Six Months Earlier

             I tumbled onto the grounded roughly my head banging against the floor and suddunly I became very thankful for the helmet I was wearing. Arthur was already on his feet pacing.

"No no no" He said and suddunly I knew somthing was wrong.

"What happened" Jane said

"W-we went back farther into time then intended." hes states altough it seemed his mind was else where. This didnt explain much, just how far had we gone back.

"How far back? A week? A month? A year?"

"According to my watch we've gone 20 months back from normal time" he said a bit higher then a whisper.

"Oh great" Jane starts " now we know we have enough time to clean up the earth." She spats with a tone of sarcasm in her voice.

"All that matters is that we have enough time. Although maybe a bit too much. " He said finaly looking her in the eyes. She had never noticed how green his eyes were behind those black rimmed glasses.

"Well we cant stand around all day" She realizes picking herself off the ground "lets go save the world."

'Although thats sounds cheesy but how often do you get to say it, never' she thinks to her self.

" I agree" he states " do we pick up trash off the side of the roads which will eventually be thrown back on? Or I could make a machine to suck the carbon dioxcide out of the atmosphere" with  thrill in his voice.

"Yes you could" she said her traveling off a bit .Although she did not believe it would work "But if unsuccesful we still have time on our hands. But wait, what if we run into our old selves, the prediction was made 7 months before normal time we still are completely unaware of what is going to happen" Jane states.

"True we will have to keep our idenities hidden there is a mask shop-

"Yeah all the way across town town!" Jane said cutting him off "How are we supposed to remain unseen? We still have to remain unnoticed from the people we know they will wonder why were here and not at work." Jane just takes a moment and realizes how much she is going to miss working as a Forensic Scientist for the time being. Arthur was an Inventor. Because Jane works with people its hard to remain hidden from them.

"Actualy I should be fine." Arthur realizes "I am always making inventions, my old self will probably be able to understand it but im not sure about you Jane.

"Well you had better hope so because your old self hasn't invented anything yet." Jane said in a matter-of-fact tone

"Yeah I am really hoping my old self could possibly show up here tommaro we will have to be ready. Well we will have to wait until dawn the store is about to close we wouldnt make it there in time." Arthur points out . " Plus you look like you could use some sleep." Jane didnt realize how dark it was outside or how tired she was.

"Yeah, I guess your right I am tired and we have alot of work in for us tommaro," Jane agrees.

"I'll start drawing up the plans and you get some shut eye," Arthur said. Jane nods in agreement lays out a blanket, and just now remembering her helmet is still on takes it off, grabs a pillow and drifts into sleep instantaneously.

The End

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