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Shulk let out another heavy sigh and looked at his clock. It was 5:00am, and he had to be at a colony meeting at 7:30am. He played with the idea of asking Dunban to take his place, but this meeting was specifically about the technology needed to expand Colony 9. He pouted for a couple seconds: something that was very out of character for him. Without feeling replenished each day, it was hard to keep his composure, especially when he was by himself.



“Shulk, you look exhausted.”

Fiora held the frying pan full of the new egg scramble recipe she was trying out over Shulk’s plate. The egg made a splat. Shulk just stared at it. With a sigh Fiora leaned over and looked straight into his eyes.

“I’m worried about you. I don’t feel like you’re taking care of yourself….” Fiora took the empty pan to the sink and poured water over it. “This is the 3rd day in a row you just stared at my cooking… Do you not like my cooking?”

Shulk let out a tiny sigh - She always did this. She would be concerned about him, and then internalize it into something that she could be doing wrong. She sounded and looked so defeated. Shulk wanted to tell her it wasn’t her cooking; in fact he loved her cooking, and the ease in which she was able to try new recipes. It always kept meals interesting. She would always get on his case for having such simple responses for things she asked. He was trying harder to give her more detailed feedback - especially when it came to her cooking. He was just so exhausted today.

“Fiora, your cooking is great.” Shulk paused, “I have not been all that hungry lately I guess…”

“If you want me to make more familiar recipes, I will. I’m just worried because you have not been eating much lately.” Fiora sat across from him holding the rinsed spatula in her hand - tapping it against her forehead. “Is there something you want to talk about?”

Shulk looked back at his food. He wanted to tell her about his dreams, but at the same time he didn’t want to worry her. She was also recovering. With her adjustment to being a Homs again there was no need for that kind of stress on her new body. The truth was that it bothered him that the dreams were now becoming part of his conscious thought. He had told Fiora about some of the dreams he’d been having, but not recently. When he brought it up she would get very quiet. It was the only time she didn’t pry into what was going on with him. She would just listen, and then the responses were limited. It would end in an awkward silence. With these new daydreams he didn’t know how she would handle it.

“I’m worried about how this plan to expand Colony 9 is going to go.” Shulk lied.

Fiora put her chin on her hands and stared intently at him. It was clear she was waiting for more of an explanation. Shulk took a stab at the egg on his plate and swirled his fork around.

“And…I am…” He looked across the dining room at an old picture of him, Fiora and Reyn collecting scraps as kids. “The head of the technology committee, which happens to be the main topic of today’s meeting,” He said quickly.

The End

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