People Arn't So Nice

            Morning came not at all longly, it felt like I had just closed my eyes when I saw the sun shining threw the window. I look around the room with a small shred of hope yesterday was all a dream but everything was the same it had been yesterday, except the man with brown hair had fallen asleep on his ideas paper and drooling was dripping out of his mouth.

"Arthur wake up!" Jane shouts not even trying to be nice about waking him up. Arthur falls to the floor with shock on his face looking around like his worst enemy is holding a machette to his throat.

"Jane, what are you doing" he states." You could have awoken me a little nicer. After all who's making the machine?" Jane didnt reply instead she walked over to the kitchen part of the room and poured herself and Arthur a cup of coffee. She put his in front of him and began to sip hers slowly, until she had become curious about how much he had completed. She peeked over his shoulder looking at the paper, it looked hardly done at all the machine its self wasnt even drawn down yet. Arthur turns slowly in his chair to face Jane.

"Dont you have somthing better to do then look over my shoulder, like going to get that mask? You past self dosnt go to work until 10:00 am and its only 8:28, you should be able to make it there in time" Arthur points out.

"Yeah I guess thats true" Jane said. She sets down her coffee and slips on her shoes and grabs a paper bag for garbage.

"Goodbye" she murmers under her breath. Arthur grunts as a reply as she shuts the door behind herself, bio-degradable bag in hand. Jane never really noticed how much garbage really was on the ground until she took the time to look. It seemed to be like a McDonalds dumpster but then again the United States was famous for its obese people. Jane decided she'd pick up garbag o the way back it would take her all day and she didnt want to risk running into her past self. As she walked she saw garbage cans overflowing, people spitting gum on sidewalks, and also pedestrians slowly puffing themselves and the world down.

"What junkie people" Jane couldn't herself from thinking. "Little do they now they are destroying the whole world."  As she continued to notice people and there bad habits she found herself in front of the costume shop. There was a big Joker mask hanging above the words Costume Shop. Jane walk inside the shop to find cluttered shelves looking back at her. The place looked like the closet of a supermodel who never got rid of anything.

She began to look around the shop. "A simple mask will do perfectly fine"  She thought. Jane searched and searched and searched but did not find the one she wanted. . It seemed like forever since she had entered through the door, and began to loose hope until she saw a mask with a black side and white which she thought stood for evil and good.  It had silver sparkles around the edge. She noticed the craftsmenship that that the maker had done and fell in love with it.  It had a thick band across the back to keep it up to your head.

"This is absolutly perfect, never have I seen such beauty" Jane thought. She walked up to the wooden, cracked counter and rings the bell next to the cash register. But nobody came, she rang it again, still nobody showed up.

" Um... Hello I'm here to buy one of your masks," She shouts. And again nobody comes to the cash register she decided to leave a twenty dollar bill and lets him or her keep the change of $5.25. She walks out the door.

Now the hard part, picking up trash. Wondering where to start was not at all hard for garbage it was everywhere. She would start by picking up garbage all along one side of the rode then the next another day. There was everything from candy bar wrappers to fast food garbage. She was stoping and going down the road when she noticed a loud car full of teenager speeding down the road, exhaust flying up from behind them. Then she noticed they had slushies in their hands she tried to run but they were too fast and in seconds she was covered in blue and red slushie. After standing in shock for a couple moments Jane stomped to the bag and marched home.

The End

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