Duke's PastMature

When Duke was only but a year old, he was assigned to the Russian evil Organization known as the Razaka. They were as sick and twisted as Hell itself. The organization taught young, innocent children how to kill people. Knives, guns, and other things as well. The Razaka taught them that killing people was "putting them to sleep". And as the children reached puberty, the males were taught how to rape women, and girls their age.

Now Duke, was very special. He learned quick, he grew strong when others grew weak and weary, and he was very talented. They loved their pet, Duke very much. He was the most obedient out of all of them.

However, during the time of this war against the Razaka, Anix, went to rescue him when he was eleven. Ever since the day he was brought home to their luxurious Russian palace, no one ever saw him because he was terrified of what this new place was going to do to him.

The End

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