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Xenoblade Chronicles Fan Fiction: Set post game . Seeking out answers for a major sleep problem, Shulk stumbles upon a history of a world that has been long forgotten . This is the story of a curious young man, a conflicted relationship, a war between two higher beings, and how a forgotten history can effect lives in the present .*Contains Major Spoilers* Told in the POV of several characters .

Disclaimer: I do not own Xenoblade. I am just dazzled by the brilliant masterpiece Monolithsoft has created, and it inspired me to write a story that delves into the past lives of Meyneth and Zanza. Monolithsoft owns all the rights to Xenoblade Chronicles. Thank you.


When Your Heart Grows Cold

A Xenoblade Chronicles Fanfiction.

By: TisforTwee



Lightning struck nearby. It was as if his words were creating the bright heavy flashes around them. At least, that’s what it felt like.

“Why not leave this place? We could easily create another world of our own.”

“Because our people… They need us.” She gritted her teeth. Frustration overcame her. “They need structure and guidance in their lives. We are the only ones who can give that to them. They need gods to lead them down the right path and mold their world and futures for them” Meyneth breathed.

“My people have forgotten who Iam.” He exaggerated the “I” the best he could. Zanza paused, clearly frustrated with where this was going. His eyes were as blue as ice, but his determination made them look as though the flames of hell devoured them. “There is no use for them. They would be better off annihilated.”

“Klaus, they are living beings. You cannot say that about your children.” Meyneth said as calmly as she could. “I cannot believe you are acting this way.”

                “I created this world for you Meyneth.” Zanza said flatly.

“We created this world together” Meyneth breathed. “We are equals, and what happens we both must agree on.”

Lightning struck again nearby. Neither of them flinched.

“No.” Zanza curled his lips into what could have been described as a sinister look or smile. “I single handedly created this universe, and I can make whatever decisions I want.” He paused. “The only reason you are even a god is because I wished that of your existence. I could have left you out of this universe, and then….” He fell silent, catching himself before he finished. He turned to the side, avoiding her eye contact.

The End

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