When We Collide-A Vampire/Football StoryMature

We follow the journey of three girls. One of them, Marissa is a Killer of Vampires and all evil, she doesn't trust Vampires until one day she meets the mysterious Xabi Alonso. Another, is Elise Andrews who is caught in an abusive relationship with Vampire Wayne Rooney, but one day she meets Steven Gerrard, can he save her from the clutches of Wayne? And finally, there's Claire Clarkson, she sleeps around and is obsessed with drinking and drugs, but can the mysterious Luis Suarez save her?

Chapter 1-Married To The Night

Marissa’s Point of View:    

     A gust of wind whistled past me. My chestnut hair rose up for a moment, before falling back into place. Despite the wind, I pushed on with the knife in my hand at the ready.     

     The deserted street was eerie, the way the old, stale houses creaked would make any person look behind them in fear. Houses are completely shabby with broken glass scattered on the ground. My feet pressed down on the concrete and underneath my shoes, glass crunched. Despite the badly decorated houses where squatters would well… Squat, there were also some nice fire-lit houses. The curtains were drawn and you could just about see a trace of light through the cracks. They were safe, they were warm, whilst I was out in the cold.     

     You see, this is what I do. I go out, nearly every night and hunt. I hunt down the Vampires, Demons, Shape Shifters, Ghosts, anything supernatural I can find  really. I’m twenty-six years old and there once was a time where I was just a normal girl. I was Marissa Skye, I was popular at school, I got all the guys and I had everything. However, one day these creatures broke into my house and they took my Mum and Dad.     

      They were Vampires that took them, I know that now. They knocked me and my Brother out and when I woke up someone approached me. A guy, you might know him, he goes by the name of Luis Suarez. Well, when I woke up he was there and he told me what I was; A Killer. I’m not sure if that’s actually the term for it, but anyway he taught me for a whole year.     

     Apparently I already had the strength and skill, I just needed to know how to use it when I got into a fight with a Vampire. Or anything else that may come my way. He trained me and I always wondered what Luis was, because there was no way he was human. Usually I’m so good at telling what species someone is just by looking at them, but not him, I could never figure him out. That was just one of the two mysteries I couldn’t figure out in my life. I mean, I knew Vampires took my parents, but whether they were dead or alive was a question that had been unanswered for ten years.     

     I lost them at sixteen, so that means I’ve been doing this job for ten years straight, with no breaks.     

     So anyway Luis left after that one year of training and he pursued his career in football. He looked after me and my Brother, whom you also might know. As he’s David Villa and plays football for not only Spain, but Barcelona too, which is supposedly the best team in the world. I don’t know, I’m not the biggest fan of football, I watch it when I can, but that’s not often at all. I’ve always got to be on the lookout, because you never when some sort of fiend will just jump out and try to kill you.    

     At this point in time not everyone knows that Vampires exist, they remain secret, well probably three quarters of the world don’t believe in them. However, there are a lot of people that do know they exist and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Vampires showed themselves to everyone. What with films like Twilight and series like True Blood and Vampire Diaries being popular the Vampires should have nothing to worry about coming out of the woodwork. Thankfully, they haven’t come out because there are enough Vampire sympathisers as it is, we don’t need millions more! One thing you should know is that they’re pure evil, their hearts don’t beat and they’ll lie to you and try to kill you. They’ll basically do anything to get you on their side. To get what they want. Never trust a Vampire, that’s rule number one.

     One of my friends got turned into a Vampire once and I thought she was still her. That her human side had dominated the Vampire in her. They say the eyes never change and that was certainly the case when I last saw her. She looked so innocent and I walked over to her, I hugged her. Only for her to then take a chunk out of my neck. So we fought and I staked her, she had it coming, no one gets a chunk out of my neck and gets away with it!    

     Your probably thinking this is all a bit Buffy, well, it is a little bit. I mean, Vampires die from Stakes, decapitation, however, holy water just makes them get wet and the sun doesn‘t really affect them. They‘ve evolved. So it’s slightly like Buffy, but let me make it clear, there is no Angel the Vampire with a Soul in this world. There is no Spike that was once evil and then out of the blue turns good. In reality, Vampires are evil and they stay that way.     

     I’ve seen what they do to vulnerable people, they take these innocent, young girls and look into their eyes. They promise them the world and the next thing you know those girls end up in bed with the Vampire. And before they know it the Vampire is not only sleeping with them, but they are taking their blood from their body. It’s the lowest anyone can get, it’s like an even lower form of prostitution. Because unlike prostitution, being one of the Vampire’s Blood banks, being one of their whores eventually kills you.    

     It’s a dangerous world we live in and my job is to make it safer. I mean, it’s not perfect, after all Vampires and other creatures are all over the world, but I live in Spain. I rarely go to other countries, however, I’m sure there’s got to be someone else like me in other countries. Someone like me that fights and kills the bad guys because if not, then the mortality rate is going to increase everyday. That’s what I hope anyway, that there are other people out there fighting the same battle I am.     

     So tonight, Vampires were exactly what I was looking for once again. And when I reached the end of the street Vampires were what I got. My knife got slipped up my sleeve, as I looked over at the four Vampires enjoying a chat. My legs carried me across the road to where they were and I said: “Hello? You don’t happen to know where the nearest bathroom is, do you?” I wondered and all four of the Vampires turned to me, but one of them actually walked up to me and looked into my eyes. “Hey, you can come to my house if you want? You can use mine, it’s quite close.”
  “Thank you.” I responded, I knew what he was trying to do.    

     When a Vampire looks into your eyes, like the way that Vampire was looking into mine they’re sort of using this power over you. A compulsion, if you like? Where you can’t resist what they say, you just have to do it. Most of the time they don’t have to resort to that as they’re quite charming anyway, but that one must have sensed my power. So when his back was to me I slipped my knife out and stabbed him in the back, about where his heart would be and he turned to dust before me.     

     The other three Vampires turned to look at me. “Look guys, I’m not falling for the crap.”
  “It’s you.” The bald one said.
  “Yep, it is.”
  “Let’s get her!” He yelled and all three Vampires ran towards me, ready to take me down and kill me. The amount of times I’d been right in the middle of a dangerous fight was… Well, I’d lost count. Let’s just say it was a lot and this was nothing I hadn’t handled before. I kicked baldy, followed by kicking the other one and then I head butted the one right in front of me. My fist collided with his face after that and he collapsed on the ground.     

     As he lay down there, I gripped the knife in my hand hard and brought the knife down. Ready to stab him so hard he turns to dust. However, one of the Vampires caught my wrist before I got him. The Vampire I was hovering above kicked me and I flew in the air before landing on my back on the concrete. Two of the Vampires started dragging me along.   

     They were probably going to take me back to that Vampire’s place, but there was no way I was going there. Hurt back or not, I was going to sort them out. I flipped myself up onto my feet and spun one Vampire with my arm and his head collided with the lamp post. He got knocked down and as I was distracted, the other Vampire holding my arm had seen my move and used it on me. He swung me hard and of course my head collided with the lamp post too. I fell to the ground yet again, this time with an awful headache coming on. I immediately put my free hand to my head, hoping my blurred vision would be ok. That I’d be able to get back up and kill these Vampires one by one.     

     My hand clenched only for me to realise that the knife was no longer in my hands. The blurriness started to disappear and that’s when I saw the Vampire holding the knife above my stomach. I let out a scared breath and closed my eyes, waiting for the worst. Waiting because I knew I could handle being stabbed in the stomach, it had happened before and I survived. I’ve not only got strength, I’ve got better healing than the usual human. However, the idea of the knife slicing through me was a frightening one.    

     And that’s when I realised, the dreaded blow never came. I opened my eyes and let out a relieved breath as there was no knife ahead of me. I sat up to see a man fighting all the other Vampire’s, so I decided to help him. I got back on my feet and took two of the Vampires off his hands, by punching one and then kicking the other.

     The guy threw me over the knife I had dropped and I stabbed the Vampire on the ground, the one I punched had gotten up, so whilst he was dazed, I slit the knife across his neck before he turned to dust before my eyes. My new friend was in trouble with a Vampire shoving him into a fence, so as he was being attacked, my legs ran over to him and I stabbed the Vampire in the back, only for the man in front of me to give a relieved smile. “That one caught me off guard.” He paused.
“I’m Xabi.” The man told me and held his hand out to me, I took hold of it and shook it.     

     It was only when I shook his hand that I realised he was a Vampire too. I recoiled back from him, with my knife up in the air. “What’s the matter?” He asked me.
  “You’re a Vampire.”
  “Yeah, I thought you would’ve known that already when you saw me.”
  “I was a bit busy.”
  “I can see. Look, were on the same side.” He tried to tell me.
  “No were not.” I warned him.
  “If were not then why did I help you kill these guys? Why would I save your life?”
  “You seriously think I’ve not come up against Vampires like you before? You help me kill your buddies just because you think you’re strong enough to take me alone, well, come on then Xabi, if that’s even your real name?”
  “Hey, Marissa, I swear I’m on your side.”
  “How do you know my name?” I asked him.
  “I umm…”
  “I watch you.”
  “What? You watch me? Are you trying to learn a few tricks to kill me?”
  “No, I just watch you. To see if you need help.”
  “Sure.” I paused. “Now let’s get this over with.” I warn him.     

     The moment Xabi told me his name and I got a good look at his face I knew for sure he was the guy off TV. The footballer. The one that had transferred from Liverpool to Real Madrid. He plays for Spain and is my Brother’s team mate. The fact he’s famous makes no difference to me. He’s a Vampire, that means he must die. So I run over to him and kick him in the stomach and it doesn’t hurt him. I punched him across the face and this time it does get to him a bit.    

     And as I continue attack him, he doesn’t hit me back, all he does is catch my wrists and gets me to stop. “I’m not going to fight you.”
  “Your strong.” I state to him.
  “I’ve been round for a long time.”
  “You know my Brother.”
  “Yes.” He paused. “And I think you mean half Brother, because obviously you have different Dad’s, so when your Mum got married your last name stayed the same as her Maiden name, whilst David’s changed which is why he’s called Villa and you Skye. However, you wish that your Brother’s Dad was your real Dad because he’s the one that was always there for you, not like your real Dad who is more interested in drugs, booze and becoming a Vampire than he ever was in you.”    

     As he said it I was silent, I couldn’t believe how much he knew about me. “Are you stalking me?!” I retaliated.
  “No, not at all. I watch you, I stay nearby just in case you’re in trouble.”
  “You look really familiar.” I state.
  “Well, I am a footballer.”
  “No, I swear, I’ve seen you before, that we’ve met.” I tell him and look at him for a long time, feeling a little confused, he should be stabbed by now. “You must be mistaken.”
  “No, I’ve seen you… But where?” I couldn’t think of it, no matter how hard I tried, it was like a big blank.
  “Look Marissa, I promise I’m not here to hurt you and if you don’t believe me then…” He began and let go of my hands, then he held his arms out, leaving his unbeating heart unprotected. “Then stab me.” I raised the knife above his chest and was going to stab him, I was.    

     It’s just that he knew so much and he was the one guy who could give me the
answers I needed, I craved. So instead of stabbing him, I threw my knife to the ground and ran. I ran as fast as I could. Far away from Xabi as possible, I knew hardly anything about him and he knew so much about me. It was unbelievable.     

     My run slowed as I reached my gate and saw Lukas, waiting outside my home. “Hey Marissa.” He smiles.
  “Hi Lukas.” I replied as calmly as possible, trying to not let him see my distress from moments ago. He walked over to me and gave me a hug, the light from one of the lamp posts shone on his hair, revealing his brownish, blondish hair. We pulled away from each other and I looked at him. “How do you do it?” I wondered.
  “How do I do what?”
  “How do you play matches up to three times a week in Germany, but you always seem to be in Spain?”
  “It’s because I am clever.”
  “Or because you are a footballer and you’re so rich that you’ve found some new form of transport that’s quicker than ever.” I joke.
  “I’ll tell you what, you come to Germany and watch me play a match, then you’ll see that I go by plane like everyone else. First class plane maybe, but that’s it.”
  “I can’t. Sorry.”    

     As I said that I walked off to my home and went inside, with Lukas following me. I closed the door behind him and we walked inside the house and sat down on the sofa. “You know, your Brother’s still wondering what it is you do.”
  “Yeah, he was asking me about it today, but I didn’t know. And I think there’s no reason why you can’t come to Germany with me for a couple of days. You know, a holiday would be good for you.”
  “I would if I could, but I’ve got work. Sorry Lukas.”
  “That’s ok.” He said and looked at me, he lightly brushed his fingers across my forehead, I flinched a bit because it was where my head had collided with the lamp post.    

     He looked at it for a long time. “That seems nasty.”
  “It’ll heal.” I respond and Lukas nods his head.
  “I love the way you never make a fuss about anything.”
  “Thanks.” I grinned and in that moment Lukas turned away to sneeze. And I could swear that as he did that the side of his face looked a bit blue. I narrowed my eyebrows as I tried to get a look at him. The next thing I know though, he turns to me. “Are you ok?”
  “Yeah, I’m fine.” Lukas told me adamantly.
  “Yes, just a sneeze.”
  “Oh, I could swear that your skin looked bluish then.”
  “Bluish?” He asked, laughing. “Marissa, are you sure that bang to your head hasn’t affected your vision?”
  “Look, how about I stay here tonight? You go to bed, I’ll bring you up some tea and I’ll sleep in the spare room?” The good thing about having a Brother as a footballer is that he bought me a house. A big house. “Ok. And why didn’t you just let yourself in earlier? I mean, you have the key to here.”
  “Yeah, but I’d feel rude.”
  “Ok.” I grinned. “Night Lukas.”
  “Night Marissa.” He said and I went upstairs to my room and pulled on some white cow pyjama bottoms, followed by a tank top.    

     After that, I sat in bed and continued reading through a book that tells me about all the different types of Demons in this world. Did you know there are Demons that just eat skin? There are Demons that eat your face. And there are Demons that have feet which deteriorate, so they have to steal human feet every couple of years. I mean, how disgusting is that?    

     And as if things couldn’t get worse, I got to a page in the book with an old picture of Xabi. I flicked through the pages and saw that there were pages and pages of writing about him.  

     Unfortunately, I couldn’t read about him in that moment because Lukas walked in with my cup of tea in his hand. He put it on the side next to my bed and I smiled at him as he did it. “Thank you.”
  “That’s ok.” He said as he perched on the edge of my bed.
  “You’re a good friend Lukas.”
  “Thanks, you too.”
  “Not really, the amount of times I’ve cancelled going to the cinema with you and such is unreal.”
  “That’s ok, you’ve got a lot of commitments. I understand.” He paused. “I just wish that a small part of the girl from ten years ago was still there.”
  “You mean the horrible, bitchy version of me?”
  “No, the girl that used to go out with guys, have lots of friends and have fun.”
  “Well, you lose a lot of friends after High School and I’ve never got time for relationships. Plus, who is there to go out with?”    

     Lukas was quiet as I said it and he leaned closer to me on the bed and brushed some hair out the way of my face. He then rested his hand on my shoulder and said: “He might be closer than you think.” He stood up and looked at the book I was reading. “Don’t stay up too long reading, I know what your like.”
  “I won’t. Thanks again Lukas.”
  “No problem.” He smiled and left my room.     

     Lukas always told me I needed to find someone to be with, but it’s impossible because I’m already married to the night.    

     I took a sip from the tea that Lukas made me and I immediately went back to the page of the book about Xabi and for the next hour I just read about him. And some of the things I read shocked even me, as I said before, never trust a Vampire, which I nearly did the opposite of earlier tonight. There was no way I was going to be naïve around Xabi again after what I’d learnt…

The End

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