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"Glad to see you two love birds could drag your arses back out of the fuck cupboard," Brone drawled in a sardonic tone. "Caan's here, Quiora. He's with Lillith getting the drinks in."

I smiled as Quiora blushed lightly. I found it hilarious that he was so horny and still so embarrassed by it. "So...Who is Caan anyway?" I asked, my curiosity firing up.

Quiora rolled his eyes. "Caan is my sire, Cassie. He's the one who turned me. I need his approval on your before the next moonlight for the Covening," he explained patiently, like he was explaining maths to a child. "You'll like him. He's very honest and open, considering how sparking and aura he has. His girlfriend Lillith was also his sire and she is the oldest vampire in Europe."

"What if he doesn't like me?" I asked, feeling quite daunted by this new prospect.

Quiora grinned, flashing dimples. "Baby-doll, he'll love you. Don't be scared of Caan or Lillith. They're good people."

And Hell is just a sauna. Very comforting, babe.

"But be careful in what you say to either of them," Brone sneered. "Caan has a temper bad enough for both of them. Lillith is the nice, calm one. It's a balance in their relationship. Ying and yang."

Quira nodded. "Sometimes Lillith can be the tempermental one though. Insult any of her line and its like a stab in the heart waiting to happen."

Now I was shitting it. My say-it-without-thinking mentality was seriously screwed up.

"Who's your girlfriend, Quiora?" asked a mocking voice from behind us. "She's a pretty one."

Quiora sighed heavily. "Go away, Sasha," he snapped, rubbing his brow. "Before I kill you."

I looked around at the feminine voice to find a stunning blond there, her mouth pouty and full, her eyes a sparkling blue. I already hated her. I never knew why but I hated blonds on sight.

"Aw, baby, aren't you even going to introduce me?" she purred, snaking one arm around to stroke Quiora's torso.

Insane jealousy slammed into me. How DARE sh touch him blatantly in front of me!?

"Get your hand off of me, sasha," he growled menacingly. "right now before I take it off."

The bimbo, Sasha, just slid her hand lower, licking the curve of his ear. "Come on, baby. You're all sexed up and I can make you feel so good-"

I cut the slut off with an elbow to her nose, which broke with a satisfying crunch. "Hands off means nothing to her, obviously," I muttered to Quiora as he stared at me, stunned. "Christ, what a slut!"

He laughed as Sasha loped off with a bloody nose. "You are so hot when you get angry, Cassie," he murmured, stroking my thigh sensually. "Your eyes snap bright blue fire, sparkling beautifully."

I smiled, satisfied. "You know I hate blons," I told him firmly. "Especially the bimbo ones."

Brone grinned. "Sasha is Quiora's stalker ex. They dated for about a month before he moved on to singlehood, enjoying life as a student."

"And I turned Cassie because I have found someone I truly want to be with, Brone. My past does not matter to Cassie and nor should it to you."

The End

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