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The sound of lightning made him jolt up. Annoyed with the sudden disruption of sleep he looked outside his window from his bed. Getting out of bed, Shulk gave a heavy sigh and leaned on the windowsill. Another flash of lightning struck in what everyone was calling the “salty sea.” Intrigued by the artistic beauty of it hitting the water, he decided he shouldn’t be so annoyed with the lightning. It wasn’t as if he was “waking up” anyway. What he was doing could barely be called “sleep.” Sleep was something that refreshed one’s body. What he was getting was quite the opposite. Sleep was something he had continued to struggle with since the creation of the new world. Yes he dreamed, but after everything that happened he soon realized that dreaming was just as exhausting as being awake. He couldn’t attribute it to anything other than the dreams he had of Zanza and Meyneth. What was more frustrating? He couldn’t figure out what any of it meant.

During the day it was as if he hadn’t even gone to bed. He would spend countless hours in his lab conducting studies on himself. The information he gathered most of the time came back to the energy he emitted from when he was using the Monado. This always perplexed him, especially since neither of the Monados existed in this world. Frustrated with his findings he would leave his lab to seek out any tranquility he could find. Sitting near the shore used to provide him with relaxation, but stopped with the reoccurring dreams. Reyn had suggested fishing to try and get his mind off the recent events of recreating the world, but when he tried to fish he would catch himself dozing off, usually just before he would slide off the dock. Sometimes he didn’t catch himself, and he would end up soaked.

When he gave up on relaxation techniques he tried altering his sleep patterns. At first he would try to sleep at different times of the day figuring that it was due to all of the recent adventuring. Taking the night watch was something that put a lot of stress on his body. These things did not appear to faze Dunban, Reyn, or Fiora on their adventures. They so easily pressed on each morning. He eventually got to that point, but he always struggled when he needed to rest. After weeks of trying different times, he decided that time wasn’t the issue. Plus his involvement with the technology committee wouldn’t allow for sleeping the hours of his choosing. More recently he began having daydreams about the two. Frustratingly enough the daydreams didn’t stop with trying to sleep normally either.

He did always have that helpless feeling something was missing now that he was no longer sharing a body with Zanza. Shulk thought that these dreams were fantasies he made up after finding out that Zanza only desired companionship. Annihilating Zanza for good was something that continued to haunt him. Was it the right thing to do? At one point he was convinced Zanza had left Shulk with these thoughts as a final stab at him for taking his place as a “god.” But this was a time where there were no more gods. At least, that’s what he believed.

The End

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