"When will it be over" chapter 16-21

Miranda's mom keeps hurting her ankle. Mrs.Nesbitt passed away in the beginning of chapter Sixteen. Then her family gets sick so they go to the hospital. Then they realize that only two nurses were alive. So sense it was pointless they went home and woke up all sick. Then Miranda saves her family when they wake up the next morning because the furnace backfired. So she helped them out and saved their lives.

In the Novel many forces motivate the characters to do things or feel things. We all know that main force was all the disasters. It has caused death, sadness, personality changes, and other physical and emotional events. Awhile back a force made Miranda steal and not feel bad. She said "it felt better than christmas because I was stealing". Some of the forces can be bad and some can be good. The disasters made them scared but for Miranda the fear made her stronger. The the fight for survival. The theme in this was "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Miranda had a lot of stuff happening in her life for just a teen yet provided for her family daily. She has taken care of them every time they got hurt or sick. Miranda tells us "I gave all of them aspirin and cold remedies every 4 hours and sponge bathed them and gave them alcohol rubs." She has seen everyone knocked down which brought her down but it hasn't killed her. It made her stronger. 


The End

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