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“What you’ve been working on looks great Shulk. Why are you so worried?"

“Why are you so worried?  I’m sure the Biocreation Department will love the idea! And you are Zanza the great after all!”  He could hear Meyneth giggling. Shulk shook his head with the thought. That was a new setting for his dreams. Was he losing his sense of reality? Fiora continued to wait for a response.

“Because…” He thought of a great idea. “The last three days I have been working on this idea with some of the other members of the group, and I’m beginning to feel like the officials are expecting more from what I have come up with. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping, and I’ve been working long hours to make sure it’s what it should be…yeah, that’s what it is.”

It wasn’t a complete lie. This project had been putting a lot of stress on him, and he was somewhat concerned how the meeting would go. It didn’t help that he was presenting after Melia and Vanea, who both had countless ideas to incorporate their own technology in the advancement. Fiora sighed and began tapping the spatula against her head again.

“I think if we take both of our ideas to the department, they might give us rights to proceed with the experiments of world creation… That is if you’re willing to take the risk of working with me with other people knowing.”           

Again with the daydream of Meyneth, but she looked different. She looked like a mortal. Where was this coming from? He silently willed the thought to go away. He looked at Fiora, who looked like Meyneth.  Now he was really was losing his sense of reality. He closed his eyes for a second, and opened them to the familiar look of Fiora sitting across him. He let out a sigh of relief. Fiora blinked at him.

“I don’t understand. Melia and Vanea are going to be with you, and their knowledge on what can be done from here should tell the people a lot!” Fiora smiled at him. “And from what I have seen from your blueprints on the machinery to be used, it looks wonderful. I can’t wait to see it in action.”

Shulk was growing annoyed with the conversation. He already knew all of this, and he was relatively confident about the blueprints. He was especially confident of Vanea and Melia’s knowledge and ideas. He twirled his fork in the scramble and attempted to eat. He appreciated her concern, cooking, and the positive reinforcement, but he was too tired to keep the conversation going. He swallowed a large mouthful of her food and smiled.

“It’s delicious,” he truly meant it.

Fiora let her lips form an ear to ear smile, and then let out a happy sigh. Upon finishing his food, he realized how hungry he actually was. It was exceptionally good. He noted that forcing himself to eat at times could help him out. Maybe his hunger strike contributed to the start of these day dreams. When he was done Fiora grabbed his plate and silverware, and began to wash the dishes. Shulk sat back in his seat and watched her for a bit.

“Where’s Dunban at?” He finally asked.

The End

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