Number 2

"Hello? Hello? Who is this" the phone mumbles.
You reach down to pick up the phone, your hands shacking,

"Y-y-yes... I'm here..." Your whole body is shacking you use such force to get the words out it hurts.

"Please tell me who this is? And if you don't mind me saying, your voice is pretty.." Niall laughs into the phone.

"This is Jess. And ha ha um thanks." You shyly whisper into the phone.

"Hi! And I think you were trying to call your mom right?" He shyly whispers back.

"How did you know!??" You yell.

"Hahaha you answerd the phone 'Hi mom?'"

"Oh..." You cough, you messed up. You want to hide in a corner and just fly away from the rest of the world.

"Hey, I got to go. If you don't mind, save this number, I will do the same, and we can go to Nandos sometime." He sweetly says into the phone.

"Suuurree..." You stop shacking, now you are completely still, Niall Horan is asking you out.

What do I do? I have only had one boyfriend, being so obsessed boys took another road to a diffrent girl. Only one boyfriend. Two. Should I count him as one? Or after we go out. What if he never calls, my life would be over. SAVE THE NUMBER YOU CRAZY BIT----

"Hello? Hello?" Niall askes.

"YES??!!" You shout.

"Bye, hahaha I'll call you." Niall says.

You now have plans, to make plans, to go on a date with Niall James Horan.

"I should call my real mom now." You whisper to yourself.







The End

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