When Worlds Collide

Alien life forms that think earth is a threat because of all the pollution and waste.

            People were screaming, buildings were tipping, the ground was crumbling and I stood there in the moment of confusion and fright. I knew this was coming we had angered them and I had warned the people this would happen, but no, I was written off as the psycho.Normaly I would have basked in glory and rubbed it in the presidents' face but there was no time, the world I knew was being slowly destroyed. I started to run. There was only one person that was going to be able to help. Running while the ground was split wasnt such a brilliant idea, I was falling all over the place, but time was short there was no time to worry about bloody hands and knees.

           I reach my destination about five blocks from where I was origanly standing. I catch my breath for a moment and take back off. It surprised me that this building was even still standing it was shakey when the world wasnt being attempted to be destroyed. "Room 13" I repeated over and over again to myself. Which this is where his invention making place was. When I reached the bleeched white door I let myself in to see a tall man with brown short hair and thick glasses working on one of his latest inventions, it seemed to be a oven, toaster, and microwave all together but she had known him longer to know that this was untrue.

           "Ah Jane I have been expecting you although you look different" the man said while jesturing to her hair.

           "Indeed you have Arthur and I got a hair cut but no time for talk you understand what is happening now dont you?"

           "Absolutly, just as we prodicted how could I forget that day it is when I made my first working machine, the fortune teller. 'Beware in the future for harm will come shortly signs shall be  shown but nobody will believe, the strange life forms will come and destroy even the most innocent of human beings.' I remember the exact words by heart, luckily you and me took it seriously or we wouldnt have been expecting this."

            "I have to know though is the machine complete?" Jane askes questioning his poor skill to invent.

"Amazingly, yes I have" he states proudly.

           "You did! You completed it, then we can go back and stop this from happening we can stop using gas cars and start using electric, we can cut plastic bag usage, we can stop being waistful which is why those things that are attacking us dont have to destroy the world we can stop earth from messing up the solar system!"

           "Yes, yes but we still need to set what date where we can go and not end up stuck inbetween times we need to plan this caref-" but just then there was a loud crack and the roof of his apartment flew off and fell crushing the helpless bystanders.

"Just do what you have to do and lets go!" Jane cried. "People are dying by the dozen." Jus then a tornado touched down on the ground sucking everybody in. Jane felt the pull but wasn't being completly sucked in.

          "All right we will go back to about 6 months that should be about enough time to clean the planet." He said to himself hoping to believe his own words.

  "Well it had better work"Jane stated plainly

           "Right, well, put on this helmet" he said tossing her a red helmet "lets go". Jane puts on her helmet grabs her belongings to get prepaired for the journey. Arthur heads over to a machine that looks like a  a giant washing machine, he  hits buttons on the control panel and takes a step back. The light was unexpected nearly making me blind but the machine was working and that is all that mattered. "I'll jump in first" he screams over the loud roars coming from the machine. "See you on the other side" and he dives into the object disapearing in an instant.

            " Okay here goes" she says to comfort herself "here's to being the first women to travel throught time" and jumpes in.

The End

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