all the time.

“Wait! Shulk!” A formal voice sounded from behind him.

 Shulk turned around to see his High Entia friend running to catch up with him. Her portion of the meeting appeared to go much better than what Shulk presented. She had that advantage with all the new mechanical and medical technology presented to the Homs of the new Colony 9. She leaned over to catch her breath when she caught up.

“Thank you kindly for waiting for me.” She was panting; she held her breath to try to calm down.

“Of course Melia, what’s up?” Shulk didn’t want to rush her, but he wanted to catch Linada before she left The Clinic.

The End

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