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Trying to write in dactyl trimetre here, but I am not sure if the stress is consistent throughout. Or is it anapaestic trimetre?



No collar or power do I use,

Even then these puppies follow me,

They growl, they whimper, they wag their tails,

‘Start the game’, they bark out greedily.


Scholiast’s quite a funny person,

Can’t overlook a single anomaly,

Punctilious is not so nit-picking,

But he too treads very carefully.


Of similar age are coevals,

A coincidence it may well be, 

Blessed with quicksilver wit are these two,

And admirable perspicacity


Sandals are hurled at the Poetaster,

For he writes tedious, bad poetry,

Not a thing will be named after him,

Eponymous? No, he can never be! 


For sure you can publicly retract,

Abjure, deny an oath brazenly,

Apocryphal is doubtful at best,

Even though it is believed widely.


Value erosion causes unrest,

Whether social or personally,

Suffering will surely expiate,

This uncertainty called anomie.


Substituting an offensive term,

With a neutral one is dysphemism,

Breach of etiquette is never on,

There are no takers for solecism.


When joy boils over, it’s ebullience,

That’s not prosaic or ordinary,

Brio is the adjective to use,

If there’s vigour, verve, vivacity.


Epistemology is the study,

Of knowledge and it’s validity,

Things are called coterminous, if in

Time and scope they share a boundary.



Use expectorate instead of spit,

To show a physical expulsion,

If it’s taboo, or can’t be described,

It’s ineffable by compulsion.

The End

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