Do I Or Don't I?Mature

As Quiora led me into the Skull & Rose club twenty minutes away from the dorms, I got the strangest sense that something was very wrong. I could feel Quiora's power times a hundred inside the club, even from outside as the bouncer stepped aside. At least I could now get into a club that always refused me entry.

"Why are you so worried, Cass?" Quiora smiled, leading me towards the VIP section on the other side of the club. "You look absolutely petrified, honey."

I shook my head, pinning my eyes instantly on Brone in the VIP seats with a man about two inches shorter and an aura that could make you uneasy from a distance and terrified up close. was this Quiora's sire?

The mystery man stood when Quiora and I reached him and Brone, the pulsing strobe lights reflecting off the guy's moonlight pale skin, pure blond hair and glacial blue eyes. God...I did not want to tangle with this guy.

"Quiora," the blond greeted him with a firm handshake.

"Daggarn, always a pleasure," Quiora said in a silky and yet frozen tone that dripped with threat. He turned to Brone as the blond Daggarn raked me with an appraising glare.

My gaydar was going haywire as I appraised hi in the same way. Obviously he didn't like me because he had a thing for Quiora. Why did so many gay or bi guys go for him? Oh, yeah! Cause he is smoking hot.

"When will Caan be joining us?" Quiora asked Brone quietly. "Cassie needs to meet him."

Brone shrugged in the ssame bored way Quiora used when he was fed up with something. "Perhaps an hour or two. You know what he's like when it comes to Lillith."

Quiora nodded and sat down, gesturing for me to take the seat beside him.. "Cassie, you've met my dysfunctional brother."

"Yeah, I have. Not a plleasent experience I really wanted to repeat twice on the same night," I griped, smirking at Brone in my most impish manner.

He grinned back. Well, I say grinned, but it was more like a dirty leer at my breasts. "So charming, aren't you? No wonder Quiora loves you."

Quiora smiled. "I fell hard and fast, Ccass. You're irresistable, beautiful, mischievious and very affectionate." He said it as I laid my head on his shoulder, just people watching, and his long fingers laced through mine. "In subtle ways mostly but shes a real softie at heart. Ain't you?" he teased, kissing my jaw reverently. "I hope you find someone like her one day, Brone, before your temper rules your afterlife."

I smiled up at him, my heart doing a little pitter-patter in my chest. God, he knew how to made me want to bang his brains out. "Do yo mind if I order a drink? I'm pretty thirsty," I asked innocently.

Quiora nodded and hailed a waitress. He ordered a Bloody Mary and two cocktails called Bloodtinis. I had a feeling that this was a vampires only club, given that vamps were openly drinking from their human companions. And most for the humans seemed to really fucking love it. Then again, if they felt anything like I did last night, it was understandable how much they did.

I wanted him to bite me like that again. I wanted to bite him in return and make him come for me over and over until he begged me to stop. Then I would bite him again and ride him until we both passed out...

Besides me, he smirked and licked his lower lip as if hungry. "Keep thinking like that, little love, and we won't we staying here much longer," he said in a low aside in my ear. "Because I will do all of those things to you and keep going until you will be limping for a week and then I would do it all again until I knew you were utterly sated and content."

I moaned as him fingers splayed out on my thigh, stroking the softer inside just once. But once was enough to have me trembling in utter desire. I wanted to straddle him right in the middle of the club and screw him blind. I wanted to work his hard flesh with my teeth and tongue until he lost all control and came long and hard for me.

"Stop it," he whispered huskily, burying his face in my neck and biting gently. "I want you, Cassandra, and there is nothing at all wrong with you wanting me as well. I will throw you over my shoulder and take you into the store room and fuck you so hard we will both go blind from the pleasure."

I shivered at the picture he described, already feeling his rudely pushed down jeans against my inner thighs, his hardness pumping inside me, biting my neck, licking my breasts playfully. "Lets go,"I grinned and pulled him to his feet.

With a wicked grin, he led me across the club until we were beside the bar. He opened a very well-hidden door and yanked me inside. It closed behind us.

"You're such a bad girl," he growled, pushing me back into the wall almost roughly.

"And you're a big, bad, extremely dirty vampire," I purred back, hopping up and wrapping my legs around his waist. "Show me how a real vampire fucks his woman." I kissed him sensually, the sounds of the club and the couple in the other store room at it like rabbits already so far in the distance.

"I love you," he growled, wrapping one arm under my backside and the other around my back while I worked his zipper with singleminded intent.

I reached under my skirt and hooked my thong aside, using my other hand to guide him to my threshold. A long, low groan left me as he puled inside, hard and rough but still caring and tender. he felt so good I wanted to stay like this for ever with him, locked in his embrace.

If there were three words I could use to describe this special kind of moment with Quiora, they would ne 'loving', 'heartfelt' and 'hot'. He was such a considerate, caring, awe-inspiring, sensual lover. I knew that any woman before me would have begged him never to leave her.

He thrust into me with wild abandon, needing me, wanting me. It was a heady combination and I loved it. I wanted more of it. And as his fangs sliced into my sensitive skin, I couldn't help but scream with the intense orgasm that came with it. How could I ever say no to him again? He was the perfect lover.

But was I really falling for him?

The End

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