Why Do All Vampires Have To Look Like Porn Stars...Mature

Caan and Lillith were nowhere near as scary as I had first assumed. They got Quiora and I another Bloodtini each - a mixture of blood and fruit juice with a dash of vodka - before they sat down with us.

Lillith was just wholly stunning, and she wasn't blond at all. Her hair was a darl aubun that looked flame red nder the strobe lights or black as midnight in the low light. Her eyes were the palest green I had ever seen, close to a pistacio colour but my brain labelled they mint ice cream green. She wasn't exactly pale either; she had a ful-blown tan going on and I really liked the way her curves moved sensually when she walked.

Caan was very handsome but not in the same 'bad boy' way as Quiora or Bronw. He reminded with of Colin Firth a bit, mostly because he had a very aristocratic air about him and an uppercrust accent that smacked of the 1800s. His chestnut brown hair was cut short in a variety of curls that complimented his dove grey eyes. He also carried himself as haughty but not arrogant.

"Hi, you must be Cassie," Lillith smiled at me with an accent I couldn't place. "I'm Lillith but Lilli to my girlfriends. This is my husband Caan."

I liked her already. Her smile was very open and friendly with a perfect set of pure white fangs. "I'm Cassandra but everyone calls me Cassie or Cass.Its great to meet you both." My voice was a little shakey but I managed to stay firm. They were actually scaring the shit outta me.

Caan offered me a slightly shy smile, baring his fangs. "She wears them retracted," he observed as I stroked my tongue over my flat, human teeth. "Even n the company of his own kind. Just like you, Quiora. How interesting. Are you trying to hold on to your humanity, little girl? You'll see soon enough that we are nothing but wolves in sheeps' cothing."

Lillith glared at him but said nothing. She seemed to like me but I wasn't sure. when she looked at Caan, I could feel the love they had for each other, as well as the anger and sadness of eternity when they would wwant to grow old and grey together while watching their grandchildren play around their feet.

Quiora and Caan were both giving me strange looks as I focussed on the faint pink line hanging in the air. It connected Caan to Lillith and vice versa. There was something about the connection I wanted for myself but I couldn't put my finger on it.

"Can you sense that?" Caan murmured to Quiora as Lillith emmerced herself into a conversation with Brone. "Can you sense that energy?"

Quiora nodded and protectively wrapped an arm around my shoulders, wrapping his other hand around the little one I had resting on my thigh. "Cassie before I turned you, did you have any kind of psychic abilities at all, even empathy?" he asked in an urgent way that truly scared me.

I bit my lip and nodded. "I didn't tell you in cae it freaked you out, but I can feel connections people have with each other, emotional and physical ones. Like, I can tell a stalker type from a possessive type. I could do it sinc I was little. Not just that either. I have really fucked up dreams that usually come true. Bad events. In the seven seven bombings in London, I dreamt that I was my cousin Lisa. I could seewhat was happening through her eyes and I knew she was going to die before it even happened. Something called astral projection as well. I can walk through dreams at will during the night." I sighed. "Obviously, it all stayed with me through the turning process."

Caan broke into a grin so big I throught his face would come apart. "That is amazing, Cassie. You see, Lillith and I have been looking for someone called 'the Child of Purity'. Its only a legend in our culture butyou are the embodiment of it. Your gifts reflect the Pure Child's. You could be the one who could bring us back to being mortal so we can have regular lives."


The soft rejection came from my side, from Quiora. His eyes were bright with fury, absolute rage pouring off of him in hot waves that gave me frightened chills. He looked completely feral.

Caan raised his brows in shock. "Excuse me?" he said flatly. "Did you just tell me no, Quiora?"

Quiora nodded slowly. "I saw what you did to the last potential. I won't hlet Cassie be subject to that kind of torture. I am not a monster." His voice was colder than ice, bitter with malice. "If it were Lillith you had to hurt by testing her, would you let her be harmed like that? I care for Cassandra very strongly and they are not paltry feelings. I love her as much as you love Lillith."

Caan hissed like a rabid cat. "You will give her to me, Quiora, and no was not the correct answer."

Quiora gripped my hand tighter, his nails cutting into my skin. "Never," he snarled and we were suddenly back in our dorm room. He put me on the bed and kissed me hard. "This is turninng out like one of your favourite novels," he teased, stroking my hair back as I tried to make my mouth work.

I nodded once and lunged for him, a strange and sudden hunger taking me over. My fangs slid into his throat like a hot knife through butter. His glorious, blazing blood filled my mouth in a quick gush as he pressed me closer, letting me take from him until the hunger subsided. Hedid not cry out or even make a pained sound as I drank from him in greedy pulls. Oh God I wanted more...

He stroked my hair as his throat closed up, my face and T-shirt soaked with red. "Are you okay?" I squeaked, tears filling my eyes. "I'm sorry! I'm so so so sorry, Quiora!"

He smiled gently and began licking his spilled blood from my body and face. He was like a lion cleaning his mate, meticulous and careful not to miss a drop. "I love you, Cassie," he whsipered, Dragging me onto his lap so that I was straddling him. "I love you so much I am willing to kill for your safety."

I loved him, too. So freaking much it hurt like a weight on my chest. I was so afraid to say it because anyone else I had said it to had betrayed my trust.

Instead, I pulled his T-shirt over his head to reveal his hard, masculine torso. I ran my hands over his skin, delighting in the way his hardness grew automatically against my crotch.

"Cassie," he breathed, his handing going under my T-shirt and lifting it over my head. I hadn't bothered with a bra, since my top had been padded anyway. His beautiful eyes locked onto my breasts as he cupped them with the upmost gentleness. I let out a little moan when he playfully scraped his elongated fangs over my right nipple, archng my back as my core became molten hot.

I pressed hard against his erection, needing him inside me more than I needed anything else in the world. Carefully, I leaned down so that I cold whisper in his ear, "I love you and I really do. I said I didn't because I was scared, Quiora, but I'm not afraid any more. I love you so much."

His tongue swirled around my sensitive flesh before biting down hard. I cried out in both pleasue and pain. He didn't break my skin and, after a moment, released the pressure to lick and nuzzle again.

"You're a fucking tease," I protested, reaching down tounbutton my jeans and shove them down. At five feet six inches tall, I was about a foot smaller than Quiora but his large size made the sexual experience of having him dominate you so thoroughly was utterly amazing. Personally, I adored being submissive but I liked to be dominant some of the time as if rebelling.

"I've teased you since the day we me," he smiled, releasing my aching breat and transferring to the other one. "You are so fucking addicting, Cassie. I love the way you feel, the way you look, the way you act...especially the way you taste," he growled like a deadly beast.

He bit down on my breast again, then laved it withis tongue, the combination of hard and soft making me lose my mind with pleasure.

"Don't wait," I gasped, wriggling out of my jeans so that I was naked before him, save for my lady boxers.

"I want to savour this," he purred, kissing my neck luxuriously. "I want to make love to you properly, not furiously like last time and the first time. I want to taste very part of your beautiful body, to maked you scream for me until dawn. Do you want me to ravish you, little love? Do you want me to have you over and overuntil you beg me to stop? To be possessed by me for the rest of time?"

I shivered as pleasent chills ran throughout my body. I wanted him to take me, fuck me, claim me as his so much that I would go blind wth the pleasure. "Yes," I gasped, arching towards him.

He shoved me down onto the matress, claiming my mouth in an obsessive kiss. He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a set of handcuffs, which he secured around my wrists and the iron headboard. I knew I would probably bend it during the nights pleasures.

God he was he was such an expert lover...

The End

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