Chapter 2-ProposalMature

Elise’s Point of View:    

     Wayne had gotten down on one knee, I couldn’t believe it, Man United’s best striker was proposing to me! Me?! I mean, he’d been in the newspapers the past few days because of his ground breaking performance against Arsenal and now here he was proposing to me. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. The days of where I was worried about moving down to Manchester after living in Liverpool for so long were behind me now. I felt slightly pressured into moving, what with not having many friends here, but I obviously made the right decision! These past few days had been good and I still hadn’t organised my things properly yet!    

     When I was younger, I thought that of all the people I’d settle down with, bottom of the list would be a footballer. I mean, after all what footballer is going to respect my views on sex? I’m a practising Catholic you see and in my whole life there’s only been one issue that has made me doubt parts of my religion. And that is the whole Vampire issue.    

     This is because some of my friends believe Vampires exist, which they do since my boyfriend Wayne is a Vampire himself. So anyway, they all say that Vampires are bad, they’re unnatural and that we as well-respected Catholics should reject them. However, I disagree with that. I mean, just because they’re a little different doesn’t mean we should reject them, we should embrace them. I believe that the Vampires are a test from God and God wants to see how we react to something not unnatural, but something were not used to.     

     Everyone says how evil Vampires are, but isn’t it true that humans are capable of the same amount of pain as Vampires? I mean, not all Vampires can be good, like not all humans can be good. Whether there are Vampires or humans there’s still going to be attacks, there’s till going to be murder. I think we all just need to get along a bit better. My view is that if a Vampire walks over to you, you shouldn’t fight them or turn your back on them, you should give them a chance. A chance to reject evil, like everyone of us do with people.
     “So will you marry me?” Wayne asked me and I looked down into his eyes and a grin crossed my face. “Oh Wayne, yes I will marry you!” I laughed and moved my arms around his neck as I kneeled down in front of him and pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back and then slipped the ring on my finger. “It’s a lovely ring.” I tell him.
  “Well, sorry it’s not the most expensive.”
  “Wayne, do you think I care about money?” I asked him.
  “I just thought you’d expect a bit more than a £100 ring when I’m earning thousands a week.”
  “Hey, you give to charity and I think giving thousands to charity is more important than buying me an expensive ring. In fact, if you were to like give me lots of money for my wedding dress, behind your back I’d give half of it to charity.”
  “Your sneaky, you know that?” He laughed with me.    

     We both got up from off the floor and Wayne moved his arms around me in a hug. “Wayne?”
  “Yeah.” He replied.
  “You know there’s all those footballers that cheat?”
  “Can you promise me that you’d never do that?”
  “Of course, why would I ever want to cheat on you?”
  “Just the no sex thing, it can get to people.”
  “Hey! I know what some of your exes have been like and I’m not like that, ok?”
  “Ok.” I said, feeling all happy inside, as though my heart was just melting.    

     He moved his body closer to mine and placed his hands on my face and kissed me. His lips met mine in this sweet little kiss, it was so soft and so gentle and so nice. Everything you could ask for in a kiss. He let his tongue wander in my mouth and I thought this is getting a bit steamy, maybe I should stop this. And then Wayne trailed kisses down my chin, all the way to my neck and collarbone. “Maybe you should stop Wayne.” I said worriedly, I mean after all the last thing I’d want is for me to go back on my vows to God.    

     Wayne muttered an “Umm…” And continued kissing my neck, for a moment just one moment I enjoyed it and then kicked myself for it. I have to stay celibate, I am twenty-five years old, just twenty-five. And if Wayne and I sleep together now, it’s ruined. My pact with God is ruined. “Wayne no!” I warned him and that’s when I felt him biting into my neck. “Ow Wayne!” I cried and pushed him away from me and placed a hand on my neck. “Wayne, you hurt me.” I said to him.    

     A few steps sounded on the floorboards as Wayne got closer to me. He looked me in the eyes and said: “You want me.”
  “No, I…” I began, but then it was as though his eyes, it was as though they were drawing me in. “You want me and right now you’re going to have sex with me.” I don’t know what happened, it was like a rush of passion just washed over me. And soon I was leaning in, kissing his mouth, his neck, nipping at it. It was like some sort of frenzy had taken over me and nothing else mattered.    

     It was like religion was pointless, that I didn’t need it. And so I pulled Wayne’s top over his head, wanting to get closer to him, wanting to feel the heat radiate off him onto me. Wanting to feel him. I’d been waiting for something and it wasn’t till marriage to have sex with someone. I was waiting till this moment to sleep with Wayne right now. I kissed him and ran my hands up and down his chest, I then started leaving a trail of kisses down his neck, his shoulder and all over his chest and stomach.    

     He lightly pushed me over to the sofa, where he landed on top of me. His mouth returned to my neck and I let out a sigh. I’d never gone this far with anyone in my life before and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do this with than Wayne. His breathing was hot and heavy, making me feel weak at the knees, making me feel as though I could faint.    

     And that’s when it hit me. My beliefs. God wouldn’t want this. He wouldn’t want me to do this, he expects me to be stronger than this. I can’t sleep with Wayne tonight, because if I do I’ll have to ask for forgiveness and hope God forgives me. And in fact, I have to ask him for forgiveness now because the fact I went this far without thinking is awful, just awful. I pushed Wayne away. “Get off me!” I yelled. He didn’t get off me, instead he yanked at my top, ripping it slightly. I shoved him off me and he fell to the floor.    

     Tears started to fall down my face. “Baby.” He said and I looked at him in disbelief, just moments ago, I was so happy that he’d proposed to me. That he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. And now this. “No, you used your brain thing, the thing that makes me do anything you want against my will. Why did you take away my free will Wayne? Why?” I asked him, feeling the tears prick my eyes.
  “I didn’t mean to, it just happened.”
  “I let you kiss my collarbone, that’s the furthest I’ve let anyone get. Isn’t that enough?”
  “No it’s not actually! You see, me and you have been going out for two years. Yeah, that’s right, two years I’ve kept it in my pants and then on the day I propose to you. On the day I give you my commitment I expect you to do one thing for me. One thing! Sleep with me, that’s all I ask. But no, God gets in the way yet again.”
  “Don’t say that.”
  “Well, guess what Elise?! God’s not real. I’ve been and died already, there’s nothing. God isn’t real.”
  “Your lying.”
  “No, it’s true.”
  “Why are you being so cruel?” I asked, my face tear strained and Wayne squared up to me, he looked into my eyes for ages. Just staring. “Because it’s true.”
  “But… But…”
  “But what Elise?”
  “The weddings off, I don’t want to be with a man that feels this way!” I screamed and threw my ring down on the floor. It bounced underneath the sofa. “Fine!” Wayne shouted. “In that case, I’ll go out and find some other girl to keep me company. I’m a rich footballer, there’s lots of women that will sleep with me!” He hollered and stormed out of the house.     

     I stormed out too, but in a different direction to him. Whilst Wayne went off to do whatever it is he does, I went off to church. I walked there, only to bump into Jose, my best friend on the way. “Hey Elise, are you ok?” He asked me concerned, upon seeing my face.
  “I’m fine.” I tell him. “I just need to talk to God, to confess.”
  “Ok, I’ll go in with you.” He tells me, putting an arm around me. We both walk into the church and find a bench to sit on. Whilst on the bench I look across the room at the large cross.    

     Jesus gave his life for us I think as I gaze over at that cross. He wanted us to work hard and to do right by God. He wanted us to have free will. So why is it that I‘m never going to have free will at all times? The thought of it brought tears to my eyes and I kneeled down on the floor in praying position. I put my hands together and prayed to God. I prayed to him to help me find the strength to know what to do, to help me continue to resist temptation and since I felt I was being a little selfish. Making the prayer about me and all I asked for world peace before thanking God.    

     Once I’d done my prayer, I went to confess. “Do you want me to come with you?” Jose offered and I nodded my head. I walked over to the room and took my seat, whilst Jose stood beside me. “Forgive me Father for I have sinned.” I said. “You see, today I got engaged. Well, sort of. My boyfriend asked me to marry him and I said yes and we got a bit carried away. However, it felt as though my free will was taken away from me at one point and I didn’t know how to make it stop. We nearly slept together, but I just managed to stop it from happening and then he got angry and hurt me, so I called off the wedding. What should I do Father? And is there any way I can resist from temptation in the future?”    

     There was a long pause when I finished speaking and I waited for the response. “It is a difficult situation to be in and in situations like that it’s hard to tell if you do have free will. You just need to realise that no matter what is happening you do have free will and that you should think carefully about the matter. Think What Would Jesus Do? Ok.”
  “Ok, thank you Father.”
  “And to resist temptation, well this man seems as though he’s gone down the wrong path. So you can either do one of two things. You could turn your back on him and find someone more suitable for you. Someone who agrees with your views. Or you could help him to go down the path of righteousness and help him reject the Devil. What do you think?”
  “I think that God would never turn his back on anyone. If God believes there’s a chance he’d help them, I think I’ll help him choose God over the Devil. Thank you Father.”    

     And just as I think everything’s making sense, that it’s all going to be ok. Jose makes an outburst. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude but you can’t be serious?! Both of you. Firstly, there was no way that you had free will, no way at all. He was forceful.” Jose knew that Wayne was a Vampire, so was trying to be careful with his wording, especially since he was in a church where people most likely didn’t believe in Vampires. “And secondly, if you go back to him you could get hurt or maybe he could kill you.”
  “Jesus died for the people he loved.” I responded.
  “Yeah, but that’s different, Jesus wasn’t in an abusive relationship.” Jose sighed and took hold of my arm, he led me out of the church.    

     He pulled me along, despite my protests and soon Jose and I were facing each other outside of the church. “You cannot go back to him.”
  “This is what God wants.”
  “No it isn’t. God would want you to break free from this relationship completely. It’s too dangerous for you, he’s hit you before and he’ll do it again, he’ll never change. And not only that, what’s that mark on your neck? Bite marks, he’s biting you now?”
  “He got angry when I called the wedding off.”
  “Look, I am proud of you for turning him down straight after getting engaged to him, but you cannot give this guy another chance.”
  “He needs to see the light Jose, don’t you see that? And if I give up on him, what kind of woman would that make me?”
  “A brave one.” Jose announced to me and took hold of my hands in his. “You’d be walking away from a long relationship which you think is normal when it’s not, it’s really not.”
  “Not all relationships are perfect.”    

     When I said that, he looked annoyed, really annoyed and that’s when it happened. Jose took my face in his hands and kissed me. Right on the mouth, his lips met mine and I was so taken aback that I didn’t push him away straight away. When I did he stumbled back slightly and looked at me as though he was exasperated. “Elise, I love you. I really love you, I always have. When you moved away from Liverpool, it was the worse day of my life as I had only just moved there and you were the only friend I‘d gotten close to. So I’m asking you leave him and be with me. You don’t even have to be with me if you don’t want to just please leave him.”
  “I can’t leave the love of my life Jose.”
  “He is not the love of your life!”
  “You don’t know that, he could be. And you shouldn’t have kissed me because that’s yet another sin for me.”
  “No, it’s not! I kissed you, you didn’t kiss me back!”
  “And? I didn’t push you away the moment your lips were on mine! God, I feel awful.”
  “Don’t.” He told me and placed a hand on my face. “You’ve not done anything wrong, I know you think you had free will, but you didn’t. He compelled you, that’s why you felt as though you couldn’t resist him, it wasn’t your fault.”
  “Jose, this is a test from God, he wants to make it as hard as possible, just so I can see if I am strong enough to resist temptation.”
  “Well, if that’s true then how come God says you get free will and compulsion means no free will whatsoever? It’s not fair, maybe this wasn’t a test.”
  “Jose, I don’t love you. We’ve known each other a month at most, it’s not enough time to love someone.”
  “That’s ok. I can wait. The day you realise what Wayne Rooney is really like is the day I’ll be there for you to hug you and hold your hand and tell you everything’s ok. I love you Elise and even though you don’t love me back right now, it’s ok.” He paused. “It’s really ok.”    

     I nodded my head when he finished talking and suddenly wanted to change the subject. “Umm… How did you know where to find me? And how’d you get here so quick? I mean, you live in Liverpool.”
  “Well, it’s a church, you were bound to be here. Plus, I’m a Werewolf, I can smell you wherever I go. And because of the Werewolf thing I have super human speed, so I can get from city to city in minutes.”
  “Ha ha, very funny.” I responded.
  “Hey! You believe in Vampires, but not Werewolves?”
  “Vampires are the only supernatural things that exists.”
  “That’s not true, I swear I’m a Werewolf.”
  “Well, change into one then.” I challenge.
  “No, because it’s not a full moon and that would be dangerous for you.”
  “Whatever Jose. I should get going.”
  “Just think about me and I’ll be there.” He told me and I didn’t believe him, I mean, you can’t just think about someone and then they appear. “I’d show you my running power, but you look shocked enough tonight.” Jose informs me and I nod my head in appreciation.    

     Just as I’m about to walk back, Jose takes my arm in his. “I’ll walk you home.”
  “Thank you, you don’t have to.”
  “No, it is the Anfield Anthem after all. You’ll Never Walk Alone. And I am making sure of that.”
  “Well, I walked to the church on my own so you failed on your mission.”
  “Look smarty pants, I’m helping you not walk alone, I’m not going to turn into your bloody stalker just stop you from walking alone.” I laughed the moment he said that.
  “You know, I wish I did love you back. It’d be a lot easier loving you than Wayne.”
  “Yeah true, I mean, it must be hard being with a guy where the football crowds call him Shrek.”
  “Hey!” I protest.
  “It’s the truth.”
  “He’s better looking than you think. I’ve seen his stomach and he looks good, plus it’s about personality.” I notify him.
  “And despite the biting you and hitting you think I’m sure he has a great personality.” He said sarcastically.
  “Jose…” I warned him.

     So once again I had to change the subject away from Wayne, there was no way I could continue to listen to Jose bad mouthing him. I mean, Wayne wasn’t too bad when you got to know him better. “So Liverpool played well the other day.”
  “Yep, we beat Bolton 3-1.”
  “I felt so bad for Luis, he really wanted to score.”
  “Yeah.” Jose sighed. “I’m surprised you’ve not changed to Man United, being with Wayne and all.”
  “Well, the club I support is Liverpool and I just support Wayne. And if that means he scores, then yes I support Man U too.”
  “You can’t just support two rival teams. It’s not right.”
  “I’m a girl, the rivalry doesn’t bother me.”
  “Well, there are plenty of female Liverpool fans that hate Man U.”
  “Whatever Jose, I am happy with what I’m doing.”    

     It’s then we reach my home and I flash a little smile at Jose. “Thanks for walking with me, I can’t remember the last time a guy walked me from church.”
  “You mean Wayne don’t ever do it.”
  “No, but he’s busy.” I inform him and then pull open my door and walk inside.     

     As I walk inside my house, I hear a creaking noise up the stairs. “What’s the matter?” Jose asks me.
  “I hear a noise.” Jose furrowed his eyebrows the moment I mentioned it and took a step inside my home and listened up the stairs. “Maybe I should go up there.” I state about to make my way up there, however, Jose grips hold of my wrist. “Don’t. I know what’s going on up there.”
  “What?” I asked.
  “Wayne and another woman.”    

     Tears pricked my eyes the moment he said it. “Wayne was upset, I upset him. He said he was going to sleep with someone and I acted as though it didn’t bother me. That’s why he’s doing this.”
  “Come on, let’s get you out of here. You can stay round mine, stay in my spare room. We can talk.”
  “No, this is a test for our relationship.”
  “Dammit Elise! He is cheating on you, what else does he have to do to make you leave him?”
  “I need to work on this relationship, ok. Things were good once, they can be good again.”
  “Elise, all men are good and nice in the beginning, however, as time passes the bad ones show their true colours and Wayne is showing his.”
  “Well, I’m staying here. I’m going to sit down on the sofa and wait for Wayne to finish up there and when he comes downstairs I’m going to talk to him. And we are going to talk this through and everything will be ok.”
  “Stop living in a dream world Elise, however, I know I won’t change your mind, so let me stay with you. Let me wait with you.”    

     I thought about it for a moment, but realised it would probably do more harm than good. “No Jose, I need to handle this alone.”
  “No, it’s my mess. I’m going to get out of it. Please leave.”
  “Ok.” He sighed and walked out the front and gave me a sympathetic smile.  “If you need anything just call me, you don’t have to even call, just think about me and I’ll come a running.”
  “Thanks Jose. Have a good night.” I smiled and watched him walk away, before closing the door behind him.    

     When he was gone I got myself a glass of cola and started drinking at it. I waited for the noise to stop upstairs, which was by the time I finished the drink and put it down. After that I hear Wayne and someone else making their way down the stairs. I coughed to help my voice box and then I walked over to the door and opened it. That’s when Wayne came down the stairs with not just one girl, but two. I expected to see him with one girl, but not two of them. I looked on in shock at how thin they were and what short dresses they were wearing. They left the house without giving me a second glance and Wayne turned to me.     

     Once again I could feel another crying session coming on. “Don’t look at me like that, you knew what I was going to do.”
  “I thought it’d be with one woman, not two.” I replied timidly.
  “I guess I’m better at picking up women than I thought.” He paused and thought about what he said. “I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
  “It’s ok, we fought and you didn’t lie. Just please don’t do it again.”
  “I won’t.” Wayne reassured me and looked me in the eye, followed by kissing the top of my head. “Hey, umm… That tired me out and all and I’m starting to feel hungry. You won’t mind letting me take some of your blood, will you?”
  “Umm… Girls that let Vampires take their blood, don’t you describe them as blood whores?” I asked and Wayne let out a little laugh and took hold of my face in his hands. “No, it’s you and me and your more important than that Elise. Plus, blood whores tend to let Vampires take their blood in the middle of sex, I just want your blood I am not asking you for sex.”
  “Well, the Bible doesn’t state anything about this. Ok.” I smiled.
  “Great.” Wayne grinned back at me and he led me over to the sofa, where I sat down.    

     He took a seat next to me and took hold of my arm. I was shaking as I didn’t know what it’d feel like. Would it feel good or bad? I didn’t know. And that’s when he said: “I’m just going to take a little nibble of your wrist, ok?”
  “Ok.” I replied.
  “Just sit back and you never know, you might enjoy it.” Wayne tried to reassure me, so I sat back and gave him my hand. I waited worriedly, my whole body vibrating with fear and that’s when I felt Wayne’s wet mouth on my wrist. It was then followed by the sharp pain of teeth digging into my skin. I let out a shocked gasp and then once I was over the initial pain, it felt a little good. I lay back on the sofa and let him take some of my blood, it just made me feel all giddy and happy, as though nothing had gone wrong. It was what I imagined sex to feel like. All relaxing and making you feel as though everything’s right.    

     Wayne released my hand and I exhaled another breath, trying to take it all in and it was then that the high was gone and I had the come down. It happened so quickly that I wished he was still taking my blood for just a little longer, but he couldn’t risk hurting me. “Thank you.” Wayne told me and brushed his lips against my cheek.

     Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of sadness, depression just swept over me. And I slowly got up off the sofa and made my way up the stairs, feeling that every step I took was just slumping me forward. I finally reached the top of the stairs and walked into my room. To avoid sleeping together Wayne and I made sure we had separate rooms and it’s then that I realise the covers are messed up, despite the fact they were tidy this morning. The room smells of sweat, of sex and I feel the tears rise up into my eyes that little bit more.     

     I remove the sheets from my bed, as well as the pillow cases and as I change them I let out some sobs. Why couldn’t he have slept with those women in his room? Why did he have to do it in mine? I thought to myself and felt the tears fall down my face, as I put on some fresh covers. I pick up the smelly, wet, dirty covers and take them downstairs and throw them outside onto the patio, not wanting to see them again. Wayne doesn’t seem to notice as he’s watching the sky sports channel and so I return to my room and sit on top of my bed. It’s then that I wish Jose was here still. That he could be here beside me to tell me everything’s ok.    

     And just as I’m about to get into bed, I hear a knock on my window. I pull up my blind and look out the window to see Jose there. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and opened my window, only for him to climb onto my window ledge and make his way into my room. “Jose…” I said shocked.
  “I told you, I’m a wolf.”
  “I don’t… I…”
  “Shh… You called and I’m here.”
  “You should go, if Wayne comes up here…” I began.
  “If Wayne comes up here I’ll disappear before he reaches this room. Trust me.” And despite what I’d seen and what Jose did I still didn’t believe he was a Werewolf, but I did believe that he’d go out of his way to make sure Wayne didn’t see him. I climbed into bed and Jose got into bed next to me and moved his arms around me. “You’ve been crying.” He states.
  “Yes.” I said.
  “Do you want to share why?” And so I did, I told him about the two women Wayne slept with in my bed, as well as the blood thing and he then said a few insults about Wayne and comforted me. Just like a best friend does.     

     And despite everything that had happened today, despite my come down from when Wayne took my blood. I managed to fall asleep, sometimes it’s good to have a friend helping you fight your battles. And that’s what I fell asleep thinking when Jose and I had stopped talking and were just cuddling…

The End

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