When Worlds CollideMature

The first time I met him I kicked him in the balls next thing I know I'm in 2J, spending a week with a band called Big Time Rush and I'm the girl who hates everything about them so this is not my idea of fun. Neither is being basically raped by him but... you can't rape the willing.
Big Time Rush; a boyband that's dedicated to their fans and enjoys the fact that most people love their music. Though, they are about to find out that not everyone likes them.

"Echo, I want some ice cream!" My ten year old sister demanded, I sighed from my seat next to her on the slightly worn out sofa, tearing my eyes away from 30 Seconds To Mars' A Beautiful Lie music video that was being displayed on our TV.

"You know you're not allowed ice cream after you've already had pudding." I told the young girl by the side of me, she was small for her age- taking after my mother- with porcelain skin, fine, long dirty blonde hair ending at her waist, a beautiful heat shaped face, a small button nose, small lips and breath taking light grey –almost silver- eyes, something I had only ever seen on her, no one else I knew or had seen possessed such light, metallic, bright eyes that twinkled with innocence when she wanted something, like now.

"I don't like Kerrang, it's scary! Can we watch Nick Tunes?" She begged, trying to use the power of her eyes and pouting to get what she wanted, luckily for me I had built up the resistance to it for at least a year now.

"No, I let you watch it in here while we had dinner, baby; maybe tomorrow." I returned my focus back to the TV, humming along to the chorus, happy that my sister had quietened down.

"I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice cream! I want ice-"

"Okay, Ash, you can have some ice cream, just sit here and be quiet and I'll go get you your favourite." I interrupted her rant, reluctantly getting up and walking out of our living room and into the tiny kitchen of my apartment, grumbling curses under my breathe as I flicked on the light and walked towards the freezer opening the freezer door and pulling out Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Asha's favourite flavour opening the pot and scavenging the kitchen for a bowl. Finally finding one I scooped two small sized scoops into the bowl, putting away the ice cream pot and putting the spoon in the bowl.

I'm guessing you want a freakin history of me right?

Well, I'm Echo Kimberleigh, 5ft 9 and an hourglass figure, deep chocolate hair hung in a bed head, backcombed look, my locks falling down to my waist. I have a rounded race and high cheek bones, sharp cupid arrow shaped top lip and a slightly larger and fuller bottom one, a small beauty mark adorning the area just above my top the lip and slightly to the right, like my sister I had a button nose but our eyes weren't the same, mine were more of a bright, light aqua colour instead of metallic. At 17 years old I am the legal guardian of my sister, approved by my late grandmother, as our mom and dad left to become producers in the music industry of major pop crappy labels such as Victoria Justice and all the crap my sister is in love with. Well that's not exactly true; my mom pressured my dad to fuck off; the bitch. I've been looking after Asha for three years, pretty much ignoring the little social life I had, sad right? Well considering the fact that I have to work at a dingy supermarket most days to pay for the rent and our life's necessities. I was about to pick up the bowl when I heard Asha scream loudly.

Panicked I abandoned the bowl and sprinted to the lounge as quickly as I could, Ash wasn't hurt, hell no; instead she was screaming like a fan girl and clapping her hands as her favourite band ever came on Nick Tunes –she had obviously changed the channel- Big Time Rush, singing their recent single Boyfriend. I rolled my eyes and walked back into the kitchen to retrieve her bowl. I personally couldn't stand them. They were like any other pure pop band, completely clean cut, like hairless cats with no complete personality at all, by the time I had passed Asha her bowl of ice cream she was swaying side to side on the sofa, clapping and singing along to the music.

She was a super fan.

At the age of ten! I mean when I was ten I was skipping rope all day. Time change I guess.

"Looking for a boyfriend- hey! I see that, give me time you know I'm gonna be that!" Asha sang happily at the exact time some guy with massive eyebrows did, unfortunately I knew his name; Kendall Knight, urgh! All my sister freakin' does is go on about him- talk about obsession much? Even though I hate to admit it, she was amazingly cute, proclaiming she'll meet him and get married to him, riding off into the sunset on a black stallion, the stuff kids come up with.

I let out a sigh of relief as the song finished, though within seconds I was cringing when my sister screamed again as an advert came on; advertising the fact that Big Time Rush were doing CD signings and meet and greets, then a some random deep voice announced city after city, date after date. Asha was gripping onto the sofa, a crease in her brow and she was biting her lip roughly, waiting them to say L.A, I knew they would do it seeing as it was their home town and most bands either do their hometowns first or last, and seeing as it wasn't first I was predicting it was last.

Sure enough the last date that was confirmed was L.A, in 3 weeks time. My sister got up and jumped around the lounge, the deep voice ending the advert by saying tickets were on sale now and to call a specified number.

Just as the advert ended I already had my mobile out, not in eagerness though, remember I fucking hate them. As a way to make my sister happy, after she stopped bouncing around she sat down again and turned to me.

"Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we go? Can we-"

"Yes, we can." As you can tell my sister likes to repeat things... a lot, mostly there questions but people have mistaken her for being retarded, ah; awkward times are always the best times.

"Well the number is 555 090 2961." She recited perfectly; I gave her a suspicious look as I type the number in.

"How come you need tutoring for math when you recited that number perfectly but you can barely do fractions or percentages?" I asked, my thumb hovering over the call number, my sister had a skill in deviousness, clearly.

"I'll work so much harder on my fractions on my percentages, please call! Please call! Plea-"

"Okay, stop repeating yourself I'm calling!" I told her, finally pressing the call button and placing my cell to my ear.

"Hello, welcome to the Big Time Rush, Big Time Signing in America, if you want to find out more information, press 1 now. If you want to order tickets, press 2 now." Came on an automatic robotic voice, I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at the whole 'Big Time Signing' God, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all gay turds. I pressed 2 as I was told and listened on as the robotic voice continued with its scripted speech.

"You pressed, buy tickets, tickets are 80 $ each, please press 1 if you can proceed and we will connect you to an operator." I groaned loudly in my head, 160 bucks! I'm gonna have to work a few double shifts in order to pull this off, though I pressed one and waited patiently, I knew I had to get my card, I told Asha to eat her ice cream if she wanted it and then to go to bed straight away if she wanted to go, least these tickets will give me leeway on getting her to actually do what I ask her too, as I reached my purse in the kitchen, shuffling around in their for my card, I found it just as I was connected with an operator.

"Hello, I am Marie, how can I help you?" Came a polite voice from the other end of the phone.

"Yes, I would like two tickets to go to the Big Time Rush Signing in L.A on the 28th." I said to the woman unenthusiastically.

"Of course, do you have a method of payment?"

"I have my card with me." After telling Marie my credit card details and where to deliver the tickets I heard a few mouse clicking and typing on a keyboard until after a while her voice rung out once again.

"Congratulations, you're buy was successful, the tickets will be dispatched tonight and should arrive in the next week, is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Thank you and no that will be fine, goodbye."

"Goodbye." I ended the call and slid my phone into my skinny jean back pocket and put my card back in its rightful place.

I walked back into the lounge to see an empty bowl on the floor but no other sign Asha was around, smiling I picked up the bowl and placed it in the dishwasher before making my way down the narrow hallway and into Asha's room, completely pink, like most pre-teen girls with unicorns and a few toys oh and two of her walls completely covered in Big Time rush posters, completely normal. I mean seriously, in the centre of the first wall she has an oversized poster of her favourite- Kendall Knight and the way he's smiling makes him look like a paedophile and his eyebrows are like caterpillars kinda in a weird way so it looks like he's an angry evil paedophile and it's even worse that wherever you move in her room, the eyes are still on you.

Yeah, fucking freaky I know.

"Sweetie," I murmured to Asha, who was wrapped up in her bed, faking to sleep. She opened her big silver eyes and looked up at me. "You're going to meet Kendall Knight." I whispered to her, a huge smile plastered itself on her face. "But go to sleep, and I want you to be good for me in these next few weeks otherwise we won't go, okay?" She nodded her head vigorously and I chuckled, ruffling her hair and straightening my stance. "Goodnight kiddo." We gave each other air kisses and I closed her door as I stepped back out into the hallway, returning to the lounge to watch some late night reruns of crappy TV shows.


3 weeks breezed by in such a speed it was hard to comprehend, as I was working a lot and had to send Ash to Linda and Lily's pretty much once every week –Asha's school friend, Lily and her mother, Linda-

When the day finally arrived I was woke up at 7am by Asha who was jumping on my bed, urging me to get out of bed. After an unhealthy amount of coffee I finally felt awake and got changed into a red and black chequered button up shirt that I left completely open and had three quarter lengthed sleeves as I had rolled them up, a plain white tank underneath, white ripped skinny jeans and unlaced, all star, high topped red converses, the shade of red matching my flannel shirt nicely. I just had enough time to straighten my hair and backcomb it to give it its usual volume and to add the usual eyeliner, skin toned foundation, lip gloss and mascara before Asha came bounding into my room in plain black sandals, white denim shorts and an 'I LOVE KENDALL' t-shirt with "BIG TIME RUSH!' printed on the back of her t-shirt, the lettering surrounded by a pink heart.

I then got rushed and ordered around by a ten-year-old to get the camera and to get our tickets, which were more like passes as they were like cards with a plastic coating attached to a ribbon saying 'Big Time Rush!' that went around your neck.

This day was going to be hell.

The drive there was uneventful, though Asha insisted she would get her t-shirt signed by Kendall and her CD signed, so she brought her CD put it in the CD player and belted out every single song lyric for each song.

When we actually got there all there were was 13-year-old fan girls chatting and grinning like idiots with multiple fan t-shirts on, Asha's tiny hand clung onto mine as we walked past the masses of people- well girls. I felt kinda sympathetic for the guys, they were like 19 or 20 and they had a load of fan girls, which must be tough... girls screaming, the awkward moment when they attempt to be groupies. Just like I say, the awkward moments are always the best; I would pay to see that. It would be fucking hilarious!

Luckily near the signing there was a little cafe and we found an empty table where I asked Ash if she wanted anything to eat or drink, after a few moments she decided she was thirsty and asked for some juice, I told her to stay put, frequently looking back at the table to see if she was there when I was in the queue with more fan girls and mostly likely fan girl parents. She was sitting there smiling tilting her head back and forth, her hair which hung down naturally straight, swishing from side to side. Eventually when I got the juice I walked back to the table, though when I got there Asha was nowhere in sight.

My heart froze and my spine tingled as I called out her name, trying to spot a little girl so much shorter than all of the fan girls wandering around; it was like a freakin Where's Wally... impossible. Panic beginning to jab at me I dropped the juice and started to walk around quickly, looking in any direction, looking for Asha's head. I was getting progressively more and more worried as I went from walking to sprinting around shouting out her name as I searched for her, ignoring the looks from onlookers; wishing I would just see her innocently getting candy or something. Hysteria bubbled in my stomach as I thought of the worst; what if she got kidnapped? I would never see her again, she had never ever done anything as drastic as this, she knew when to listen to me.

Tears were threatening to spill over as I gave up looking inside and ran outside, looking both ways and running around any available area, I started to run a circuit around the building.She must've been kidnapped: stalkers and fucking weirdo's prey upon events like this. I groaned as I had looked down both sides of the building, wishing with everything I had I wished she was standing at the back of the building. My body knew she wouldn't be there, just my heart wished she was there. Asha was the only real family I had, all our relatives were dead as we had a small family tree I would never be able to live it down if I fucking lost her, a dry sob ran throb my body as I rounded the corner to the back of the building.

It was like Christmas.

There she was, the dirty long blonde hair, Big Time Rush t-shirt and white denim shorts telling me it was her, I let out a sigh of relief though adrenaline kicked in when I noticed she was walking away from me, hand in hand with a much taller stranger who was wearing skinny dark wash jeans and a dark plain blue button up shirt like mine flowing slightly in the wind. The adrenaline finally hit me as I ignored my aching limbs and ran up to the two retreating figures; anger coursed through my veins, this was supposed to be Asha's big day and some fucking randomer decided he wanted to take her home with him! I thought she had fucking learnt the last time when we were shopping and an innocent looking guy asked if she want candy and tried to take her to his car, luckily I caught on and kicked the guy's ass. I told her never to talk to fucking strangers ever again and now she's about to get raped and... My thoughts ran wild as I opened my mouth.

"You mother fucker get away from my sister!" I screamed loudly, the guy turned around, as did my sister, as if on instinct I raised my right leg and kicked the guy where it really hurt with all my might. I smiled victoriously as he let go of my sisters hand and went to cup his now dead balls. I grabbed Asha's hand and pulled her to me.

"Asha! I told you not to talk to strangers!" I said as the guy dropped to his knees groaning loudly, my sister looked up at me in shock, she smiled as she recognised me then frowned for some reason.

"Echo! You just hurt my husband!" My sister yelled at me, running over to the guy who was still on his knees, still holding his balls and his gaze was locked on the floor. I could just make out his face crippled with pain.

What. The. Fuck? Husband?

"Kendall are you okay?" My sister's angelic voice asked, blocking the bastards face from me I went out to grab my sisters hand again to get her away from the fucking douche who tried to-

"Wait... Kendall?" I asked in a timid tone; please don't be who I think it may be, Please God! Please! As my sister moved out of the way the guy's hair caught my attention, golden-y brown/dirty blonde-ish in a mop kinda cut.

Oh God no!

"Yeah! Kendall, my husband Echo, you knew I was gonna marry him!" She looked up at me and told me sternly, her hands on her hips- she would've looked totally cute if it wasn't for the whole actual angry at me thing. By the time she had finished the sentence my eyes were wide with fear, disbelief and astonishment as the guy finally decided to lift up his head –even though he was still cupping his balls and on his knees. Jesus, I didn't hit him that hard...

Oh fuck no!

As soon as I caught a glimpse of the eyebrows, even though they were creased with pain, I knew I was in deep shit.

Kendall Knight, the guy I pretty much despised was kneeling before me. I had crippled a pop 'sensation'!

I cringed as I risked another glance at him, his bright green eyes crinkling in obvious pain, and lips pulled into a tight grimace.

I was stunned into silence as the guys eyes locked with mine, he attempted to give me a smile but it just turned into a bigger grimace.

"You must be Echo... I'm Kendall... Pleased to meet you." He gritted out... wow I must've really kicked him hard.

"Fucking hell! I'm sorry!" I apologized, my arms opening out to help him up to his feet, when he finally stopped cupping his probably now shrivelled penis he straightened his posture and his face relaxed.

"That's gonna leave a bruise in the morning." Wow, he was tall, a good few inches taller than me I had to angle my face slightly upwards to look up at him, he joked lightly, smiling through the likely pain that was still there.

"Echo's not normally like this, she never hurts anyone! Promise!" Asha said, pulling on Kendall's forearm with both hands, her tiny hands nowhere near wrapping completely around his forearm. Both of our gazes dropped to the short young girl. Finally gaining my composure, I looked down at Asha with a semi stern look and I crouched down to her level, she was a really a short girl for her age and so she could look me in the eye and she still held onto Kendall's arm but looked at me.

"Asha, why did you disappear like that, you know that it's dangerous!" I told her in a disapproving tone.

"I realised I left my CD in the car so I went outside to go get it and then I got lost outside because I couldn't find our car and then Kendall found me and asked me if I was lost. I told him I was gonna marry him and that he needed to sign the CD that was in your car, then he told me I needed car keys to get into cars and I forgot them so we needed to get the keys off you so then I told him about you and described where you were, he was gonna take me to you; but then you came and hurt him." She blurted out all in one breath, tears welling up in her eyes as she hid behind Kendall's arm. "I'm sorry." She said.

"Sweetie, come here." I opened my arms for a hug; she jumped into my arms and clung onto me.

"I was really scared and then Kendall was really nice, I'm sorry." She whispered again, I rubbed circled into her back and stroked her hair soothingly. Finally when we broke the hug I smiled at her lightly.

"Okay, just don't ever do anything like that again." She nodded her head, he her bouncing around as she did. I noticed that Kendall hadn't moved from his spot and stood up completely, looking up at his now relaxed face, signs of pain absent from his face. "I'm so sorry again; I thought you were a paedophile." I smiled sheepishly balling my hands together.

Awkwardness... really not too fun when it was me in the awkward situation.

"It's fine. I was just helping my future bride to be, I don't think we've really had a proper introduction, I'm Kendall Knight." He gave me a lopsided smile and held out his hand, the awkwardness of the whole situation completely dissolving.

"Echo Kimberleigh." I smiled more easily at him, reaching out and shaking his hand, it was warm and soft, completely predictable for a pop boy. Hey, just cause he helped out my sister doesn't mean he's not still some wannabe.

"You two come with me, we'll go inside the back and we can talk in there." Kendall said. Asha grabbed a hold of his hand, his large hand completely encasing hers with ease; it was nice that he was acting like this around Asha, I respected him just a little bit more now, I walked next to Asha.

"So are you a fan on Big Time Rush?" Kendall asked, raising an eyebrow in question, the lopsided smile still on his face.

"Well..." I trailed of, scratching the back of my head as Kendall opened the back door into the building, holding it open for the both of us, I thanked him as he led the way around the backstage or VIP, whatever area. I didn't like them... understatement, but I wasn't exactly gonna say oh by the way I think you're all douches who are built up by photoshops and pretty pictures and you don't focus on the actual music you're producing... cause you know, that's just rude.

"She absolutely hates you! She thinks you are all prissy boys who have hair like Justin Bieber and try to act like JLS, she hates them too! Oh, and she also thinks you have caterpillars growing on your forehead."


The awkwardness came rushing back with a slap to my face, of course all of that Asha had said was completely true. This is probably going to be the social suicide of me... weirdly, Kendall chuckled.

"Maybe I do have a similarity to Justin Bieber's hair but you compared us to JLS? That hurts deep." He joked as Kendall now lead us up several sets of stairs.

"Well... being completely honest, I just think that you're fans are based completely around you're music, song after song is basically about a girl, having fun or breaking up with a girl, fan girls breathe on stuff like that." I refused to even look at Kendall as I said this.

Fucking hell, that sounded a lot nicer in my head... I was a bitch.

I had met a guy my sister was in love with and crippled him, then insulted his looks –though not to his face- and his music within 5 minutes!

"I would love for you to say that to our producer, Gustavo Rocque. I agree with you, but I-well we, produce music we love. We put our hearts into it." An honest and surprisingly nice response. We were now walking down a long hallway and Kendall motioned to an open door at the bottom of the hallway, voices of mild chatter able to hear as we approached it. Kendall went in first with Asha in tow, me following in more slowly.

"Hey guys, this is Asha my future wife, and this is Echo who has prevented me from having any kids in the future, great huh?" Kendall said in a complete mellow tone. We had walked into the room with the other members of Big Time Rush, who I unfortunately knew the names of; James Diamond, Logan Mitchell and Carlos Garcia. It was simple and decent sized box room, oak wooden flooring with modern and luxurious pristine white leather sofas that were angled near a modernised fireplace and a flat screen over the top of the fireplace. Logan and Carlos were lounging on a 90 degree turned clockwise against the wall L shaped couch and James was sitting on the other long one against the parallel wall. They let out a chorus of 'aww's' when they caught sight of Asha, but when their gaze landed on me Logan started choking on the drink he had been drinking. James jumped up from the sofa he was sitting on and moved his hair from out of his eyes and stepped towards me, and then Carlos jumped up and ran towards me. Them both giving me dazzling smiles and raising their eyebrows.

Uhhh, great. I cripple a guy who's image I strongly dislike and now his band mates that I strongly dislike the image of are trying to pick me up with flirty looks and pretty hair.

James and Carlos both attempted to get at me but they were both blocking each other off, I took a few cautioned steps to the side, closer to Kendall and Asha as the guys gave each other heated looks and James slapped Carlos upside the head then Carlos smacked James on his chest which then proceeded to be a bitch fight.

"Guys, chill. She hates us. Well, our music." Logan's choking ceased and Carlos' and James' mini brawl, all of them staring at my face.

"HATES US?" James asked in disbelief, stepping towards me, then motioning his face and giving me a look he opened his mouth again. "How can you hate this?"James was referring to his hair and face. I scoffed and rolled my eyes, seriously, is this guy really gonna ask me that.

"Well I like a guy who doesn't get his arms waxed or whatever you preppy pop bands do. I like someone who more manly than feminine, you know; stubble; tattoos or whatever." I shrugged, James' hand dropped from his face as he kept opening his mouth like a fish but nothing came out, eventually he went and plopped down next to Logan, rejected.

What can I say? I'm an honest person.

I'm really starting to hate awkwardness.

"Wait then, if you hate our music then why are you here?" Carlos asked as James huffing in misery, obviously not used to being rejected in the awkward way I did. Logan looked up at me, a questioning look on his features.

"I'm here because you're biggest fan made me spend a lot of money so she could come here and meet you lot." I said pointing to the little girl who had the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face before. She started pointing at the guys as she opened her mouth.

"You're James the girly one, you're Carlos the short one, you're Logan the smart one and you're Kendall, the perfect one." I smiled slightly as James let out a protest at being called girly. He was promptly shushed by his phone ringing in the denim pocket, he fished around in his front pocket, pulling it out and answering it.

"Hello... yeah, okay. We'll be right down there." James closed his phone and put it back in his pocket. I had only just noticed that James was like two inches taller than Kendall and Carlos was, as Asha had said really short compared to James...

"We gotta go?" Carlos asked, James nodded, smiling and rubbing his hands together in anticipation, he was seemingly better as he was about to meet a lot of female fans that would fight each other to the death just to touch his hair or something. You know, typical fan stuff.

"You two stay here, we'll come back up here after the signing which won't take that long, we have to choose at least two VIP's as it's our hometown. Make yourself at home. We'll be back in about an hour." Kendall said, reluctantly moving to the exit.

"You promise you'll come back?" Asha's lip trembled as all the guys stood near the door, Kendall just gave her a winning smile and walked back towards her, crouching down and giving her a kiss on her cheek. I smiled as Kendall walked back over to the guys and Asha's face went a crimson shade of red as she held the place on her cheek where Kendall had kissed her on the cheek.

"Promise." Was all Kendall said as the guys disappeared through the door, closing it behind him and going to the signing me and Asha should've been waiting downstairs for.

"HE KISSED ME! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me! He kissed me!" This time I let her go on with her repetitive thing, I had never seen her this happy in her life, she bounced around like a hysterical rabbit. I just grabbed the remote that was on the glass coffee table and sat on the leather sofa, waiting for her to calm down.


After five minutes she eventually did as I flicked through channel on the TV, though she decided she wanted to do something and walked out of my sight as I started to watch Kerrang! Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire video playing, see the lead singer, Caleb Followill had a beard and had got into trouble in his life; he is what I would call sexy. not Jay-Z, Usher or any of those rapper or pop singing artists. Seconds later she came into the middle of the room and set out a dance mat, she grabbed the remote that was next to my leg and plugged the mat into some output socket and pressed some button on the TV so it came up with some dance game, she wanted me to play it but I said no, letting her have a go on it all on her own, she chose a her favourite Big Time Rush song- Boyfriend to dance to. I was confused on how a BTR song was on there and what it actually was, or how she even got it... Asha then explained to me that Lily had the exact game and it was behind one of the couches and Kendall had told us to make ourselves at home, I smiled as she pressed the arrows on the dance mat, watching her for about half an hour as I lounged more and more, ending up lying on the straight leather couch. The coffee's effects that I had drank a ton of wearing off as my eyes grew heavier and heavier until I had closed them and drifted off...


"Echo, Echo, wake up." A large warm hand shook my shoulder gently as I awoke with a jolt, I looked up from my lying position to see Kendall, crouched over me, he retracted his hand from my shoulder and gave me a warm smile. "You fell asleep, we haven't been back long. You looked really tired so we're entertaining Asha for you." I nodded, yawning and stretching my muscles as I sat up on the chair, Asha was playing on the dance mat with Logan with a giddy smile on her face, giggling as Logan made her laugh by messing up steps and making silly faces, Kendall sat next to me as space was now available.

"What time is it?" I mumbled, gaining awareness back into what was happening.

"3pm, Carlos and James have gone to get some lunch, Asha told James what to get you, no one wanted to wake you really... apart from Asha." Kendall chuckled at the end of the sentence and I cracked a smile.

It surprised me how much of a decent guy Kendall actually was.

"You know, you're not that bad." I looked at Kendall, he gave me a grin then laughed lightly, brining up his hand and started to re-arrange my hair that I had been sleeping on. "Thanks." I added.

"So I've risen in the ranks and I'm not seen as some Bieber/JLS guy with caterpillars on his forehead?"

"Let's just go with Caterpillar." I told him, he nodded, his lip twitching as Logan and Asha finished their song and went onto another pop hit that I had never heard of.

"So, I don't want to be nosy or anything but how come you didn't get your mom or something to take Asha if you despise us so much?" Kendall looked at me, a completely innocent question that I shuffled around on the leather sofa, giving him an awkward, diluted smile.

"Well, my mom was like a sectary for big music companies and stuff, my dad was like a manager but then moved up to CEO, that was how they met and whatever, when I was born I didn't see them as much as I kid would like to see their parents, they just told me how they had big plans and stuff, they became more distant as Asha was born until my dad moved up to the CEO of some pop business, bragging and whatever until I got into my typical rebellious teenage years and went into grunge and harder music... in the end I decided I would bring up Asha and went to court, wanting to have custody of her and a few years later... here we are, though my mom really destroyed our family, my dad made the effort but my mom had massive fights with him when he did..." I trailed of, murmuring staring at the floor, I had never really talked about my parents and talking to someone like this who wouldn't judge me and even if they did it wouldn't matter because it's not like I would meet them again walking down the street.

"So that's how you started to dislike pop music." Kendall concluded, I was surprised he had actually listened to all of the information I had pretty much thrown at him, I nodded, shrugging nonchalantly, not wanting to make a big deal of anything.

"Echo, play against Kendall!" Asha said, as Logan went and sat on the other sofa, the song that they had picked out ending, Logan was breathing heavily, obviously wanting a rest as Asha grabbed onto both of Kendall and mine's hands and pulled us up –though we really got up ourselves- and pulled us to the dance mat.

"You know I'm not very good at these games, kiddo." I said to Asha as she picked the song then went and sat next to Logan. I have no hand-feet co-ordination when it comes to dancing, any dance I suck at. Asha just crossed her legs on the dazzling white couch and nodded enthusiastically.

"I know, it's funny!" Asha giggled as I rolled my eyes and resisted the urge to groan as the screen said 'Boyfriend- Big Time Rush' though I did actually groan when it said 'Difficulty: Extreme' I couldn't even fucking do easy, Kendall just smiled... freakin hell all that guy does is smile like he's some merry, queer paedophile.

"I'll apologize before I break anything." I said as the song started and a whole load of arrows pointing to the specified arrow on the dance mat came down the screen, Kendall was doing fine seeing as they did a lot of dancing in their performances, as the song got to the chorus I was just jumping and fumbling around, knowing that I was doing shit, then there was some confusing jump thing coming up, I got so confused, with no brain power and still a bit tired I attempted it stupidly and obviously failed and then freaking slipped and fell straight into Kendall who wasn't expecting my body to crash into his so then we both fell down simultaneously, me ending up straddling Kendall in the middle of the room, us both on the floor.


"I told you I was bad." I laughed nervously as Logan and Asha were howling with laughter; Kendall chuckled and smirked, his eyes flashing.

"I wish we could've recorded the exact moment she kicked Kendall in the- whoa... wait, I thought Echo hated you... what the hell is going on?" Came Carlos' voice as he and James came into the room with bags of food and drinks.

God, how freakin typical again. Looks like I had been a topic of some conversation between the queer musketeers.

I got off Kendall so quickly like he had burnt me, brushing myself down slightly and laughing nervously, rubbing my forearm as Kendall got up and Logan and Asha had finally piped down.

"Echo's no good at dancing; can I have some food please?" Asha said from the sofa, Carlos and James shook their heads, giving us wary looks as they walked over to Asha, James dipping his hand in his bag, pulling out Asha's favourite- Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream and Carlos handed her some chocolate milkshake, somehow I wasn't really surprised that she asked for that, then Carlos and James moved over to Logan as Kendall and I sat back down on the sofa we were on, waiting for food to reach us.

"Asha told us you love this." James grinned as he presented me with Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. I nearly hurled. I hated anything that contained cherries, they just seemed disgusting, I hesitated as I took it from James' hands and then Carlos passed me chocolate milkshake, something I wasn't too keen on. My face must've told them something was wrong as James spoke.

"You don't like Cherry ice cream or chocolate milkshake do you?" He asked, his face falling, I gave him a sheepish smile and shook my head. I knew who did though...

"I love it though!" Asha announced, placing her stuff on the floor on the available space next to Kendall, grabbing the cherry ice cream and chocolate milk off me and then sat next to Kendall, feasting on what she had. I looked up at James and Carlos helplessly.

"Sorry, uh, it's okay, I'll just skip lunch, I'm not that hungry anyway." I told them, they reluctantly went and sat down next to Logan tucking into their own lunches.

"Here." Kendall passed me half of his ham salad sandwich, insisting I have it.

"Kendall, no don't I'm fine." I looked up at him; he gave me a look that said he wasn't backing down. I sighed and picked up the sandwich out of his offering hand and took a bite out of it, thanking him as I did.

"You know, you're sister reminds me of someone..." Carlos said, unconsciously showing everyone a mouthful of food.

"Yeah, someone who's cute but devious." Logan added.

"Takes advantage of the situation." James spoke this time. I just ate the sandwich, confused about who they were talking about, both Asha and I gazed at Kendall when he sighed, knowing who they were referring to.

"I have a younger sister who's practically the same age, Katie." Kendall summed up, finished with his sandwich, looking at Asha who just gave him an innocent smile as she continued to plough through her creamy lunch.

"That reminds me." Logan said, gaining the rooms attention. "The VIP's are supposed to have a Big Time Day with Big Time Rush so how about we finish up here, sign and take pictures and stuff then go back to the Palm Woods? Then go to the studio later, Kelly insisted that she and Gustavo meet the VIP's." Logan seemed the smartest out the guys, which didn't seem too difficult to salvage so far in the short space of time I had known the guys in the room.

"Hey, that's a great idea!" Carlos exclaimed fist pumping his arm into the air, smiling giddily.

"You up for it?" Kendall asked Asha and me. I hesitated; I had work tomorrow so it was going to be difficult.

"I have work tomorrow..." I said, giving an apologetic look to Asha, she pouted and frowned, clearly upset.

"Well take the day off, we will make it worth your while, you can spend the night at the Palm Woods all costs covered." Logan said, attempting to make a deal with us.

I really needed to work tomorrow but I guess if it keeps Asha happy and the costs are covered plus it's Saturday tomorrow and Asha got to meet Katie who seemed... nice. Kendall took my hesitation as a no.

"Look I know you don't like our music, but that's our music, just chill with us, we don't mind that you don't like our music, I mean you like us as temporary friends right?" Kendall and Asha looked at me, Asha nodding her head as a signal to say yes.

"Right... I guess we'll take you up on your offer then." Asha yelled with joy, oblivious to the fact she had pink and brown stained ice cream around her mouth.

What the fuck am I getting myself into?

The End

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