Chapter 3-AffairsMature

Claire’s Point of View:    

     Andre leaned over and pressed his lips to mine for a long moment and I smiled at him. He ran one finger up and down the spine of my back as he kissed me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. He finally pulled away from me and just lay in bed, his arms behind his head in a relaxed position. I moved closer to him and rested my head on his chest. He stroked my head with one hand. “You’re getting good at that.” He told me as I brought the quilt up to cover myself up.
  “I’ve always been good at that.” I respond and Andre lets out a laugh. “So are we ever going to get out of the bedroom?” I asked Andre looking up at him.
  “You know we can’t.”
  “Why not?”    

     There was a long pause as Andre thought about his answer. “Because I’ve got a wife and because there are paparazzi about that could catch us together.”
  “I suppose so.” I said and let out a heavy sigh as Andre continuously moved his hand up and down my back ever so gently. It was moments like this that I lived for, if I had the choice to give up going out, getting drunk and getting rid of my boyfriend for Andre I’d do it in a second.    

     And for the first time in my life, I was with someone for other reasons than sex, well, sort of. I mean, sometimes Andre can be a bit boring in bed and other times he can be out of this world, but it’s this part I love the most. Where we just cuddle. Even my boyfriend doesn’t bother cuddling me this much. And I just know that Andre will leave his wife soon. I‘m sure he will. “So when are you leaving your wife?” I wondered.
  “What? We never said I was leaving my wife.”
  “Well, this has been going on for a while now and I think it’s the next step. To leave your wife for me.”
  “And your telling me that if I left my wife for you that you’d stop following Fernando around like a lost puppy?”
  “Yes.” I paused. “Why would I follow him around if I had you? At the moment it’s just this thing we have isn’t good enough reason to stop everything I do.”
  “Ok, give me time and I’ll leave my wife eventually.”
  “Yay!” I said happily and kissed Andre’s cheek.
  “Right, you should go my wife’s back soon.”
  “Ok.” I conceded.   

     It was then that I slipped out from the covers and pulled on my knickers and bra, followed by my mini skirt. I then put on my tank top and black boots that go up to my thighs. I pick up my bag and look through it to find a small plastic bag that fits in my hand with coke in it. Andre sees what I’m holding. “Look, if you’re going to take that, take it far away from here.”
  “I’ll save it for tonight.” I tell him and slip the coke back in my bag and walk out of his house.     

     The moment I leave I think of where to go next and decide Fernando’s is the best place. Seeing him always makes my day, I go to every single Chelsea match that he plays in just so I can see him. I wait outside his house from round the corner and pretend I was just in the neighbourhood and when he walks out I bump into him and start talking to him. My friends say it’s stalking, but it’s not. You should have seen their faces the week they found out Fernando and I had slept together. We do this thing of who can sleep with the most men in a week, as well as the most famous. And the first time I met Fernando we were in a club and within the hour I was going back to his place.    

     He was amazing, absolutely amazing and if I was still sleeping with him or going out with him I wouldn’t be bothered about Andre leaving his wife. And let’s just say I won that week in the conquest game, thanks to Fernando. So I walk over to his house and knock on his door, only for him to then answer it. His hair is all messy as if he’s not long gotten out of bed and I look at him in shock. He looks so amazing and I feel myself getting stars struck like I always do when I see him. “Claire, of course.” He said in an even tone.
  “Hey Fernando.” I replied trying to breathe. It was difficult, but I just about managed it, despite the fact he was making me blush and making my heart race. “What are you doing here?”
  “I’m here to talk to you about the Chelsea match the other day. You did amazingly against Norwich.”
  “I nearly got sent off and I got substituted because I wasn’t doing well enough.”
  “Actually you played really well, you gave some good passes to your team mates and you were very unlucky to not score. In fact, two goals were scored by Chelsea before you were substituted. What if you hadn’t have been playing? The game could’ve easily ended in a draw.”    

     Fernando looked at me for a long period of time and I remembered something else that happened in the match. It‘s like he could give me one look and I‘d remember everything about him. “Oh and you tried to pass it to Drogba a few times, you were setting him up quite a lot, but got unlucky.”
  “I’m surprised you actually took notice of the football. You don’t usually, your usually looking at my ass apparently.”
  “Fernando, you love football and if were going to ever have a chance of being together I’ve got to respect your feelings towards football. And that means watching you play and taking everything in. I must admit I did watch the match five times over on TV too. Oh and you do have a nice ass by the way, it‘s one of your best features. Or maybe it‘s the eyes. I don‘t know, your just amazing.”
  “Wow, that’s dedication.” He said referring to how many times I’d watched the match.
  “Well, of course it is because I love you.” I told him.
  “Oh… You said that. Oh boy… Look Claire, these meetings, you coming round my house has got to stop. To tell you the truth, the night we met I was looking for someone easy that I could sleep with. That was all. And you came up to me and I thought why not? And what are you doing in London anyway? You live in Liverpool.”
  “Yeah, but I’ve got you here and then there’s my b… My future boyfriend.”
  “How do you have a future boyfriend?” He asks me.
  “Well, we sleep together behind his wife’s back but he’s going to leave her soon. Do you want to know who it is? You have to promise to keep it quiet though.” If there was anyone I could trust to tell something as shocking as the affair it was Fernando. And I saw his eyebrow rise for a long moment as he thought about what to say. “No, I don’t want to know the guy and he’s not going to leave her.” Fernando paused. “Look, I’ll tell you what. You go back to Liverpool and at some point we could meet up and I could find you a new boyfriend. I mean, you can’t love Joey very much if your cheating on him. And then maybe it’ll get your mind off me.”
  “Cool, will this guy be like you?” I wondered.
  “Will he look like you and sound like you?”
  “Maybe, just go ok?”
  “Ok, bye Fernando. I love you.”    

     He laughed and waved. “Bye Claire.” So I left him to it and I did what he wanted, I returned to Liverpool. This was exactly what I needed, to get closer to Fernando, if he’s trying to find me some new guy I can use it as an excuse to spend more time with him. Oh, this is a bullet proof plan, that’s for sure! Fernando and I will get back together, I can see it happening now. However, in the meantime I’ve got to get ready for tonight. I’m going out clubbing of course!    

     My legs carried me through the door of my home and I see Joey sat down on the sofa. He always comes down and stays with me when he’s not got to go to football, it’s nice, but to tell the truth when he’s around I’m usually off my face. It’s a rarity to see him when I’m completely sober. I ran across the room and sat on his lap immediately and grinned at him. I pressed my lips to his and smiled whilst Joey lay me down on the sofa and hovered above me. “Where have you been?” He asked me.
  “Just with a guy.”
  “I love how your honest with me.”
  “Hey, you’re the one that taught me it’s ok to sleep around and take drugs.”
  “Yeah, I’ve taught you well…” He replied and pressed his lips to my neck.

Eight Months Ago:    

     I was sat down on a sofa at this house party, whilst one of my friends danced really dirty with this guy. That’s disgusting, I thought as I saw how close they were getting. It was then that a man approached me and said: “Hey, do you want to dance?”
  “I’m not stupid, ok? You want to dance like everyone else is here because you think you’ll get your leg over by the end of the night, well, guess what? It’s not going to happen.”
  “Gees. I only asked if you wanted to dance.” He complained and walked off. God, what is wrong with men, they only want one thing! And it’s certainly never going to come from me. I’ve got a long term boyfriend and were saving ourselves for marriage.     

     In fact, why am I even at a party like this? I should be getting back to him. So I stood up and decided I wouldn’t tell my friend I was leaving since she’s… Occupied. And as I walked out and looked around my eyes suddenly locked eyes with a man from across the room. He was so mysterious and cool and sexy and I felt myself walking towards him without a second thought.    

     It was weird, it was as though his eyes were controlling me to go over. God, he was mesmerising. And I walked in front of him and held my hand out to him. “Hi, I’m Claire.”
  “Joey.” He replied and took hold of my hand then kissed the top of it. I got goose bumps all over and started to feel my face flush. “So are you here alone?”
  “No, I’m with my friend. She’s with some guy though.”
  “Well, I guess that means you’re here with me now.” Joey told me and I smiled.
  “Yeah.” I said happily and continued to stare into his eyes.    

     They were this deep, dark brown colour, so penetrating, so mesmerising, so amazing. The way he was looking at me it made me feel as though he knew my past, my future, as though he knew everything. As though he could see into my soul. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re beautiful?” He asked me.
  “Yeah, I get it all time.”
  “From who?”
  “Just some guys.”
  “And let me guess, they don’t mean it?”
  “No, they don’t.”
  “Well, d0 you think I mean it?”
  “Because… Because I just know. I feel as though I can trust you.”    

     Joey gripped my hand in his and continued to look into my eyes, whilst I stared back at him. I’d never seen anyone with eyes like his. “Come with me.”
  “Where?” I asked.
  “Come back to mine.”
  “I’ve got a boyfriend.”
  “Do you think he really cares about you Claire? I mean, he‘s let you come here alone.”
  “Yeah, he’s nice, he respects my views on sex.”
  “And they are?”
  “I want to wait.”
  “Are you sure that’s what you really want Claire? Are you sure this guy isn’t forcing his views on you? Are you sure you don’t just want to have a little bit of fun? I can show you how to have fun.”    

     I gazed at Joey, my mouth was hanging open. There was something so amazing about him, he was the most gorgeous man I’d seen in my entire life. He was unlike any person I’d ever met. You know how some hot guy can just walk into a room and he has the most cutest face and the most captivating body and on top of all that he has blue eyes and an Irish accent which makes you want them immediately? Well, Joey was better than that times a hundred.   

     Someone tapped me on the shoulder and Joey said: “Stand up for yourself, stand up for this.” I nodded my head in response to what Joey was telling me and nodded my head. I spun round and looked at the guy, it was my boyfriend, James. “Hey Claire, I thought I’d check out this party, it’s not very good, is it?”
  “I don’t know, I think it’s alright.”
  “Really? Look around, it’s a little sleazy, isn’t it? I’m going to take you home.”
  “No!” I complained. “I’m not leaving.”
  “Claire, come on. This isn’t you.”
  “No, maybe it is.” I respond.
  “Ever since the moment we met you were shoving your damn religion in my face! We’ve known each other since we were thirteen and started going out at fifteen and here I am, nearly twenty-one, six years on. And guess what? We’ve never had sex, in fact I’ve not gone further than second base with you. And do you know what?! For the last year I’ve been hinting at you to propose to me. I wanted nothing more than to marry you, but I’ve moved on. I don‘t need you James.” I pulled Joey to my side. “He wants me, he actually wants me, but I guess you never did. Goodbye James.”    

     Just as I was about to storm off James took hold of my arm. “Wait, you can’t just leave like this.”
  “Watch me.” I replied, but he kept me there and reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it to reveal to me the ring. “I’ve had this in my pocket everyday for the last three months, because I’ve been wanting to propose to you. Because I love you, because I want you, all this guy wants is to spend the night with you!”
  “Well, that makes two of us. You took too long.” I told James and pulled Joey along, out of the party. James didn’t follow me, but he called after me and cried.    

     And to tell you the truth a part of me thought what was I doing? I love James, I’ve always loved James, so why out of the blue was I going to go out and do something stupid with a guy I barely knew? And despite my strong front at that point, deep down I felt sad. Sad that I didn’t give James a chance to propose, sad that I was going off with some guy I’d just met.     

     It wasn’t enough to stop me though.     

     Joey took me to his car, he gave me a strong kiss on the mouth, with lots of tongue. And then he drove me to his home, we kissed outside his front door and then we climbed up the stairs at quite a fast speed as we ripped each other’s clothes off. He was so strong and knew what he was doing. He pushed me onto his bed and hovered over me and that’s when it all began. My first time. “Ow!” I complained.
  “I’m sorry, do you want something for the pain?” Joey asked me seductively.
  “Ok.” I replied and he got off me and brought something in a plastic bag out of his draw. There was white stuff in it and he poured it out on top of the chest of draws. He rolled up a ten pound note for me and one for him and then made four thick lines of the stuff.     

     He turned to me. “Have you done this before?” He wondered.
  “No.” I said nervously and then he demonstrated as he put the note slightly up his nose and then sniffed the line.     

     His head moved upwards as he looked up at the ceiling, he looked relax. This isn’t so bad, I thought. But deep down my insides were screaming at me, shouting at me not to do this. It’s a bad idea. However, Joey then said: “Your turn.” And his intense stare, the way he looked at me gave me shivers made me realise I could do this. I took the rolled up note, put it up my nose slightly and then sniffed the line.    

     They say when someone starts drugs that you get a bad reaction to it. One where you feel ill and that feeling makes you never takes drugs again. Well in some cases. However, there was another reaction, it was that first time of taking something and you got a high so quickly. Something so intense, something that made you feel invincible and when I took that first line I felt exactly that. However, at the same time I wanted to feel more. So in quick succession I sniffed the other two lines before falling back on the bed, as my eyeballs rolled up slightly and I felt good. Chilled. Happy Relaxed. Ready to take on the world.    

     And then Joey went properly underneath the blanket, his arms around me, but before we slept together he said: “Did you like that?”
  “Umm…” I responded, unable to speak. Just wanting to feel everything those drugs gave me, the happiness, that little bit of sparkle in my life. “Do you want to try something else?”
  “Ok…” I sighed.
  “I’m going to bite your neck, ok?”
  “Ok.” I smiled at Joey and that’s when his face changed. The area between his eyebrows became bumpy and he grew fangs. At the time, I thought I only saw that because of the drugs had messed my head up. I mean, I was seeing double everything, it was a little weird. It was then that his fangs sunk into my neck and it was sharp at first making me jolt up in bed. However, then it became nice. It was even better than the drug I just took, made me feel happier, more relaxed. I’d never felt so relaxed in my entire life. It was as though I was on another planet. Floating. Fleeting. As though I was free. As though nothing else mattered.     

     My mind was released and I was just dead to the world. And that’s when he pulled away, much to my annoyance and he cut his wrist and put it up close to my lips.    

     I stared as the dark red liquid trailed over his wrist and I didn’t need to be asked twice. I leaned in and started drinking the blood, taking hungry gulps. It tasted so good, made me feel so good, so high. I was biting at his skin, scraping at it, wanting to get more, but Joey pulled my mouth away from his skin. “Right, do you want to have sex with me now?”
  “Yes, I want you to be my first.” I replied. “I don’t want anyone else.”
     Do you know what? It didn’t hurt either, his plan of using drugs had helped get rid of the pain.

     We slept together and it wasn’t until tomorrow evening I woke up. And when I did I had the Mother of all hangovers! I had a mouthful of whiskey after sex with Joey, but that was about it. This was all from the drugs. My body felt sore all over, from the bites, from the actual sex itself, just everything. Suddenly, one night of pleasure didn’t seem great for one day of pain.     

     A hand went to my head, it was the worse headache I’d ever gotten. My eyesight was all over the place, my head was all over the place, making me feel giddy. I couldn’t walk in a straight line and I walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the full size mirror. I was standing there in my underwear I’d somehow gotten back on and there were a trail of bites leading down either side of my neck. Bruises covered most of my body, as well as my face. My eyes looked drawn.     

     My night of passion, drugs, sex, drinking had gotten to me. And it was then that I realised I was in danger, I had to get away from this man. I had to go back to my nice, normal life. One where I go to church every Sunday, where I have a nice, caring boyfriend, one where I’ve never been drunk, never taken drugs, never had sex.     

     I can start again.     

     So I got changed and left as soon as I could. The last thing I wanted was for Joey to wake up. Thankfully, he didn’t wake up, he was obviously as tired out as I was.

     Anyway, I returned home and walked inside without knocking, only to see my boyfriend James sat in the front room. When he saw me, a look of shock spread across his face and I tried to flash him a small smile. In hope that he’d forgive me. I mean, why wouldn’t he? Were good together, we’ve both got good jobs and we both have the same beliefs. “Hey.” I said.
  “Hi.” He replied. “Did that guy use you?” He snapped.
  “No… Yeah… It’s confusing. Can we just start again?”
  “You really hurt me last night.”
  “I know, I’m sorry. I promise it’ll never happen again, in fact I don’t know why it did happen.”
  “Well, that doesn’t matter because I want you gone.”
  “I’m sorry?” I asked him. “What about you proposing to me?”
  “I’m sorry Claire, like you tried moving on from me last night, I moved on from you.”
  “What do you mean?” I asked.    

     It was then that a girl walked into the front room from the kitchen. It was Jenny, my best friend. Just last night she was dirty dancing and now she was here with James? “Hi Claire.” She said bluntly and I felt my heart beating fast, I felt my eyes begin to water. Why did I do it? I don’t remember why I even did it in the first place, the whole cheating thing. Something just came over me, I’ve never known anything to come over me like the way it did with Joey.    

     James moved an arm around Jenny and she moved in closer to him. “Were together now.” James states. “To be honest, I always preferred Jenny to you. She’s so much nicer.”
  “What, but we’ve been together for years? You and me. It’s me and you against the world.”
  “Well, you screwed that up last night when you obviously went off to fuck some guy! And Jenny here saw what you did, so came up to my side and comforted me. I sure as Hell needed it after what you did.” He paused. “You’ve got ten minutes to pack and then I want you out of my house.”
  “Conversation over!” He shouted as he stormed off into the kitchen.
  “Jenny…” I looked at her with pleading eyes and was begging for some sort of logical answer from her. “Don’t give me that, you treated him like crap! Now leave us alone.” She warned and snapped at me simultaneously.    

     I did as she said and went upstairs and packed everything I owned. Clothes, footwear, CD’s, books, DVD’s, toothbrush, the essentials really. I pulled the suitcase down the stairs noisily. And when I reached the bottom, James and Jenny were staring at me from inside the front room. I looked James in the eye and said: “You’re with the wrong girl, she’ll be worse than me. She’ll cheat on you the first chance she gets.” He didn’t answer and Jenny just narrowed her eyes at me, before I left.

     There wasn’t many places I could go. I mean, there was no way I was going to swallow all my pride and return home. My mind flicked through all the different possibilities and it turns out that the only person I could think of was Joey. It made me realise how much my life revolved around James before last night. So I did the walk of shame back to Joey’s.     

     It was probably one of the lowest moments of my life when I knocked on his door and he answered it. “So the cat comes back with her tail between her legs.”
  “Hi, could I stay here for a while? I’ve got no one else.”
  “On a few conditions.” Joey replied.
  “Ok, anything.”
  “Be my girlfriend.”
  “However, just because you’re my girlfriend doesn’t mean you stop me from sleeping round and taking anything. You’re my girlfriend but you can sleep with other guys like I can sleep with other girls.”
  “So an open relationship?”
  “Yes and I’m about to have some coke, if you want to join me?”
  “I don’t know, people can get addicted to that stuff after a certain amount of time on it.”
  “Well, if you think that you can leave then.”
  “No!” I protested. “I’ll do whatever you want.”
  “Good Claire, you must remember that drugs and sex is fun. And people that say bad things about that are wrong, ok?”
  “Ok, I’ll try and move out as soon as I can.”
  “No problem. Come in.” Joey told me.    

     And so I ended up moving in with Joey for a while. Until I eventually got a council house in Liverpool…

Present Day:    

     Joey and I had finished yet another one of our sessions, involving him taking my blood and I decided to get ready for a night out. I ran upstairs, still buzzing from him having some of my blood. And when I looked in the mirror I was glowing, however, it wouldn’t last. Even I knew that. At a certain point I’ll get the come down and start to look awful. But that didn’t matter.   

     Right now I was more interested in getting ready for tonight. So what I did was finish in the shower, get into a tight dress, which just about covers my boobs and bum. I pile on the foundation, all over my face as well as concealer and blusher. I put on bright eye shadow and lip stick. I then pull on some jewellery and straighten my long blond hair. After that I pull on the highest heels imaginable and pack some coke in my bag as well as some money and my phone.    

     I leave my home without saying goodbye to Joey and make my way straight to my favourite club in Liverpool. It’s my favourite club because footballers are always in there and I try and see if I can get with any of them. Especially if it’ll help get me rich. I mean, imagine it. I sleep with a married man and I can blackmail him for money and not only that I could do a kiss and tell with the newspaper.     

     The only reason I’m well known at the moment is for my hectic life and being Joey Barton’s girlfriend. However, that wasn’t enough, I wanted more. I’d only made £10,000 form being with Joey, so that means it’s going to be a while before I move out of my crappy council house. I sometimes ask Joey if he can lend me some money, but he only ever lends me a tenner and always expects it back. It’s annoying that with the amount of money he’s on and the fact he’s my boyfriend and I still have to live in a council flat.     

     To be honest though, I didn’t mind preying on some rich, stupid footballer that only thinks of his penis. So I trailed the club and saw Steven Gerrard standing at the bar all alone. I know him because obviously he was friends with Fernando. Anyway, Fernando has got to be off the mind because Steven is the one I’m gunning for. I reckon he’s a stupid footballer that would cheat on his wife with me, so it’s time I make a move.    

     I side up to Steven and show him my most perfect smile. “Do you want to buy me a drink darling?” He took one look at me and he didn’t seem too happy.
  “I don’t think so Claire.”
  “Why not?”
  “You were after my former team-mate for so long. And I don’t date whores.”
  “What makes you think I’m a whore?!” I complain.
  “The bite marks on your neck. You’re a blood whore and I’m sorry but I don’t like to mix with people like you.”
  “You know Vampires exist?” I ask him.
  “Yeah, like many people.” He paused. “I used to feel sorry for you because you were a nice girl, but now your just a bit of a bitch trying to trick some footballer into bed. So bye.” He told me and left me to it.     

     Since I got denied by Steven, I go to the dance floor and dance by myself, I never needed him anyway, I think to myself. And I just think of what other footballers may come in tonight. Your probably thinking how I know so many footballers and managers, well, coming here means I can meet new footballers on a regular basis. Also, I watch TV a lot and I memorise their names and faces in hope that I’ll meet them one day, which I will do of course. You lose one footballer and another comes along.     

     It was then that I spot a certain Andy Carroll, so my legs carry me over to him. And when I’m next to him, I flash him my biggest smile, like I did with Steven. “Do you fancy a dance?” I asked him.
  “What harm will it do?” He replied and so I took hold of Andy’s hand and lead him towards the dance floor as Lady Gaga sings Born This Way. At first there’s a wide distance between Andy and me and were sort of moving to the beat. However, I then slip my arms around him, trying to bring him closer to me as our hips sway. He didn’t complain and seemed to be enjoying it, so I waited a little longer, until the last thirty seconds of the song where I kiss him.     

     Unfortunately, the moment my lips meet his he pushes me away. “I was only dancing with you for fun, I’ve got a girlfriend!” He yelled at me.
  “Well, if you were so sure about that girlfriend then you wouldn’t have danced with me!” I complained.
  “Just get lost you slapper!” He spat and stormed off to Steven’s table. He sat by him whilst they both stared daggers at me. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the bar.     

     I ordered a beer and got it put in front of me, I paid the man and started drinking from the pint glass. For ages I just sat there feeling bored, feeling as though I deserved better than the crap I was getting today. People are supposed to love me, especially footballers. I usually get called beautiful and they buy me drinks all night and take me back to there house, or we book an Hotel and spend the night together. I don’t mean to boast but I’ve slept with a lot of footballers, I’m not a footballer prude, there was Wayne Rooney. I nailed him a couple of weeks back, as well as Ryan Giggs, Ashley Cole, Peter Crouch, Fernando Torres, John Terry and so on. It’s not like I’m not used to having footballers and for those lot I was good at not giving the whole kiss and tell thing to the newspapers, well, apart from Rooney because he was a bit of an ass whilst the others were quite nice. Especially Fernando.    

     Fernando was really sweet and nice that night. That’s why I just know we belong together and are going to get together one day. He may not see it now, but he will do.    

     In fact, maybe I should call Fernando. My hand fumbled in my bag for my mobile and I picked it up and started to search his number. Once I’d found it I dialled his number and waited for it to ring. I looked up and across the crowded room, over the loud music, my eyes locked with another man’s. A man I knew as Luis Suarez because he’s a footballer of course. He’d never been in here before and I was shocked to find someone new. My thumb cancelled the call and placed the phone back in my bag as I stared at the guy across the room.    

     He flashed me this small smile which just made my insides go gooey. It was a bit like the first time I met Joey, but I don’t know. This was better somehow. It didn’t feel as though anything was controlling me, it was as though something was so right. Just the way our eyes met across the crowded room interested me. The way his brown, puppy dog eyes sparkled and you know what, despite how up front I am I didn’t have the strength to go over there.    

     However, it turned out I wouldn’t have to because Steven started talking to Luis whilst looking at me. He was telling him about me obviously, which just angered me. How dare he say something bad about me to someone I may end up in bed with tonight?!    

     And just as I thought all was lost Steven returned to his seat and Luis still looked over at me and smiled. My heartbeat in that instant was like a drum and I realised I needed to go to the toilet to think things through. So my legs carried me to the bathroom where I looked in the mirror and fumbled in my bag for some coke. I pulled it out and held it in my hand, thinking about how it could make me feel better, make me more confident. Especially concerning Luis.    

     It was only when I was about to take it that I realised I didn’t need to in that moment. He was looking over at me and smiling at me, usually I didn’t get that reaction until I’d taken the drug, so maybe I should go with it for once. The coke got returned to my bag and I walked back out into the club and sat at the bar and returned to the drink I’d left. I took a sip of it, but suddenly a hand was on my arm and got me to put it down.     

     My eyes looked at the man that belonged to that hand and arm. “You don’t want to drink that, some guy walked past it and put something in it.”
  “Oh.” I said. “Thank you.”
  “That’s ok.” He told me and gave me the sort of smile that would break a girl’s heart. “Umm… I watched you play against Bolton the other day, you did really well.” I inform Luis, blushing brightly as I said it.
  “That was an aggravating day, I didn’t score.” Luis told me and let out a little giggle.
  “You can’t score every game Luis.”
  “So you know my name, what’s yours?” He wonders with the nice, warm smile still on his face.
  “Claire, that’s a pretty name.” He told me and I started to blush. “What’s this?” He asks and trails his finger across the bite on my neck. And I don’t know why, but for some reason I just went out and said it: “Vampire.”     

     There was something about Luis which I could trust one hundred percent. “Oh.”
  “My boyfriend is a Vampire, he likes that sort of thing.” Luis gazed into my eyes as I said it.
  “And what about you? Do you like it?”
  “When it happens I do, but afterwards I feel ashamed, I feel guilt. I wasn’t always like this you know.”    

     Tears pricked my eyes unexpectedly and I let out a little gasp. “Umm… I should go, he’s probably expecting me.” I announced to Luis, getting off my seat, I’m just about to walk away when he takes hold of my arm. “Don’t go, just stay. Stay and talk.”
  “No, you seem nice and me, I don’t do nice. All I do is use men for a night of sex and if I’m lucky I get a bit of money out of it too. You don’t want to be apart of that. Good night.” I told him and stormed off out of the club, I heard him call after me, but I just made my way to leave.    

     Once I made it outside the tears were cascading down my face. I don’t know what came over me in there, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good. So I got as far away from there as possible, only to hear some footsteps behind me.    

     My body swivels round, only for me to see three girls standing there. “Have you been following me?” I accuse them.
  “Yep.” The middle, tall girl with long blond hair says. “We want the coke.”
  “Excuse me?” I ask.
  “We were in the bathroom and saw you take the coke out of your bag and put it back in, we want it.” My mind flashed back to what happened in the bathroom, when I slipped the coke back into my bag. They were all staring at me as I did it earlier on, it came back to me now. The girls stared at me and there was no was I was putting up with this shit. “No, you can’t have it. So get lost.”
  “Big mistake.” She said and all three of them suddenly had Vampire faces, with the fangs and the bumpy head.     

     Before I had the chance to move, two of the Vampires pulled me down to the ground. Whilst the blond, tall girl, the leader I guess hovered over me and got close to my neck. Her fangs scratched across the skin on my neck.    

     And it was then that I chose to let out an ear piercing scream…

The End

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