Prologue (Page 2)

Silence took over. Meyneth waited patiently for him to finish his thought, but he didn’t. Her mind was racing. She had enough of his ideas and plans. His mind was clearly straying from the initial point ofthis universe. She sharply glared at him.

 “Is that so?” she almost spat, “Is the beauty of what WE created together no longer enough? You wanted a world where we could be together. You spent YEARS of your life thinking this world through before it was even created! This is what you wanted Klaus: A world for both of us to create and be equal. Is that no longer enough for you? Has the taste of power truly rotted your soul?” Meyneth waited for him to respond, but the silence continued. “It appears you traded your heart and sanity for the endless power of a god. Klaus. I never thought you could be so heartless.” She finally finished.

“Klaus…” He turned, purposefully not looking at her, his fists clenching. “You, Meyneth, have no right to call me that. I am no longer that mortal, and I will not be called the name of a mortal!”

Meyneth kept her gaze on him. Standing completely still she didn’t say a word.

Zanza remained silent, and after what felt like an eternity, Zanza looked at Meyneth, the sanity gone from his face.

“As always Meyneth, you are wrong. I created this world to mold to my desire, not for you to tell me what I can and cannot do.” His eyes began to glow bright blue. He laughed. “From now on you will only know me as Zanza, the one and only TRUE god of this world. If you defy me, I will annihilate you!”

Lightning struck all around, this time catching Meyneth’s attention. When she looked back he raised himself into the sky and disappeared – laughing.

The End

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