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After everyone has finished eating, they walk over to  the castle to meet up with everyone. Kata, Saka, Grandmother, and Grandfather, and many more. The family in which Duke is, is rather large. Kata, knowing Sarah's state, takes her, and Duke into her little medical room for an ultrasound.

"Kata, already?" Duke says.

"Yes already. You know as well as I do that I give out monthly ultrasounds to make sure I can catch anything wrong."

"But she's not showing yet." Duke replies.

"Oh hush. Now deary, how have you been?" She asks Sarah as she brings out the gel.

"The usual." Sarah smiles.

"Being pampered?" Kata smirks.

"Yeah..that." Sarah responds fondly.

Sarah gasps lightly as she feels that cold gel on her belly.

"Sorry dear. I would have warmed it up, but the directions said not to." she frowns slightly.

During the ultrasound, Duke just becomes mesmerized by that tiny little baby in Sarah's tummy. So small, so delicate, so...precious.

He is so mesmerized in fact, he falls asleep, leaving the two girls to talk about whatever they so please.

Not too long after, Duke is awoken to Sarah nudging him awake.

"Uhn. Sorry Sarah." He yawns.

After he wakes up, picks her up, and takes her downstairs to chat with everyone, Kata taking the little ones to their favorite playroom.

Duke, hearing a couple of knocks at the door, goes to answer.

He sees a little girl, perhaps the age of four, with a head of red like his, except perhaps a few shades lighter.

"Papa said I could see Sarah." She says with a smile.

"Okay then, I'll go get her for you." He says to her, then comes back with Sarah.

"This little girl said that she wanted to see you." He kindly gestures to the girl.

"You wanted to see me?" Sarah asks somewhat perplexed.

Aria nods, "Yup." she grins. "I saw some really pretty horses when I was coming to see you.

"Well then, I'll bet you'd like to see what those pretty horses really are eh?" Says Sarah with a big smile on her face. Duke hasn't seen Sarah smile like that for a few years now, the smile of adventure.

Aria's eyes sparkle "What are they?"

"You'll find out soon enough." Sarah says with a glint in her eyes that says that Aria's going to be in for a ride.

They walk only about 100 feet to find the stables, the horses, and the stable boy happy and content.

"G'day miss." Says the stable boy with an excited bow, happy to see her. "And g'day to you too. " He also says to Aria.

"I bet you be want'n t'take Angel ou' for a bit, yeah?"

"You know I do lad."

"Alright! I knew I didn't get you saddled up for nuthin'" He comes out with a chestnut horse, which turns into a perfectly white pegasus.

"Wow." Aria silently says in amazement. "Can she really fly?"

"Oh, she can fly alright." Says Sarah, petting her steed.

"So pretty." Aria says, petting her as well.

"You want to ride?" Sarah asks.

All Aria can do is nod in excitement. Sarah lifts her up onto the horse, and Sarah gets on shortly after.

"There might be a storm comin' on t'day be careful." The stable boy says, his tone a little worried.

"Don't worry. We won't be out for too long." Sarah replies. "Ready?" she looks at Aria.

The horse begins at a walk, going into a trot, and then into a gallop.

The horse gallops faster, and faster, she starts stretching out her wings as they enter the backyard of the castle, the hooves begin to leave ground.

"Easy girl, don't push yourself." Sarah says to the horse, and the horse calms down, gliding above the tree tops.

"Wooaah!" Aria shouts. "This is amazing! Papa's not going to believe this!"

"He probably won't believe this either." Sarah smiles, steering Angel towards another castle..from the looks of it, and Elven castle.

"Can you hear that music?" Aria asks.

"Sure can, it looks like there's a festival going on."

"Could we go see?"

"I would love to, but we weren't invited. Best to leave them alone for now. Perhaps another time." Sarah says.

Aria frowns. "Oh. Okay then...Could we go to papa's house?" She replaces that frown with a smile.

"Point the way dear." is Sarah's reply.

Aria points the way, and Sarah guides the horse to the third grand castle on the other side of the quaint little town.

They smoothly land and Aria opens one of the doors. Her father, Alexander, greets them both at the door.

"Aria, you're shaking." Alexander says, embracing his child.

"It was fun, but it was a little scary too...I'm glad to have a sister like Sarah, papa." Aria smiles up at him.

"So, Alexander is your papa, huh?" Sarah asks perplexed.

"Yup. He's my papa."

"Come now, Sarah. I may be..different, but I'm not all that bad, am I?" Alexander states.

"You could have told me." Sarah says, slightly upset.

"Aria, could you go sit with your mother for a little while? Sarah needs to talk."

"Okay papa." Aria skips along to find her mother.

"Told you about what?" Alexander says, sitting down on a sofa, inviting Sarah to sit next to him.

"You could have told me that you had a child. You could have told me that you were married. You-you.." Sarah just pauses to look at the white-haired man she's sitting next to. The aristocrat with a heart for his family, for Sarah and her's.

"I was going to tell you, but I didn't know how until Aria really wanted to visit you." He sighs. "To tell you the truth,I never understood you, or your problems, until I have gotten a family of my own. And that could possibly be why we have argued for so long. What I want to do now, is get rid of all those tomfooleries we called arguments, and turn over a new leaf, Sarah."

"The first thing you might want to start doing, is stop calling me your 'adopted' daughter. I'm not stupid! I know that I was adopted by you! I don't have long-term memory loss, as often as I long to have it! Stop beating it into my HEAD!!" She sits  down, red in the face from anger, and tears in her eyes.

"Sarah," he says softly, putting his arms around her shoulders. "I say it, to remind myself that you aren't my biological child, but I love you just the same. And from now on, if that is your plea, I will no longer call you 'adopted' if it hurts you so much."

"Are you certain that you won't call me that?" Sarah asks in a shaky voice.

"Yes. I am certain. I would never want to hurt you in any way, Sarah. And if calling you such hurts, I won't." He holds her closer to him.

Sarah just sits in the comfort that she never expected her adopted father to give her. She begins to feel as if he really loves her like he says he does.

"I'm-I'm sorry for shouting, earlier." Sarah says quietly.

"Don't be. You needed to let something out." He says, smiling softly. "I'll bet you needed to let that out for a long time now."

"Well Aria, sounds like you had lots of fun today with Sarah, then." Gwendolyn and Aria come in with biscuits and tea. "Ah, I thought we would have company...I hope you two got everything sorted out?" She furrows her eyebrows knowing that him and Sarah have had many arguments over many things. Seeing them together, and at peace, was almost a rarity, almost non-existent.

"We didn't get everything settled, but I think we've gotten the most troublesome things taken care of. " Alexander says with a soft smile.

Sarah sits up straight, with light traces of a smile on her face.

"We brought you something to snack on while I go fetch up some dinner. Okay?" Gwendolyn says with a light cheer in her voice.

"Actually, dear, I will go make dinner while you stay with Sarah and Aria."

"Oh, very well then." Gwendolyn smiles. "So, Sarah, how have you and Duke been?"

The End

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