Sarah just can't help but smile watching father and son playing together so happily. "You wanna go see Auntie Kata today? Maybe Grandma and Grandpa too.." Duke says in a childish voice. Kyo nods clapping his little hands together with that big Duke grin on his face.

"We better let mommy get dressed then..okay? You go to your room and get dressed, and I'll help mommy get dressed. How does that sound?" Again Kyo nods and totters off to his room.

He lies down on the bed next to her, beginning to kiss her passionately, but Sarah stops him. "You promised him hon. Visiting Kata means lots of fun things you know." A twinkle reaches her eyes, and a smile crosses that beautiful face of hers.

"I know. I'm terrible aren't I? Okay. Let's get you up and dressed then." He says standing up and holding out a hand for her. Taking that hand as she sits up, her beautiful naked body reveals itself to him.He takes her in his arms, embracing her. Wishing moments like this could last, he sighs, the smell of her skin enticing to him as always.

"Alright then, let's get you dressed." He pulls out the the under garments, and then he pulls out a shirt and a pair of long shorts, covering that undeniably tempting frame of hers.

"I'll go get Amy dressed and I'll head downstairs to get breakfast for them going." He tells her before giving her a kiss.

"No, I'll get Amy, you go downstairs." She says with a smile. "Kyo's hungry."

"Okay...but first...." Before she could ask what, he wraps her in his arms and gives her a big, deep, and tender kiss.

"Go on now, I can handle it from here." she says through a chuckle. They both walk out, her going first, and then parting. Sarah goes to the nursery, and Duke downstairs to the kitchen.

"Morning Amy." Sarah says gently to wake her up, "Time to get up. Daddy's cooking food."

"Foo-d." Amy says in a tired groggy voice.

"That's right. 'Food'." She gets her dressed and Sarah carries her to Lauren's bedroom to wake her up as well. "Lauren dear, time to wake up. Duke's making breakfast hon."

"Okay." says the groggy eighteen year old werewolf whom they adopted only a few days ago. Sarah leaves the room to let her get dressed, and she waits by the stairs for her. After everyone's accounted for, they head downstairs to sit at the table.

"Bon Appetite." Says Duke to everyone as he brings "pancakes" on little plates for the kids, all torn up into little chunks for them to eat, and three more plates of "pancakes" for Sarah, Lauren, and him.

"Duke, you are amazing." Sarah says to him, her voice in that "what would I do without you" way.

"I would do anything for our family, Sarah." He says with a smile as he pulls up a chair next to hers.

The End

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