Number 1

You just moved to London to study to become a surgeon. But when you call the unexpected, things go all wrong and your life begins to change for the better.

"Hello, would you like anything to drink?" askes the flight attendant.
"Um.. sure? Coke." you answer back...
"So, what brings you to London?" askes the joyful plump woman sitting next to you.
"School...I'm studying to become a surgeon." your voice weakens as you tell the awful truth, you want to go home.
"Well! A straight 'A' student?" She yells, then someone shushes her, she shushes back...
"Ha ha.. Well, I guess you could say that." you say.. it was a really bland 'say' too, as you drift off into Never Never Land, and fall asleep.
You wake up with the sound of people getting off the plane, you get up and stretch, holding the people behind you back, you giggle as they get frustrated. Walking out of the plane, you see 5 boys getting out of a private helicopter next to you, very handsome boys. But they are quickly surrounded by sercurity, and walked off into a private part of the airport.
You walk for awhile, getting lost with a few wrong turns, but finally get you the car rental place in the airport. You drive a Fiat to your new flat.
"Welcome to London." Says a the doorman, you float into the elevator and to your room, which you open with a delightful key, with a british flag on it. As you open the door you smell peppermint, and through the window you can see Big Ben. All your furniture is set up, you move a coffee table around a bit, and you flat is perfect.
"I should call mom, tell her I'm alright.." you mumble.
You dial the number.
"Press one if you want to make this long distance call, press two...." You press one.
"Hello, mom?" you say.
"Hello? Who is this? Someone answers.
"Who is this? This isn't Mary Frenzle?" You shout.
"No... This is Niall Horan." The 'stranger' says.
You gasp, and drop the phone.


The End

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