When Two Hearts MeetMature

A story about a couple and their family.

Early in the morning, Duke wakes up before Sarah as always to make her breakfast. Using one of his many abilities, telepathically he tells her he is going downstairs to start breakfast.

Like he does every morning, he makes one of her many breakfasts, but the foods that he's cooking for her today are packed with iron. The reason being is that, not only is she about 2 months pregnant with their 10th biological child, but the night before, Fang and her were up really late last night because Fang needed blood, and when this kind of Vampire bites, he brings pleasure to his mate.

"Daddy." Little Kyo says groggily from waking up.

"Good morning squirt." He picks Kyo up to give him a big hug. "What are you doing up so early?" Duke twitches his cat ears a little.

"Food." Kyo says with a smile, being hungry. Knowing it's daddy's cooking, it's always good.

He chuckles, "Ah..yes, I'm cooking for mommy. Wanna come with me?"

Little Kyo nods happily. "Mama."

"That's right" he smiles, "mama."

He takes Kyo and breakfast upstairs to gently rouse mommy to eat.

"Good morning honey" Duke says with a giant smile on his face, "got you breakfast." If there isn't anything he loves to do more, it's to show his wife the most appreciation as possible.

"Kyo also came up here. He's my little helper." Duke smiles with that big charming grin.

"Oh, aren't you sweet Kyo." Sarah gives him a hug. "Just like your daddy.

"Daddy!" Kyo grins, his cat ears flapping with glee.

"Come here so she can eat now." Duke picks Kyo up and he teaches him patty-cake while they let Sarah eat breakfast.

They may seem like a perfect happy family, but who knew they had gone through such horribly painful times?

The End

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