Humane DeathsMature

Quiora was acting strange. It scared me so much that I didn't talk to him about it. He was always moving, not really settling to relax. He and I still had the relationship dreams are made of but his sudden change in behaviour over the past five weeks made me nervous.

"Baby are you okay?" I asked one evening as I awoke to him pulling on his favourite biker boots.

He looked around at me and smiled in the low light. "Why wouldn't I be?" he chirped in a cheerful tone.

I frowned and nibbled my lip. "I know you well enough y now to know when there's something bothering you, Quiora, so spll it. What has you flitting about like a blue arsed fly?"

He sighed and kissed me gently, almost cautiously. "I think Caan is going to try to take you from me, Cass. I know my sire well and he always waits until your guard is down to strike at your heart. He's biding his time and waiting for me to get sloppy and that is not going to happen. I won't let him take you. Not on his afterlife," he murmured, controlled rage echoing through his tone.

I went cold at his revalation. Caan wanted to test me in these horrible, violent ways just to see if I was part of a fucking legend. It was twisted and disgusting to think about some of the things Quiora has told me about the last girl who had been subject to these so-called tests, about how she had been cut and hurt and raped so many times that she had begged for death because she had no way of coping with that kind to degradation and she could no longer heal any injuries. It made me sick to think Lillith and tolerated it, considering how lovely she was.

"Let's leave," I muttered, getting up and grabbing my old duffle from on top of the wardrobe. "If we leave, he might not follow."

"Caan always stays in one place so he won't follow. Even though he is older, I'm much more powerful than he is. My power is on an almot equal level with Lillith's and she is very old and very capable."

I nodded and began piling my clothes and underwear and a few pairs of shoes into the duffle as Quiora rummaged out his backpack from under the bed. He dumped his clothes in, only taking two pairs of trainers. What is it with guys and their disinterest with shoes?

"Do you think Lillith would try to stop Caan?" I asked, putting my Nintento DSi into the duffle with its charger. "I mean, Lillith likes both of us. Why would she stand by and just let him hurt people like this?"

"Because Lillith is so desperete to become human again she will kill as many people as possible to reclaim her humanity. She is ruthless and worse than Caan at times. She won't stop until she becomes human again. Lillith is ancient and after so long the world just seems to stop. Lillith wants to die human."

The End

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