When Vampires BiteMature

After a night inhuman passions with her roommate, Cassie Hunt finds herself on the wrong side of the line between mortal and sexy, all-powerful immortal with a vicious craving for blood. It's up to her gorgeous sire Quiora Valentine to help her cope with her newfound powers and bloodlust.

I awoke abruptly to a soft hissing in my ear, the kind that sent shivers down your spine right to your toes and warms you through. A hard body crushed against mine as something scratched against my neck. Frantic, I looked over at my roommate's bed to find that he wasn't there. Damn Quiora and his midnight snacks!

And then, I realised that it was Quiora's signature scent flooding my senses, Quiora's sweet-smelling, warm breath on the nape of my neck. I never realised before how ripped he was, how taut his muscles were, since he usually hid them behind woolly turtlenecks and baggy jeans. He was a sevearly hansome young man, to be honest: jet black hair that flopped over wide, crystalline blue eyes, tawny gold skin, a body that would make anyone envious and a kind, shy personality you would normally put to bookworms with glasses. But oh no, not Quiora Valentine. He was gorgeous, intelligent and completely selfless.

"Q-Quiora?" I whispered, trembling beneath him. "W-w-what a-are y-y-y-you d-doing?"

An animalistic growl left his lips, vibrating against my neck, sending shivers down my spine. "I can't resist your fuckin' blood any more," he snarled, one hand moving around to hold the opposite side of my neck. "So long...I've waited so long...just for a single taste...just a drop."

God, his voice made my entire body turn to mush whenever I heard him speak. Deep, husky, accented faintly with a Manchester lilt.

"Quiora, wh...what are you..." I couldn't finish.

But he still answered. "I am not human, love," he purred softly. "I am a creature of the night. A vicious, slathering beast you should have stayed away from but now...now it's too late, love. I cannot resist you any longer."

Suddenly, a white hot pleasure-pain seared through me as he bit my neck, driving his teeth in deep. My back arched of its own accord and, in response, Quiora dipped a hand into my pajama trousers and ran one long, tapered finger over my slit. I groaned and ground myself against his hand, needing more of his touch.

"Oh, yes," I breathed, burying both hands in his hair and fisting them at the roots.

He jerked away and grabbed my face between his hands, his crystal clear eyes holding mine, straight as a laser. Panting, he lowered his mouth to mine and kissed the living daylights out of me, tongue, lips and teeth assaulting my own. Deep and passionate, almost the way you would kiss a lover.

His hand moved quicker against my slit, steady movements in unfathomable ways that kept me guessing how his hand would shift next. He moved my knickers to the side and found out just how turned-on I was, just how wet my channel was. I moaned in time with his movements, shifting my hips to increase the friction.

His mouth left mine and moved back to my neck, licking away my blood like a cat lapping at a bowl of cream. "Oh, Cassie," he whispered hoarsly. "You taste better than I thought you would. And you're so wet for me, so hot and honeyed." His words brought another shiver of pleasure through me. "Open your legs more for me, Cass. A little m-oh, yeah, that's what I want." His hand ground against me harder, jolts of electricity attacking my nerve endings. "You... are what I want, baby. Let me have you, Cass. I beg you...let me make you feel better than you ever have in your life."

There was only one answer, and it came out breathy and husky. "Yes, Quiora. Take me," I murmured, holding his head to my neck.

With another feral growl, he flipped me onto my front and ripped my pajamas right up the crotch. He bit through one side of my G-string to leave it hanging from one side. The sound of a zipper reached my ears and I looked around just in time to see him in all his erected glory, long, thick and flushed with a delicious purple-red colour - like a baby's arm holding a plum.

Then, he was in me, thrusting deeply while he yanked my sheer nightie over my head to expose my lace bra. His hands moved around to cup the globes in his large, strong hands, thumbs teasing the nipples and areolas into tight pebbly hardness. As he thrust, slowly, leisurely, taking his time, one hand swept down my body to stroke my clit. The sensations were potent and made my entire body tingled with energy.

"Oh, God, don't stop!" I cried, arching into his hand, not caring how much like a porn star I sounded.

He growled and thrust harder, faster, going deeper inside me until I felt like I would never get him out. His soft grunts were the only thing that warned me that he was close to cumming inside me but I was closer.

"Come for me, Cassandra," he growled almost viciously. "Come for me, love. I need to feel your release."

Another growl rose up in his throat and he thrust more forcefully, burying himself all the way to his hilt, his balls tightening as his orgasm spilled into me. I screamed as he snarled, my walls tightening and loosening rhythmically around his thickness.

When he was finished, he flipped me over and loomed between my legs, his sex glistening and proudly erect. The sight alone made me even wetter, causing me to groan with need. He pressed a bruising kiss to my mouth, tongue pushing in deep, then was inside me again, his power crackling in the air around me. I moaned, throwing my head back into the pillows.

"I love you," he whispered in my ear but I might have heard wrong through the utter ecstacy of his hardness drilling into me.

As we fucked and played, my wound bled until I felt seriously light-headed. Blood covered my breasts, his chest, my entire bed and part of the wall and curtains. I really didn't care at that point because I was so tired and well-used. So satisfied I doubted I would ever want to have sex again.

After our...Christ, how many orgasms had he given me? Ten? Twenty? After my final one of the evening, he sat me between his legs and licked my neck clean. Then he moved me onto my back, kissing my breasts as he cleaned them of the blood. Following this, he worked his way down my body to where I was leaking both his come and mine.

He kissed my thighs for a moment, fangs scraping slightly, before moving to where I dripped onto the torn and bloody sheet. Suprise hit me when his tongue snaked out and licked up a drop of white cream from across my clit. My body was too exhausted to react but it still felt fantastic, even if my clit was very sensitive at the moment. Slowly, he cleaned my core of come until I was cleansed and no longer turned-on or dripping.

He prowled back up the bed so he could kiss me deeply. I tasted both of us on his tongue, my hands running into his hair and over his back.

"Sleep, love," he whispered in my ear. "Sleep now. I'll still be here when you wake up."

I smiled tiredly. "I hope so."

He chuckled and brushed back my hair. "I promise." He glanced at the bed covers. "I think you'd better sleep in with me. You'll wake up tangled in that lot," he mused, picking me up with complete ease. "I'll hold you until you wake up."

As he settled us in his untouched bed beneath the thick duvet, both of us naked save for the remnants of our pyjamas, I couldn't believe what I had just done.

I had just fucked my best friend. Not only that, but my best friend was a vampire!

The End

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