When will it be normal again?

June 1st:


It’s a warm sunny day in california, just like any other day. I headed to school with my brother. We were riding in my mom’s black camaro. I noticed that it’s been a little bit more windy than usual. Maybe we’ll have a little breeze this summer.

    When my brother Brison and I got to school, I got really nervous all of a sudden. Oh that’s right, we have a big test today. Ah. I walked up to the stairs and I seen my boyfriend. “Hey Nikky.” He would be mocking my name, like usual. I would roll my eyes and interlock our fingers, we would go inside the school. This Friday was no different from any other.



June 2nd:

 Usually Saturdays are steaming hot in the summer, but not this Saturday.  In the morning, it was chilly, that’s not normal at all. It’s supposed to be humid and sticky in the morning. I guess the weather is going to act up this summer.


June 7th:

Ever since the mix up in weather nothing has changed, still chilly. Everybody is all so confused including the meteorologist. Me and mom has watched or listened to the weather every day. Trying to figure out what is going on.


June 15th:

Me and my mom went to the store to buy groceries for a picnic that we planned to go on with Chris and my family. We entered the grocery store, got our buggy and the place was so crowded. Lines at the checkout were longer than they have ever been. We seen signs posted up around the whole store saying, “Get food now before the storms.” I started to freak out a little, I looked to my mom, she just packed up the buggy with tons of things. We ended up having 4 buggies full of items. “Mom, what are you not telling me?!” I shouted from all the noise. My mother just looked at me like I was a scared puppy. “Terrible storms are coming, just thunderstorms, and strong winds.” She would look around furiously to find a line to get in.

     We finally checked out and started driving home. I still thought about the picnic. Will we still have it?


June 16th: The picnic is today, my mom and I headed to the park to have the picnic. We had sandwiches, chips, and sodas, especially Coke. We arrived there around 1:15, I seen Chris and his family just come out of their car. Brison hopped out of our car and grabbed bags of food. I carried a twelve pack of Coke and Dr.Pepper. I dropped it on the ground, thank god we had ice in the back of our car, because if the drinks weren’t cold, I wasn’t having any. Chris and his family enjoyed the picnic with us, of course Chris’ mom had to ask if I was going to Prom with Chris, because he could ask me. “Yes I can go, Chris asked me the other day.” I just smiled at her. She nodded and smiled back. Ugh. I did not like her.

June 17: We didn’t have school this week, they said storms are coming and they are coming close. So i stayed home with my mom and we cleaned house, set up the food in the cabinets, brought out flashlights and lit up battery powered candles. We set up the fireplace, just incase. Brison was always upstairs, he never came down unless he was needed too. He always liked to read or draw. He was the anti social one of us.

     Dinner was good, it always has been. Chris comes over to our house more frequently now, since his parents have to work.


June 19th: The winds have gotten worse, so bad that Chris had to stay at our house. He couldn’t leave, no, he would get blown away.


June 25th: The ground has been shaking now, only at night. Our town is known for our earthquakes. These are nothing, at least that’s what my mom said. San Andreas has been a safe town for awhile.


July 2nd: The earthquakes have been the same, but the winds have been so strong, that our car has moved. Chris just told me we’re gonna be ok, and I do believe him, sometimes.

    I went into the kitchen to cook, and guess what happened? I opened the cabinet and the noodles for the soup spilled out all over the floor, everywhere. Some went under the fridge, some went under the stove. Great. When I heard my mom yell, I knew she was upset. We are limited now, stores have closed, and we can’t even go outside.


July 14th:  Thank god we had a cellar, if we didn’t we would have died by then. It was horrible, the storm hit out of nowhere. Chris was our savior, he to the cellar he woke us up just in time. We had grabbed what we could and ran down stairs to the cellar. The tornado destroyed half of our house, or so that is what I think happened.


July 16: We are now even more limited on food, Brison complains all the time now. I just want to scream from him being so bad. I think I have lost a few pounds already, I can’t look at myself anymore. But Chris just calls me beautiful. “What now?” Brison would ask, over and over again. My mother would just sigh and say, “We wait for now.” She would say that every time. She would know Brison would be worried, she would try to reassure him.


July 20th: The weather has changed, it has been hotter than ever down in the cellar.


July 27th: The earthquakes have finally stopped, I think it’s finally over, for so that’s what my mother said


August 1st: Chris seemed very ill down here, he didn’t look too good. His skin was pale, and he looked skinnier than me. Which is unusual, usually he has muscle and thickness, but not today.


August 2nd: I think my mother will finally open up the cellar door, the wind noise has gone down and there hasn’t been any earthquakes in five days. “That’s a good sign.” She always said that when there’s a bad situation and something good happens.\


August 5th: We’re in the house, we finally got out, people were driving around, looking for the sick and the injured. I called out to them, helping Chris walk. He wouldn’t stand very well, he looked almost dead. I kissed his cheek before they took him, I was worried. I ran back to my mom, our father never made it home from his long trip, I wonder if he survived the storms. I just wonder if it will ever be normal again. Will it? Will everything be alright? I ask myself that every day as we cleaned up our house. Half of it is gone, the debris is scattered everywhere.

       Maybe there is hope, maybe we can start over and just forget it, but we can’t. We now know, something is wrong with our world, nothing is perfect

The End

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