Machine Plans

             Coming back to the work place covered in different colored slushie was probably one of the most degrading moments in my life. I could only imagine what Arthurs face was going to be like, he would most likely burst out laughing. I was standing in front of the door with the big words/numbers Room 13 staring back at me. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. Arthur looked at me and his mouth instantly dropped as wide as it could.

"What happened to you?" Arthur askes. Jane taken by surprise that he didn't laugh, broke down.

"Pe-people are such jerks" She said red slushie dripping to the ground. "All I was trying to do was pick up trash and then these teenagers threw their slushies all over me." Jane said a tear running down her check. Arthur gets up and runs to get a towl. He returns shortly handing her a blue worn down towl, Jane starts with her face and decides she just going to need to change cloths. Arthur with sympathy and empathy in his eyes watches her along with a change of clothes go into the bathroom. Jane broke down she didn't entire know why, but found tears dripping down from her hazel eyes.

The End

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