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“I think he is getting checked by Linada. They’re trying to get his right arm back to normal.” Fiora paused and turned around, “Which reminds me, I have an appointment with her today.” She put the last dish on the drying rack and dried her hands.

Linada had been working with Fiora on exercises, tests, and daily checkups to make sure the new parts of her body were not being rejected by the old. Linada and Vanea worked hard together to come up with Hom cell growth, and even harder to incorporate it in today’s advanced medicine. That was one of the amazing medical technologies that came from the Machina, and it was working well with Fiora and Dunban. There were some scares at the beginning when Fiora’s Machina body was at its end. At times there was no telling if Fiora would live through it. They carefully replaced one part of her body at a time. Fiora had the will to keep going, and with each body part she began to look healthier. They kept Meyneth’s triangular soul stone because oddly enough it helped with her recovery. The soul stone was the last thing to come off, and before everyone knew it Fiora was herself again. At this point she was almost 100%. Vanea said it was Fiora’s will to keep going that made the transition such a success. With a little more exercise and tests she would be almost back to what she was before the attack on Colony 9. Shulk became almost nostalgic thinking about those times before all of their adventures. It seemed liked so long ago.   

“And speaking of Linada…” Fiora interrupted Shulk’s thought. “If you’re having trouble sleeping, maybe she can help you?”

Shulk did think of that before. He played with the idea of seeing her, but he was too proud. He didn’t want to go through the embarrassment of not being able to diagnose the problem on his own. It was becoming too much for him now. It would only be an act of desperation at this point. Maybe she would be able to help. She had to know a lot about Hom brain patterns from working with Fiora.

“That is actually a really good idea.” Shulk finally admitted. “Thanks Fiora, I’ll see if she’ll see me after the meeting.”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Fiora smiled and hugged Shulk. He hesitantly put his arms around her. He wasn’t very good at this kind of thing. His heart began to accelerate, “I’m so glad our lives are back to normal. I hope every day can be like this,” she continued. She held him tight and put her head in his chest. He swallowed dryly.

“Me too Fiora…” He struggled to think of something else to say. “I’m so glad that…” He bit his lip, thinking about the time he thought she was gone, “I don’t have to worry about you not being around.” Realizing what he was feeling he instinctively held her more tightly. The helplessness he felt when he thought he lost her forever overwhelmed him. He didn’t want to let her go “I don’t want to feel that way ever again.”

Fiora looked up at him and smiled and ear to ear smile again. She stepped away and slid her hand into his. Shulk blushed, suddenly rethinking every word he said to her. Fiora giggled.

The End

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